What is moveBuddha?

Just like major travel sites, we help you compare prices and find movers.

Moving isn't just about hiring a company or renting a truck anymore. From portable containers and freight trailers to shells, cubes and traditional movers, there are a lot of options to choose from. Figuring out which one is right for your move can take hours. moveBuddha allows you to instantly compare all options in one place and pick the best one. It’s time to experience relocation enlightenment.

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How does moveBuddha make money?

Compensation does not dictate which companies we recommend. All recommendations are based on a rigid quality evaluation and overall fit for your move. We only recommend companies we would use ourselves.

Too many moving-related websites have sacrificed quality for profit. This is a compromise we will NEVER make.

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Is moveBuddha responsible for issues with my move?

While we can't take responsibility if any issues arise during your move, if you contact us we will do our best to help.

Customer feedback factors directly into which companies we recommend. So please, call or email to let us know how everything went. We love feedback.

More questions? Email Us: info@movebuddha.com

Is this the right size for my move?

Ah yes, the quintessential moving question - how much space do I need?

moveBuddha uses averages based on household size to estimate the size of your move. Without knowing exactly the items you're moving (and how well you can pack for DIY moves) it's hard to say how much space you'll need.

We encourage you to play around with the move size choices on the site or make an inventory list to get a better idea on what you'll need.

Humans are bad at estimating space and almost always have more than they think. Err on the high side.

Is my price guaranteed?

The prices shown on moveBuddha are meant to be general ranges to help you get an idea on the costs of different moving options.

Prices can vary greatly from company to company, that's why it's important to consider all options. The companies featured on the site will be able to provide you with more accurate pricing based on their services.

Those who seek exact pricing will have exact surprises!

The circumstances of your move can and often do change. Strive to understand all of your moving costs, plan and budget accordingly!

How can I be sure the companies moveBuddha recommends are quality companies?

Our number one priority is connecting you with high quality companies.

moveBuddha achieves this in two ways:

  • Matching based on needs
    By matching you with the companies best suited to handle the needs of your move, we help you avoid bad experiences.
  • Verified reviews
    We do frequent post move follow-ups with customers to make sure the companies we recommend are providing consistent service. By collecting feedback, we are building a database of the most up-to-date, verified reviews.
Is moveBuddha a moving broker?

Nope. moveBuddha is a referral service. Our moveBuddha Guides do their best to give you as much information as possible.

Ultimately, it will be up to you to book directly with the company of your choice.