7 Best Texas Cities for Dog Owners

It’s pretty easy to find pet-friendly cities throughout the US but as SmartAsset points out, “Southern cities rank towards the bottom.”

7 Best Texas Cities for Dog Owners

But if you start looking state-by-state, you find that Texas is full of cities that are perfectly suitable for your four-legged friends. And of the many cities in Texas, a few stand out as truly great places to own a pup.

In order to identify the best, we looked at a variety of different ranking factors including ease of ownership, pet budget rank, weather, health access, the number of parks and more.

You can find a breakdown of each data point and its source in the Methodology section.

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7. Irving

Texas Dog Cities Irving

Dog Score: 63

  • Zumper Pet Apartments: 20
  • Pet Budget Rank: 66
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank: 82
  • Play Score: 18.4
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank: 56
  • Ease of Owning a Pet Score: 20
  • Average Rent: $1,152

We start out our countdown with Irving, which falls among the top 50% of Texas cities ranked among the best for pets in the country. A fairly high percentage of pet-friendly apartments along with the wonderful Irving Dog Park and the city’s great Parks Department are just a few of the city’s pup-friendly highlights.

6. San Antonio

Texas Dog Cities San Antonio

Dog Score: 65.46

  • Zumper Pet Apartments: 22.5
  • Pet Budget Rank: 14
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank: 96
  • Play Score: 13.125
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank: 80
  • Ease of Owning a Pet Score: 15
  • Average Rent: $1,068

San Antonio lands at #6 on our list, sporting the highest Pet Budget ranking of the Texas cities considered. Here, you’ll also find a good selection of dog parks and a pretty high percentage of pet-friendly apartments.

5. Lubbock

Texas Dog Cities Lubbock

Dog Score: 65.71

  • Zumper Pet Apartments: 5
  • Pet Budget Rank: 24
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank: 86
  • Play Score: 8.75
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank: 42
  • Ease of Owning a Pet Score: 23
  • Average Rent: $765

Starting our top 5, Lubbock has generally good stats when it comes to pet-friendliness, but it’s high particularly high ease of owning a pet score is what gives it a leg up on the competition. And, while there are some private options, Lubbock is in the process of securing the funds for a public dog park!

4. Corpus Christi

Texas Dog Cities Corpus Christi

Dog Score: 66.61

  • Zumper Pet Apartments: 17.5
  • Pet Budget Rank: 30
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank: 93
  • Play Score: 12.25
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank: 54
  • Ease of Owning a Pet Score: 19
  • Average Rent: $955

Corpus Christi continues the run of all-around dog-friendly cities with its fairly high Pet Budget rank and its moderate average rent. The city is also in the process of constructing a Bayfront public dog park that’s been completely privately funded.

3. Garland

Texas Dog Cities Garland

Dog Score: 66.97

  • Zumper Pet Apartments: 15
  • Pet Budget Rank: 47
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank: 72
  • Play Score: 13.125
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank: 52
  • Ease of Owning a Pet Score: 11
  • Average Rent: $825

With Garland, no one specific stat stands above the rest, but every component of the city’s pet-friendliness raises it above almost everyone else. And beyond the well-rounded livability for pet owners, Garland is working towards completing construction of its first public dog park which should be completed by late 2017.

2. Austin

Texas Dog Cities Austin

Dog Score: 75.05

  • Zumper Pet Apartments: 25
  • Pet Budget Rank: 46
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank: 79
  • Play Score: 21
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank: 9
  • Ease of Owning a Pet Score: 27
  • Average Rent: $1,405

While Austin might have some of the highest rent on the list, it’s the best city for pet-friendly apartments, dog parks, and pet health and wellness. In fact, Austin has enough off-leash dog parks to justify a map be hosted on the city’s website.

1. Plano

Texas Dog Cities Plano

Dog Score: 80.99

  • Zumper Pet Apartment Score: 22.5
  • Pet Budget Rank: 55
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank: 24
  • Play Score: 13.1
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank: 13
  • Ease of Owning a Pet Score: 26
  • Average Rent: $1,163

And finally, Plano gets our top spot with the highest Outdoor Pet Friendliness rank, and very high Health & Wellness and Ease of Owning a Pet scores. Plano also offers a wide selection of off-leash dog parks including the wonderful Jack Carter Dog Park.


  • Zumper Pet Apartment (Weight – 15%): Percentage of Zumper listings in each city that are pet-friendly. (Zumper)
  • Pet Budget Rank (Weight – 15%): National ranking for veterinary, pet insurance, and general pet-care costs. (WalletHub)
  • Outdoor Pet Friendliness (Weight – 20%): Takes into account weather, walkability, and availability of dog parks. (WalletHub)
  • Play Score (Weight – 10%): Is based on the density of dog parks per capita and the percentage of the city devoted to parklands. (Zumper)
  • Pet Health and Wellness Rank (Weight – 15%): Accounts for the number of veterinarians, pet-supply stores, and animal shelters available. (WalletHub)
  • Ease of Owning a Pet (Weight – 10%): Is a reflection of the density of pet-friendly businesses, pet-oriented stores, and veterinary offices. (Zumper)
  • Average Rent (Weight – 15%): Because you’ll need to afford your own housing before you can take care of a living creature. (RentJungle)

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