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How it Works

One 15‑minute video chat using your mobile device gets you up to 5 binding estimates from quality movers

Smart In-Home Survey

Complete a simple video chat

We'll do a live video chat with you to create a complete inventory of your move

Moving Inventory

We'll get prices from movers

We'll send the inventory to our pre‑screened network of movers and send the quotes directly to your email

Moving Quotes Moving Quotes

Pick the best mover

We'll help you review the quotes and pick the best mover for your unique situation

A Better Way to Get Estimates

Avoid the hassle of scheduling multiple traditional in‑home surveys

Video Chat plus Smart Inventory Traditional In‑Home Surveys
Get up to 5 binding estimates
Schedule nights and weekends
NO need to schedule time off work
NO strangers in your home
NO awkward living room sales pitches
Compare estimates apples‑to‑apples
Easier damage claim and dispute resolution

What is moveBuddha?

Just like major travel sites, we help you compare prices and find great movers.

Moving isn't just about hiring a company or renting a truck anymore. From portable containers and freight trailers to shells, cubes and traditional movers, there are a lot of options to choose from. Figuring out which one is right for your move can take hours.

With our smart video survey and inventory process, moveBuddha allows you to get up to 5 binding estimates from pre-screened movers and companies.

It's fast and so much easier. It's time to experience relocation enlightenment.

Are the movers you recommend good companies?

In short, yes. We screen all our providers heavily and follow up on every move to make sure it went well.

We believe that track record is the only true measure of a moving company. You can check licensing, reviews, and paperwork to death and still get stuck with a bad mover. We track performance on every company we refer. If we start getting complaints about a company, we simply drop them.

However, if for any reason you aren’t happy with our referrals you’re more than welcome to take your video inventory and use it to get bids from movers outside our network.

Is my video stored securely?

The video is stored securely for 12 months in case there is a claim. After 12 months the video is deleted.

What if my move is postponed?

No problem. You’ll have the video survey results and estimates ready to go for when you do move.

Is the smart inventory process as accurate as traditional in-home estimates?

Yes, our smart inventory process is widely used and trusted by the biggest names in the moving industry.

One way our smart inventory process is superior to traditional in-home estimates is they have the added bonus of helping resolve damage claims. The video can be reviewed to identify damages and speed up claims.

Are the estimates guaranteed?

We’ve worked hard to build a network of movers that provide honest prices. That being said, moving is an estimate based business and there are always scenarios where costs can increase or decrease no matter how much we plan.

You should take the time to understand the different types of moving estimates and potential scenarios that can increase your cost.

What they're saying

Hear what moveBuddha users have to say about relocation enlightenment!

Daniel Jul 19, 2018
moveBuddha offered guidance where most others would or could not.

I am truly grateful for all the advice I received through moveBuddha. They are a very unbiased, and knowledgable group. I would recommend moveBuddha to anyone looking to move long distance. Whether it be for the first time or the tenth, I am sure they can provide instrumental information to any individual.

Mark K. Jul 18, 2018
Don't move without them!

I worked with Ryan at moveBuddha and not only learned how this industry works, he gave me great advice and guidance in how to proceed with my needs. I recommend to anyone moving out of state to consult with Ryan and his company to learn your options, find perhaps better prices and get valuable advice on the "road to take." Thanks Ryan!

Eileen K. Jun 19, 2018
moveBuddha is a FANTASTIC service and took the stress out of decision making and gave me a plan of action that was very helpful!

Ryan, the owner of moveBuddha, called me on a Saturday and was so helpful, professional, very knowledgeable, and he went the extra mile to answer all my concerns and came up with a reasonable and workable plan that focused my choices for the best outcome and least stressful move. He's a gem with a boatload of integrity! I highly recommend moveBuddha and the services they provide!

It's a free service and they give you all the facts so you can make the best decision for your personal situation. It's an exceptional business concept and moveBuddha really fills the need for truly a one-stop overview of what services are available that work. Ryan does not recommend anything he wouldn't use for himself or friends. I am SO GRATEFUL for his assistance! He has worked in the industry for years and really knows the in's and out's of what works when moving long distance. Check it out. You'll be super glad you did!

Molly Jul 15, 2018
Took a lot of the stress out of moving!

I was planning a last minute 1000+ mile move, and I was completely overwhelmed with all of the options. After I submitted my details, Ryan got in touch with me really fast to talk through the move with me. He helped with logistics and with figuring out the pros and cons of all of my options. He then got several quotes for me, and I found one that worked for us. Moving is a daunting and overwhelming task, but MoveBuddha definitely made it a lot less stressful. Thanks!

Paula Feb 23, 2018
Long distance move

Ryan was very helpful in explaining my options for a long distance move. After a 20-minute discussion, he made a recommendation. The next morning I was contacted by a company which explained their services for my move. I was very grateful to have the advice of moveBuddha to help me in this endeavor.

Chelsea K. Feb 16, 2018
Peace of mind

My fiance and I came across Ryan's site and were immediately struck by how accessible the information was - without having to get a ton of sales calls just to have a ballpark quote. This made me actually WANT to talk with him for more information, and I'm so glad we did. He got the ball rolling for us and per his recommendation, we booked a specific company that checks off all our (somewhat particular) boxes. It also happens to be the most cost-effective! Move Buddha is clearly run by someone who has "been there" and knows what people need during the stressful and hectic moving process. I am actually excited to move now thanks to Ryan's expertise and assistance!