5 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies (2023 Review)

Rental trucks can be an excellent way to cut costs and maintain autonomy during the moving process, but you must research to ensure you’re choosing the right option for your budget, time constraints, and any other needs you may have.

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  • 4 truck sizes
  • Unlimited mileage
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You’ll need to comb customer reviews, compare quotes, and assess each company’s ability to support your goals, which can be laborious. We’ve done the hard work for you by uncovering the five best truck rentals for moving.

The best truck rentals for moving

The following companies earned their spot on our short-list after significant research:

Comparing the best moving truck rental companies

Use the below cheat sheet to compare our best moving truck rental companies.

Company State availability Our rating BBB rating Truck sizes Mileage rate
Penske 50 (plus Washington, D.C.) B+ B Cargo van, box trucks (4 sizes) Starting at $0.29/mile
Enterprise 50 B+ B+ Pickup trucks (4 sizes),cargo vans (5 sizes), box trucks (6 sizes), stakebed trucks (3 sizes) Starting at $0.20/mile
The Home Depot 50 B+ A+ Cargo van, flat-bed trucks (2 sizes), 12-ft box truck Starting at $1.29/mile
Budget 48 B+ A+ Cargo van, box trucks (3 sizes) Starting at $0.47/mile
U-Haul 50 (plus Washington, D.C. and Canada) B A+ Pickup truck, cargo van, box truck (5 sizes) Starting at $0.99/mile

Our reviews of the best truck rentals for moving

Let’s delve into some of the finer details of our favorite truck rentals for moving. From the best cheap moving truck rentals to the best add-on services, you’ll find the right provider for your move.

Best for unlimited miles: Penske Truck Rental

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While Penske offers fewer rental trucks than many competitors, its high-quality fleet with environmentally conscious updates and non-slip flooring stands out. The pricing structure is transparent, and you’ll usually need to put at least $100 down to reserve your truck.

All one-way rentals come with unlimited miles, a major cost saver for long-distance and cross-country moves. The company also partners with storage facilities, such as CubeSmart and SpareFoot, which can make it easy to stow your belongings if you have some lag time before you move into your new home.

  • Participates in the EPA’s SmartWay Program to reduce environmental impact
  • Many vehicles have non-slip flooring
  • Truck Wizard Tool calculates needed truck size
  • $100 deposit required
  • Can’t use your own towing equipment
  • Truck sizes may be substituted based on availability

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Most Reliable
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At A Glance
  • Limits environmental impact as part of the EPA's SmartWay Program
  • Non-slip flooring makes loading and unloading easier
  • Easily choose truck size with their Truck Wizard Tool
read our full review
Check prices (844) 847-9517

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Best for truck variety: Enterprise Truck Rental

At first glance, it’s impossible to miss Enterprise Truck Rental’s impressive range of trucks and vans. Customers can choose from the following options:

  • Standard pickup
  • ½ ton pickup
  • ¾ ton pickup
  • 1-ton pickup
  • Compact cargo van
  • Cargo van
  • Heavy duty cargo van
  • Heavy duty XL cargo van
  • High-roof cargo van
  • 15-ft parcel van
  • 15-16 ft parcel van with lift gate
  • 16-ft cab over truck
  • 20-ft box truck trucks
  • 24-ft box truck
  • 26-ft box truck
  • Stakebed trucks

The wide array of trucks make it ideal for anyone who has precise space demands. While the company doesn’t offer many discounts outright, its mileage fees are the lowest of all the companies we featured on this list.

Because it has fewer locations than many competitors, it can be challenging to coordinate a one-way move if your new home isn’t near a drop-off location.

  • Offers more than a dozen different trucks and vans
  • Strong customer reviews
  • Low mileage fees
  • Doesn’t offer many discounts
  • Not the best for one-way moves
  • Fewer physical locations than competitors

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Best for home improvement: The Home Depot Truck Rental

The Home Depot’s truck rental service is an excellent way to save money moving Facebook marketplace finds, doing quick home improvement projects, or facilitating moves that will take 75 minutes or less. Due to these time constraints, it’s not the best option for long-distance or logistically complicated moves.

Home Depot customers can plan with the huge library of resources and tips, but you can’t bank on availability because the service doesn’t accept advance bookings. Home Depot’s mileage fees are among the highest on this list, so there are certainly more affordable options if you have time-consuming errands that consume much of your mileage.

Many Americans know their nearest Home Depot location, so it can be a convenient option for small moves. The 12-foot box truck is smaller than other box trucks, making it ideal for densely populated areas where parking may be an issue.

