10 Most Popular Mid-Size Georgia Cities to Relocate in 2021

Living in big cities is very appealing, but becomes less and less affordable each year.

Some people find these large Georgia cities appealing due to their great amenities but the high cost of living has driven them to look to more mid-sized cities for a blend between urban and suburban environments.

Popular Mid-Size Georgia Cities Relocate 2019

But, which Georgia mid-size cities are the most popular?

Well, we have just the data to figure out the most popular mid-size cities in Georgia to move to.

Thousands of people use our moving estimate calculator every month to plan their relocations.

We analyzed our Georgia move data from the past year to determine the 10 most popular mid-size cities with populations between 10,000 and 50,000.

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The Top 10 Mid-Size Georgia Cities

  1. Winder, GA
  2. Thomasville, GA
  3. Dunwoody, GA
  4. Milton, GA
  5. Peachtree Corners, GA
  6. Kingsland, GA
  7. Holly Springs, GA
  8. North Decatur, GA
  9. Suwanee, GA
  10. Moultrie, GA

Population: 15,403

“Winder is continuing to attract millennials to its family-friendly atmosphere, outstanding educational system, and advantageous location to the Metro Atlanta area. Additionally, retirees are moving to be closer to children and grandchildren, and are looking for a quality assortment of activities and attractions.”

-Tommy Jennings, President-Barrow County Chamber of Commerce

Population: 18,503

Thomasville, Georgia

Population: 48,857

Population: 37,556

Milton, Georgia

Population: 41,907

Population: 16,562

Kingsland, Georgia

Population: 10,809

“The City of Holly Springs is an outstanding place to live due to our excellent schools, world-class medical care, parks and recreation venues, great neighborhoods, easy access to the express lanes on I-575 and our 2019 ranking as the #1 Safest City in Georgia.”

– Rob Logan, City Manager

Population: 16,944

North Decatur, Georgia

Population: 18,655

Population: 14,221

Moultrie, Georgia

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