Best Moving Container Companies in Kansas (2024)

Whether you’re moving locally or hoping to say “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” moving is not as simple as clicking your heels together. But with the help of one of the best moving container companies out there, your transition to a new location can be made a lot easier. 

Unlike professional movers, which handle the loading and unloading but cost more, or truck rental companies that save money but require you to do the driving, moving container companies are like an affordable middle ground between full-service and DIY. They also provide storage solutions in between moves that other companies may not offer. 

To compare estimates and get the best price for moving and storage containers in Kansas, consult our moving cost calculator.

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The 4 best moving container companies in Kansas 

How we picked the best Kansas moving container companies

A lot of review sites profit from promoting specific companies, but our picks for the best moving container companies are based on an objective and transparent rating system. 

Our moving company methodology is outlined using eight key metrics:

  • Customer satisfaction: Customer reviews can be helpful, but are often lacking in details. That is why moveBuddha interviews consumers about their moving experiences as part of the Better Moves Project, so we can give our readers the full story.
  • Services: It’s crucial to know the specific services associated with each moving company, as they can differ between businesses. Container sizes and quality, pickup and drop-off service, and storage facilities throughout the state of Kansas (and Kansas City, Missouri nearby) are all important considerations for customers.
  • Reputation: There are aspects of a company’s reputation that are important to consider outside of customer reviews. So, moveBuddha similarly looks at each company’s Better Business Bureau rating, as well as their licensure with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and other official accreditations.
  • Add-on options: Things like cleaning, packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading, are not typically included in the standard services that moving container companies provide. But for an additional fee, many companies offer such services or outsource them to partners. This is important to take into account because it can make the moving process more convenient.
  • Availability: We evaluate each moving container company based on how many states it operates in and whether they’re available for both local and long-distance moves.
  • Type of mover: Moving or storage containers are an affordable DIY option for individuals on a budget that requires you to do the loading and unloading. But there are plenty of other moving companies or long-distance movers that will do the heavy lifting for you. That is why it’s important to know what type of mover you want before choosing the best option. 
  • Payment: No matter how smooth a moving experience you have, if the final bill is $1,000 over your initial quote, you probably wouldn’t recommend that moving container company to a friend.
  • Scheduling: Whether you’re relocating for a job or another commitment, it’s not always easy to be flexible with your plans. So you need a moving container company that can work with your schedule. Along with ample container availability, businesses that have services seven days a week and 24-hour customer service can be invaluable in these situations. 

Comparing the best moving container companies in Kansas

A company’s grade with the Better Business Bureau matters, but their availability from state-to-state is also important. Container size options and sample pricing are also crucial comparisons to make. 

Provider BBB Rating State Availability Container Options Sample Pricing*
U-Pack A+ 50  8-foot $3,523
PODS A+ 46 (not in AK, MT, ND, or WY) 8-, 12-, and 16-foot N/A
MovingYourself A- 48 (not in AK or HI) Up to 52 feet N/A
U-Haul U-Box C+ 50 8-foot $1,858 

*For a one-bedroom apartment from Topeka, Kansas, to Los Angeles 

U-Pack: Best overall 

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We picked U-Pack as the best moving container company overall because it allows customers to save money without compromising the level of service received. 

U-Pack tends to be more affordable than other moving and storage container companies because they only charge customers for the space they use. The catch is that the containers are smaller than most of their competitors and only available in one size — an 8-foot ReloCube. But since you’re only being charged for the space you actually need, you can order extra ReloCubes just in case and send any back you don’t use without having to pay for them.

U-Pack’s more than 200 locations throughout all 50 states, as well as offices in Canada and Puerto Rico, make the company an excellent option for long-distance and cross-country moves. (Speaking of which, U-Pack has onsite storage options for up to six months for an additional charge.)

Unfortunately U-Pack is not an option for local moves because they have a required minimum distance of 250 miles. But as long as you’re moving far enough away from Kansas, U-Pack is one of the best moving container companies for that. 


  • Free quotes online
  • Easy-to-use website that includes shipment tracking
  • No deposit up front
  • Doesn’t service local moves
  • Only one container size available
  • Steep cancelation fees for changing plans within a week of moves

How much does U-Pack cost?

We received a quote of $3,523 to move a one-bedroom apartment about 1,555 miles from Topeka, Kansas, to L.A.

As another example, Freddy chose U-Pack for his 800-miles move from Athens, Georgia, to Chicago because it was the most economical way to meet both his moving and storage needs (he needed to keep his belongings for a short stint in Massachusetts en route to Chicago). Initially, U-Pack quoted him $1,438 for the move and charged Freddy exactly that when the job was completed. 