  • Load ‘N Go offers affordable rentals for 75 minutes
  • Huge library of resources for DIY moves
  • More than 2,300 locations across the U.S.
  • Online moving calculator is inaccurate
  • Penalties for late trucks (even by just a few minutes)
  • Doesn’t accept advance reservations

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Best for low prices: Budget Truck Rental

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Budget’s base prices are competitive, but the company goes a step further by offering specialized discounts for certain demographics. However, Budget becomes less budget-friendly if you add packing services, labor, or equipment rentals.

You can rent their trucks for round-trip and one-way moves, which creates flexibility in their structure. However, the company doesn’t operate outside the contiguous U.S., so you may face some limitations.

The base cost includes taxes and a loading ramp with certain truck sizes, but mileage, tolls, parking permits, insurance, and additional services will result in additional costs.

Budget’s website is also one of the more user-friendly experiences to navigate.

  • Well-designed website
  • Discounts for students, military, and AAA members
  • Low mileage fees
  • Doesn’t service Hawaii or Alaska
  • Expensive add-ons

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Best Value Rental
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At A Glance
  • Competitive base prices with specialized discounts
  • Round-trip and one-way moves available
  • User-friendly website makes it easy to book the right truck
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Best for nationwide coverage: U-Haul

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U-Haul is a mixed bag if there ever was one, but its sweeping availability in virtually every corner of the nation makes it a necessary inclusion for any rental truck roundup. Same-day rental is available, an excellent backup if your reservation gets lost in the shuffle.

To avoid moving day issues, we recommend contacting your local branch directly. You can also elect for third-party moving help from one of U-Haul’s vendors or hire your own.

Customer reviews often complain of miscommunications and hidden fees, but you can avoid these by proactively asking questions and clarifying any additional costs.

U-Haul also offers an impressive fleet of moving vehicles to meet various needs. Due to its nationwide availability, it’s a particularly great option for long-distance and one-way moves where you’ll need a different drop-off location.

  • Same-day rental available
  • Trucks include EZ-Load Ramp, and specially engineered Gentle-Ride suspension
  • Offers third-party moving help
  • More than 22,700 locations across North America
  • Notoriously unreliable reservations
  • Hidden fees like the environmental fee
  • Complaints about customer service

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Best Availability
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93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • More than 20,000 locations with prominent pricing
  • Rental options include everything from pick-up trucks to 26-foot moving trucks
  • Gentle-Ride Suspension add protection to avoid damaging your items during transit
  • U-Box moving containers available if you don't want to drive
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How to choose the best truck rental company

Rental truck companies vary in prices, reputation, offerings, and add-on options, so you’ll need to shop around to find the best option for your needs.

Consider the following factors to maximize your truck rental options:

  • Truck sizes: Different trucks fulfill different roles. A wide range of truck sizes demonstrates a truck rental company’s commitment to meeting various customer needs.
  • Customer reviews: Positive and negative reviews provide unique insights into real-life customer experiences. Ask your friends and family for referrals if they’ve had any recent positive experiences.
  • Cancellation policy: Things can happen at the last minute. Flexible cancellation policies can reduce your stress if you have to make changes close to your moving date.
  • Roadside assistance: While you have the moving truck, it’s your responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you’re hung out to dry. The best moving companies will have a roadside assistance program you can call if you get into an accident, have a flat tire, or run into other issues on the road.
  • Insurance coverage: Inquire about liability protection and damage waivers when requesting quotes. For a small fee, you can elect coverage to reduce your out-of-pocket costs if something happens to the rental truck.
  • Moving supplies: Some companies offer packing supplies for an additional cost, which can minimize your errands leading up to your moving date.
  • Storage options: Because gaps between leases and employment can be expected, you may have short- or long-term storage needs. Ask the rental truck company if they offer any self-storage rentals, because dealing with one company is always more convenient.
  • Tow dollies and trailers: Some truck rental companies offer add-ons, such as tow dollies, furniture pads, and trailers. Renting these items can be more sustainable for your wallet and the environment if you’re unlikely to use them often.
  • Drop-off locations: Various rental locations can simplify the logistics of one-way moves where it’s inconvenient to return your vehicle to its pick-up location.
  • Discounts: AARP and AAA members often have access to discounts, as do seniors, students, and military members. Your credit card company may even have special offers.

You can compare the services of truck rental companies near you to our best interstate moving companies to ensure you get the best value for the services you need.

How much do moving trucks cost?

