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Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan is a co-founder of moveBuddha. With over a decade of moving experience, Ryan writes about the moving industry and moving advice. Ryan has been quoted in Consumer Reports, US News & World Report, Reader's Digest and more for moving advice.

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Moving Opportunity Cost Calculator

Moving Opportunity Cost Calculator

  If there’s one thing that is consistent across human nature, it’s that people love saving money. If we can DIY-it, we will. Moving is no exception.’ In attempting to “hack” moving, we cram the family Subaru so full of boxes that we can’t see out the windows and still don’t have room for everything. […]


Unsettled State: The moveBuddha 2021 Migration Report

2020 was a game-changer for migration, completely upending established trends. Now that the U.S. is starting to settle into some semblance of normal life in a pandemic, what trends emerge from 2021 domestic moving data?

moving apocalypse header

Moving Apocalypse: Moving Companies Struggling to Keep up with High Demand, New Survey Reveals

What do you get when you combine a housing boom, with a global pandemic and a work-from-home revolution? The answer: a peak moving season that promises to be the most difficult on record. Our survey of 63 long-distance moving companies shows the industry is fighting to keep its head above water amid unprecedented demand and worker shortages.

Top 5 Best Interstate Moving Companies

5 Best Interstate Movers Of 2022

We researched over 500 interstate moving companies, cross-referencing verified customer reviews, license data, insurance data, and federal complaint records to find you the best long distance moving companies in the industry.