$1,088 Movers From Chicago, IL to Florida

Quick answer: The cost to move from Chicago, IL to Florida averages from $812 to $6,232 depending on how much you’re moving, your move date, and whether you hire a company or do the move yourself.

Hiring a professional Chicago moving company will be on the more expensive side, while renting a truck or a moving container is usually cheaper but requires more work.

Moving the reverse route? We’ve got you covered with our Moving from Florida to Chicago, IL guide.

Moving from Chicago, IL to Florida resources

In this article, we’ll lay out everything you need to know for your upcoming move to Florida. But first, here are a few resources if you need immediate answers:

Moving 1,215 miles is no joke. Here's what you need to know.

The best Chicago to Florida moving companies

Hiring an interstate moving company from Chicago to Florida is a big deal.

There are more than 8,000 moving companies in the U.S. But don’t worry, you won’t have to filter through all of them. We’ve done the research for you and narrowed the list based on customer satisfaction, cost, and services. Here are the best long-distance moving companies serving Chicago to Florida.

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If you’re just trying to ship a few items, here’s a list of our recommended services for small moves.

How much does it cost to move from Chicago, IL to Florida?

Here are average prices of hire a moving company, rent a moving container, or rent a moving truck when moving from Chicago to Florida:

Move size Moving company Moving container Rental truck
Studio / 1 Bedroom $1,088 - $4,377 $905 - $2,064 $780 - $1,403
2 - 3 bedrooms $2,456 - $6,232 $1,558 - $3,190 $812 - $1,736
4+ bedrooms $4,515 - $8,189 $2,216 - $4,351 $970 - $2,137
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*These price ranges are a rough estimate based on 1,215 miles and historical averages. The actual size of your move, additional services required, truck parking access, market conditions, and availability can greatly affect the final cost of your move.

The cost to move from Chicago, IL to Florida will depend on:

  • Move size: The amount of items you have — as well as your home size and layout — will impact the total cost of your relocation.
  • Time of year: Summer is peak moving season in Chicago, so moving companies will likely charge more.
  • DIY vs. professional mover: DIY moving services are usually cheaper but involve more work and stress compared to hiring the pros.

How much does it cost to hire movers from Chicago, IL to Florida?

Hiring movers for a studio apartment or one-bedroom home from Chicago to Florida will cost between $1,088 to $4,377. The cost to move a two- to three-bedroom home from Chicago to FL will range from $2,456 to $6,232, and a large move from Chicago to Florida will cost from $4,515 to $8,189.

How much are moving containers like PODS from Chicago, IL to Florida?

Moving pods from Chicago to Florida will cost you $905 to $2,064. For a two- to three-bedroom move, moving containers can cost $1,558 to $3,190. A four-bedroom move or bigger will cost $2,216 to $4,351. Learn more about PODS cost.

Here are the cheapest moving containers for your move from Chicago to Florida.

How much is a moving truck from Chicago, IL to Florida?

A moving rental truck is generally the cheapest option, but it requires you to do all of the driving and labor.

Moving a studio or one-bedroom apartment in a rental truck will cost around $780 to $1,403. A larger move will cost $812 to $1,736, and a four-bedroom or bigger move from Chicago to Florida costs from $970 to $2,137.

Is moving from Chicago, IL to Florida a good idea?

If you’re moving to Florida from Chicago, IL, you’ll want to compare what life will be like.

Cost of living: Chicago, IL vs Florida

Chicago, IL Florida
Average rent cost $1,595 $1,218
Average home cost $306,098 $391,213
Average income (per capita) $65,601 $67,917
Unemployment rate 9.0% 2.8%
State income tax 4.95% 0.0%
  • Rent is about 36% less expensive in Florida than in Chicago.
  • Home prices are about 34.2% higher in Florida than in Chicago.
  • The average income is about 3.0% higher in Florida than in Chicago.
  • Florida has a lower unemployment rate than Chicago by about 134.8%.
  • Income taxes are 100.00% lower in Florida than in Chicago.

How is life different in Chicago, IL from Florida?

Chicago, IL Florida
Population 2,746,388 22,244,823
Political leaning Democrat 74-24 Republican 51-48
Summer high 84ºF 91ºF
Winter low 19ºF 49ºF
Annual rain 38" 55"
Annual snow 35" 0"
Crime index 35.19 21.39
  • The population of Florida is approximately 710% greater than the population of Chicago.
  • In the last presidential election, Florida voted Republican and Chicago voted Democrat.
  • The average high in the summertime in Florida is 91ºF and in Chicago, it’s 84ºF.
  • During the coldest part of the year, Florida reaches the temperature of 49ºF and Chicago gets down to 19ºF.
  • You can expect about 55 inches of annual rainfall in Florida vs 38 inches of rainfall in Chicago.
  • In Florida, it snows about 0 inches annually vs 35 inches of snow in Chicago.
  • Florida has a lower crime rate than Chicago with a crime index of 35.19 vs 21.39.