<50 miles 250-1,000 miles 2,500 miles+
U-Haul $57-$126 $355-$2,218 $1,716-$5,727
Budget $49-$136 $347-$2,202 $1,698-$5,657
Penske $62-$147 $361-$2,234 $1,812-$5,923

Moving costs vary. A full-service move will almost always cost more than a DIY move, but DIY moves have so many variables that the cost can be difficult to estimate for all needs. For example, a one-way van rental will cost less than a box truck driven the same distance cross-country.

Use our moving cost calculator to better understand rental prices and truck options in your area. We’ve pulled some of the following quotes for you to compare.

Factors that affect the cost

Several factors affect the cost of your rental truck:

  • Distance: The distance you need to travel will ultimately affect your cost. Cross-country moves are typically more expensive than local moves.
  • Variety of trucks: Truck size is another determinant of your final cost. Cargo vans will have a different starting rate than larger trucks.
  • Add-ons: Equipment rentals and packing services aren’t included in the base cost of truck rentals.
  • Liability: When you rent a moving truck, you’re required to return it in the same condition you received it. If you damage it, you’ll be on the hook for whatever the repair cost. You can add insurance, but it can also increase your rental prices.
  • Home size: The size of your house correlates to the labor required. Larger homes will typically cost more than one-bedroom apartments.
  • Mileage and fuel: Consider a truck rental service with unlimited mileage to reduce hidden fees. Read the fine print to determine how many miles you’re entitled to during your rental, and make sure you fill up the gas tank to avoid fuel surcharges.

Ways to save on moving trucks

Moving costs aren’t fixed, so you can often reduce them if you’re savvy. Consider the following ways to save on moving trucks:

  • Packing supplies: Visit local warehouses and retail stores. You can often take their leftover shipping supplies to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for materials you’ll likely throw away.
  • DIY labor: Pack and move yourself or enlist the help of some friends to keep labor costs down.
  • Utilize your existing insurance: Homeowners and renters’ insurance policies may cover your items in transit, which can reduce the burden of taking out additional insurance through the truck rental company.
  • Shop around: Don’t accept the first quote you get. Instead, request multiple quotes and compare them against each other.
  • Price-match guarantees: Don’t be afraid to negotiate with truck rental companies once you shop around. Many companies offer price-match guarantees to remain competitive.
  • Take advantage of your memberships: AAA and AARP members may get special offers for trucks and car rentals. Check with your credit card company, too!

Moving truck FAQs

Want to know more about choosing the best rental trucks? Here are the most common questions we get.

What is the difference between in-town and long-distance truck rentals?

The difference between in-town and long-distance truck rentals is the distance you travel. In-town rentals are for local moves, usually no more than 50 miles. As such, they have mileage limitations, and you’ll have to return the truck to the same location at the end of the moving process.

Long-distance trucks are for long-distance moves — generally, any move of 400 miles or more. Long-distance truck rentals allow you to return your truck to a different location, so you don’t have to make a round trip.

Do I need a special license to drive a moving truck?

No, you don’t need a special license to drive a moving truck because they’re not considered commercial vehicles. Your driver’s license is enough. You can drive your own moving truck regardless of the size of the truck.

Is a rental truck the cheapest way to move?

Rental trucks are cost-effective, but they’re not always the cheapest way to move. You can use our moving cost calculator to get a better idea of the rental prices you can expect for the moving services you require.

Rental rates fluctuate seasonally, so remember to request a quote when you get serious about the planning process.

How much does gas cost for a moving truck rental?

Gas costs for a moving truck rental depend on current gas prices, fuel efficiency, and the size of the rental truck you select. While the truck is in your possession, you can shop for a gas station that fits your budget.

You can estimate potential fuel costs by looking at the average miles per gallon (mpg) each size option gets. If you ask, rental truck services will often give you this information, but the chart below establishes a good baseline.

In general, larger trucks will cost more to fuel than cargo vans and pick-up trucks.

Size MPG Tank size (gallons) Driving distance per tank (miles)
10-foot truck 12 31 372
15-,17-, and 22-foot truck 10 40 400
26-foot truck 10 60 600

Keep in mind these are just estimates and costs can vary.

How big of a moving truck do I need?

You can estimate your truck size with a convenient rule of thumb. You’ll need about 150 cubic feet for each furnished room. As such, studio apartments can fit in smaller trucks, whereas multi-bedroom homes require a larger truck.

Consider the following:

  • Cargo van to 10-foot moving truck: 1 bedroom or studio apartment
  • 15-foot moving truck: 2 bedrooms or less
  • 20-foot moving truck: 2–3 bedrooms
  • 26-foot moving truck: 4+ bedrooms

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