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Hilary Snow

Hilary Snow

Hilary Snow is an award-winning writer and editor with more than 20 years of experience. She began her career as a print and digital journalist before moving into marketing writing and editing. Hilary's work has been published in a number of regional and national publications, including business journals and entertainment and women's magazines, as well as on websites like MarketWatch and Architectural Digest.

Posts by Hilary Snow

what americans want from their homes

What Americans Want From Their Homes

In a world that’s been reshaped by the pandemic, the very essence of ‘home’ has undergone a transformation. As the dust settles in the post-pandemic era, a new set of challenges and realities emerges. The landscape of skyrocketing interest rates, escalating housing prices, and a tangible affordability crisis has forced many to rethink their housing […]

Stadiums of Stuff

Stadiums of Stuff: America’s Billion Box Moves

Americans are on the move – and they’re bringing their stuff! moveBuddha data has revealed that Americans use a jaw-dropping estimated one billion moving boxes each year. It’s no secret that we love filling our homes with things that make us happy. From the things that bring us joy like treasured family heirlooms and modern […]

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