Why we like U-Pack

U-Pack is our pick for the best moving container company overall because of the value, and has the following perks:

  • Highly competitive pricing for moves over 250 miles 
  • Positive customer reviews and no hidden fees
  • Nationwide availability 

PODS: Best for long-distance moves

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89% of users select this mover

PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage, a name that has become synonymous with “moving container” (this of the brand name Kleenex, which is often used to describe all tissues). Essentially, PODS is the name associated with moving containers and one of the most recognizable and popular brands in the industry. 

The company tends to be more expensive than U-Pack, but there are a number of reasons why customers may still prefer PODS. 

Multiple container sizes (eight, 12, and 16 feet) make PODS a great option for larger moves. The company also gives customers 30 days to load and unload, compared to 72 hours from some competitors. This extra time can be critical for families and individuals with hectic schedules. 

PODS is not located in every state, but they are the only moving container company with multiple container sizes and such a large service area in most major cities, including Wichita and Kansas City. They also offer competitive prices for shipments all the way to Hawaii. 


  • Long-term storage options
  • Services for local and long-distance moves
  • New customer discounts and other frequent promotions
  • No online quotes available 
  • Not available in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, or Wyoming

How much does PODS cost?

When Bethany decided to move 2,800 miles from Oakland, California toArlington, Virginia, she decided to use PODS. She was quoted $4,209 from PODS and that’s exactly what she paid.

Why we like PODS

PODS is the one of the most popular moving container companies for several legitimate reasons, including:

  • Unlimited loading and unloading time (additional charges apply after 30 days)
  • Flexible storage and scheduling options 
  • A solid overall reputation, with lots of positive customer reviews regarding quick and friendly service

MovingYourself: Best for large moves 

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89% of users select this mover

MovingYourself isn’t a traditional moving container, but rather a company that rents out 52-foot moving trucks. These trucks are similar to U-Pack in that customers have three days to pack up their belongings. After that, MovingYourself does the driving for you. Then you have another 72 hours to unload at your new home. 

The company’s use of moving trucks make it a great option for larger households that might have too much stuff to fit into moving containers — or to do so affordably, since numerous containers might be needed. This is also where MovingYourself stands out, since the company’s pay-for-the-space-you-use model means if you don’t need all 52 feet, you won’t be charged for it.

Unlike PODS, which covers local and long-distance moves, MovingYourself only handles moves that are out of state. If you’re staying in Kansas and just moving to a different home or town, MovingYourself will not be a good fit. But if you’re moving out of state, MovingYourself is also the only one of our top picks that provides enough space to move a car. 


  • Only pay for the space you use
  • 52-feet of space to pack, and enough room for vehicles
  • All-inclusive estimates
  • Does not do local moves 
  • No storage options or other add-on services
  • Possible parking and clearance problems (due to truck size)

How much does MovingYourself cost?

You’ll need to fill out a form on MovingYourself’s site or call them to request a quote. The initial quote is determined by estimating how much space you’ll need in the moving truck, but your final price may be lower or higher depending on the actual amount of space you use. 

Since price is based on volume, rather than weight, efficiently packing and loading your items will help you save money.

Why we like MovingYourself

MovingYourself is all the convenience of a moving container company but with the capacity of a truck. 

On top of that:

  • The cost includes ramps, bulkheads, and other moving equipment
  • It’s suitable for large and small long-distance moves 
  • This is the most affordable option for interstate moves with car shipping

U-Haul U-Box: Best for budget

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89% of users select this mover

U-Haul U-Box offers similar nationwide coverage as U-Pack, except they have locations in Canada and can handle some international moves, as well. U-Haul U-Box also has generally lower rates than U-Pack. 

Based on this, you might be wondering why U-Haul U-Box is not our pick for best overall moving container company.

While U-Haul U-Box is by far the most affordable option, their containers are slightly smaller than competitors. Consequently, you cannot fit king mattresses and larger furniture inside. Although U-Box containers are designed to be weatherproof, some reviews suggest that these smaller pods can be flimsy and easy to damage — along with your belongings inside. 

U-Box containers are made out of plywood with a vinyl cover, definitely not as sturdy as competitors like U-Pack and PODS, which construct their containers out of steel and aluminum. 

On top of that, U-Haul U-Box has a lower reputation for customer service, earning them a C+ with the BBB. Still, for a student without a lot of valuables or someone who has done a lot of downsizing before their move, U-Haul U-Box may meet your needs at a fraction of the cost. 


  • Only pay for the containers you use
  • Ample availability in all 50 states and internationally
  • Cheaper rates than most competitors 
  • Plywood containers may not be as reliable as competitors
  • Inconsistent customer reviews 

How much does U-Haul U-Box cost?

U-Haul quoted us approximately $1,858 for a U-Box to move a one-bedroom apartment 1,555 miles from Kansas to California.

