What is moveBuddha?

Just like major travel sites, we help you compare prices and find movers.

moveBuddha is the fastest and easiest way to book a long distance moving company.

Say goodbye to multiple movers tromping through your house just to get in-home estimates. Instead, schedule one smart video survey with us and receive up to 5 binding estimates from our network of qualified moving companies.

It's time to experience relocation enlightenment.

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Are the movers you recommend good companies?

In short, yes. We screen all of our providers heavily and follow up with every customer to make sure their move went well.

We believe that track record is the only true measure of a moving company. You can check licensing, reviews, and paperwork to death and still get stuck with a bad mover. We track performance on every company we refer. If we start getting complaints about a company, we simply drop them from our network.

If, for any reason, you aren't happy with our referrals you're more than welcome to take your video inventory and use it to get bids from movers outside of our network.

Are the estimates guaranteed?

We've worked hard to build a network of movers that provide honest prices. That being said, moving is an estimate based business and there are always scenarios where costs can increase or decrease no matter how much we plan.

You should take time to understand the different type of moving estimates and potential scenarios that can increase the cost of the move.

Is the smart video survey as accurate as in-home surveys?

Yes, our smart video survey is widely used and trusted by the biggest names in the moving industry.

One way our smart inventory process is superior to in-home surveys is they have the added bonus of helping resolve damage claims. The video can be reviewed to identify damages and speed up claims.

What if my move is postponed?

No problem. You'll have the video inventory results and estimates ready to go for when you do move.

Who is moveBuddha?

moveBuddha is a technology company out of Athens, Georgia, founded by moving industry veterans. We are obsessed with making moving easier. You can learn more about our story here.