Comparing the pros of Chicago, IL vs. Florida:

There are always a lot of reasons to get excited about living somewhere new. These are the best parts of living in Chicago vs Florida side-by-side.

Pros of living in Chicago, IL Pros of living in Florida
Bountiful arts and recreational activities Fantastic weather
Delicious food Abundant water recreational activities
Abundant entertainment Ample economic opportunity
Intense sports culture World-leading entertainment
Ample economic opportunity Beautiful flora and fauna

Comparing the cons of living in Chicago, IL vs. Florida:

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, these are the things to be aware of when leaving Chicago for Florida.

Cons of living in Chicago, IL Cons of living in Florida
High crime rate High cost of living
Temperamental weather Poor healthcare
Terrible traffic Natural disasters
High taxes Heat and humidity
Pollution High crime rate

Considerations for moving to Florida

  • Weather: Severe weather is a common occurrence in Florida, as Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the US. June 1st and November 30 is the time when most hurricanes in Florida occur, the most severe dates lie between August - October. Be sure to check your local weather station before your move as Florida is known for its thunderstorms and high levels of precipitation. Perhaps plan for a Winter or Springtime move to ensure the safety of your belongings..
  • HOA rules: Check ahead with any neighborhood or community rules on moving to ensure a smooth move.
  • Elevator reservation: If your building has an elevator you’ll want to check on how to reserve it for move day.
  • Truck parking permits: Some cities require parking permits for large vehicles and moving trucks. Find out if you need any parking permits ahead of time.
  • State licensing: Individuals and companies engaging in for-profit local and intrastate moving within the Sunshine State must register each year with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – Division of Consumer Services. Make sure the moving company you use has a license before hiring.
  • State regulator: You can verify a Florida moving license and its status on the state regulator's official website.
  • Moving permits: Florida does not require any moving permits, but it is helpful to check local parking restrictions before moving into the state.
  • Change of address: We recommend submitting your change of address form with USPS at least a week prior to your move. You can set an official move date on the form and this way all of your mail will get properly forward to Florida. Get started here.
  • Mover's insurance: Every state has their own requirements when it comes to insurance. Released Value Protection stands out as a cost-effective choice, provided by movers at no extra expense, although it comes with limited coverage. In this option, the mover's liability is capped at 60 cents per pound per article. To ensure comprehensive coverage matching the full value of your items, consult with your chosen moving company about alternative options or explore third-party insurance providers. Secure the best protection for your belongings during the move with these tailored coverage choices.
  • Moving checklist: Peace of mind is priceless. Our moving checklist will help you know you’ve got everything covered.

Looking for local Chicago movers?

Company Quote Rating Contact
STI Moving & Storage Inc. Get A Quote starstarstarstarstar
5 overall rating
7400 Niles Center Rd, Skokie, IL, 60077
(847) 675-1223

Visit our best movers in Chicago page to see a complete list of moving companies, including hourly rates, services, and reviews.

What to do in Florida?

Whether you’re looking for parks, museums, sports, or even universities, you’ll be happy to find a plethora of these in Florida.

Museums in Florida

  • Wynwood Halls
  • The Ringling
  • Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum
  • The Dali Museum
  • NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
  • Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum
  • Museum of the Everglades
  • Revs Institute
  • Navy Seal Museum

Parks in Florida

  • Dry Tortugas National Park
  • Everglades National Park
  • De Soto National Memorial
  • Fort Matanzas National Monument
  • Ocala National Forest
  • Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge
  • Homestead Trolley-Everglades National Park
  • Maritime Hammock Sanctuary
  • Canaveral National Seashore
  • Key West Marine Park

Sports Teams in Florida

  • Miami Heat (NBA)
  • Orlando Magic (NBA)
  • Miami Marlins (MLB)
  • Tampa Bay Rays (MLB)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)
  • Miami Dolphins (NFL)
  • Tamps Bay Buccaneers (NFL)
  • Florida Panthers (NHL)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL)
  • Inter Miami CF (MLS)
  • Orlando City SC (MLS)

Universities in Florida

  • University of Florida
  • Florida State University
  • University of South Florida
  • University of Central Florida
  • Florida International University
  • University of Miami
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • University of North Florida
  • University of Florida
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Valencia College
  • Stetson University
  • Miami Dade College
  • Florida Gulf Coast University

Moving from Chicago to Florida FAQs

Why are people moving from Chicago to Florida?

Many people are moving to Florida because of fantastic weather and abundant water recreational activities. On the other hand, people are moving away from Chicago because of high crime rate and temperamental weather.

Where can I find a list of long-distance moving companies from Chicago?

Here are our top picks for the best long-distance movers in Chicago.

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