Nancy moved a similar distance — about 1,400 miles — from Quincy, Massachusetts, to Minneapolis. She chose U-Haul U-Box because they gave her a quote that was less than half of PODS. U-Haul estimated the move would cost $1,797 and it ended up costing even less at $1,614. 

Why we like U-Haul U-Box

U-Haul U-Box is our favorite moving container company for anyone looking for the lowest prices, and we also like its:

  • Easy-to-use website with helpful pricing information
  • Services for local and long-distance moves
  • International shipping options

Moving container sizes

Before booking your move, it’s important to note that container sizes can vary depending on the company you select. Container size is particularly important because certain containers may fit specific spaces better than others. Some companies offer a range of container sizes to choose from, while others may have one option. 

Consequently, the type of home or apartment you have should influence the container company you choose.

Container Size Ideal For
8-foot containers Studio apartment, or approximately 500 square feet of belongings
10-foot containers One-bedroom apartment or house, or approximately 500–800 square feet of belongings
16-foot containers Two-bedroom apartment or house, or up to approximately 1,200 square feet of belongings

Moving containers vs. full-service movers

If you want to save your back and avoid heavy lifting, full-service moving companies are going to be your best option for hassle-free relocation. Consider one of our picks for best moving companies or best long-distance movers to handle that. Luxury white glove moving services will even do specialty packing like customized crates and provide boxes, bubble wrap, and other moving supplies — but this is more expensive.) 

If saving money is your priority, a moving container company like U-Pack is a more budget-friendly option, though you’ll need to handle the loading and unloading yourself.

Some people opt to use a moving container service like PODS, then hire local movers for loading and unloading. While absolutely an option, this can sometimes end up being more expensive than using an affordable full-service mover like Safeway Moving or American Van Lines.

Either way, we recommend using our moving cost calculator to compare costs and make sure you’re not spending more than you have to. 

Our take

U-Pack and PODS are our top choices for pricing, convenience, and reliable moving services. Both companies can accommodate moves for anything from a studio apartment to a three-bedroom home across most of the United States. 

For larger, out-of-state moves, MovingYourself is a better option because they provide 52-foot trucks. Additionally, if you need to ship a car along with your household items, MovingYourself offers this service.

To get the best deal possible, remember to request quotes from at least three different companies. (Remember, no reputable moving company will charge you for an estimate.) 

If the prospect of obtaining multiple estimates seems daunting, our moving cost calculator can simplify the process, allowing you to compare services quickly and easily.


What cannot be moved in a pod?

The following items cannot be moved in a pod or storage container:

  • Toxic chemicals
  • Gas and other flammable liquids
  • Hazardous waste 
  • Lawn mowers
  • Motorized vehicles (unless otherwise noted)
  • Pets 

We also advise against keeping any legal paperwork and currency with you instead of packing them in a portable storage unit. You can technically move these items in a pod, but you may need access to them as part of your move, so it’s best to keep those documents in a safe place you can easily get to in the meantime. 

Which moving container company offers the best value for services in Kansas?

U-Pack offers the best value for services in Kansas overall. This is due to their competitive pricing, nationwide availability, and positive customer reviews across the board — including multiple moving experiences from our Better Moves participants that confirm that initial quotes matched their final bill. 

Since U-Pack does not service local moves, PODS is the next best pick for anyone who is moving within the state of Kansas, for the same reason. Although their pricing tends to be slightly more expensive, their wide service area and positive reviews confirm that it is money well-spent for peace-of-mind. 

How much do packing containers cost?

Packing container costs vary based on how many items you have, how far you’re moving, and the storage services you need. 

For local moves, moving container costs can range from $150 to $400 for a single container and one month of storage. Still, it’s common to underestimate how many belongings you have and a lot of moves call for multiple containers. This can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,100. 

For long-distance moves, moving containers can range from $1,000 to $7,000 or more depending on the distance and volume of items. Typically, long-distance moves using containers will cost around $3,000 on average. 

What is the cheapest container shipping company?

The cheapest container shipping company is U-Haul U-Box. However, we recommend U-Pack as the moving container company with the best overall value.U-Haul U-Box containers are not as high-quality as competitors like U-Pack, and their customer reviews tend to be inconsistent. 

Remember — the cheaper option is not always best. To get the best price and service, we recommend getting three moving quotes from different moving container companies using our moving cost calculator to compare.

How much do moving containers cost from Missouri to Kansas?

Moving containers cost anywhere from $1,700 to more than $3,500 from Missouri to Kansas. Moving a one-bedroom home from St. Louis to Wichita, Kansas, costs approximately $1,730 from U-Pack, according to their online quoting system. The same move from PODS was quoted over the phone at $3,507.

It’s important to note that all quotes are not set in stone and can vary based on a number of factors, including how much stuff you’re bringing to your new home. Along with getting multiple quotes, be sure to reference our moving cost calculator to compare the prices and pick the best option for you. 

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