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Just like major travel sites, we compare moving rates and services to help you move. We will:

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  • Explain different options for moving
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You Load, They Drive


The "you load, we drive" option offers the cost savings of a do-it-yourself move, withtout the hassle of having to drive a truck almost 3,000 miles.

With access to pricing on the largest freight networks, moveBuddha can help you get the best rate.

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They Load, They Drive

Pro Mover

No loading or driving required. Professional movers are the most convenient option, but usually come with a higher cost.

Finding a quality company can be tough. Luckily, moveBuddha brings years of wisdom to choosing movers.

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You Load, They Drive


Need storage while you move? Want to pack at your own pace? Take control of your move by having a container delivered to your driveway.

No driving necessary. moveBuddha has profiled over 30 container companies to help you find the best one.

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You Load, You Drive

Rental Truck

Truest form of do-it-yourself moving. This method usually saves money, but you will be doing all of the work.

Learn how to get the best truck rates, budget correctly and other tips to keep moving costs down.

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