Where to Buy Moving Boxes

Are you planning a move and wondering where to buy boxes for moving? Whether this is your first time or you’re an experienced mover, finding the right moving boxes to transport your belongings safely is important.

We’ve helped thousands of people move over the past decade, and we know how important nailing the packing part can be. Not only does it make moving day less stressful, it also means you get things unpacked in your new home with less hassle. Start the moving process off right by finding the best places to buy moving boxes — including home improvement stores, online retailers, and local stores.

From free sources for moving boxes to purchasing them from big stores, we’ll cover all of the options and offer helpful tips so you can get ahead in the moving process. You’ll learn where to buy smartly-sized and sturdy cardboard bins and find packing tricks — so you can save yourself time and money!

Advice on where to find the right boxes for your move

You can find moving boxes from several suppliers including:

  • Local moving supply stores
  • Online retailers
  • Your own local grocery, liquor stores, or home improvement stores

It’s important to choose moving boxes that are sturdy enough to protect your items. You’ll also want to look for various sizes to accommodate different items. Small shipping boxes are great for glassware while medium moving boxes and large boxes are well-suited for furniture and bigger household belongings. With the right boxes, you’ll be ready to tackle the moving process with confidence and ease.

Where to get free moving boxes

Moving can be exciting and overwhelming, and finding free moving boxes can make the process easier on your wallet. Luckily, there are plenty of options to explore for free boxes.

  • Your local store is a great place to start. Ask if they have any extra free boxes that they are willing to give away.
  • Reach out to friends and family who have recently moved and see if they have any used boxes to spare.
  • Join online community groups, such as Facebook Marketplace or Nextdoor, where people frequently give away free moving boxes.
  • Find boxes from businesses with surplus inventory or packing supplies.
  • Find people on Craigslist that may be giving away free boxes as well.

With a little effort and creativity, you can save money and find the perfect moving boxes for your move.

Where to buy moving boxes 

There are a few places where you can buy reliable, high-quality boxes that will make your transition a breeze. 

Here are some ideas on where to buy moving boxes:

  • U-Haul: The most cost-effective moving boxes on the market. Choose from kits based on the size of your home or apartment. Be sure to check out their specialty boxes for mirrors, wine, lamps, and more.
  • Amazon: A convenient way to receive your moving boxes, have them delivered directly to your door! Plus you can easily order boxes in bulk and with Prime, you can get them in 2 days.
  • Walmart: Choose from kits and single boxes at affordable prices. Go into the store to get the boxes right away or order special sizes online and get them delivered.
  • Uboxes.com: Hassle-free and with delivery right to your door, Uboxes offers moving box kits that come with two different box sizes, as well as tape and a permanent marker.
  • Lowe’s: Packing boxes to efficiently move your entire home including specialty boxes for your TV, clothes, and dishes.
  • Home Depot: Order high-quality sturdy boxes in all shapes and sizes for everything from artwork to TVs. Order in bulk to get discount pricing.
  • Staples: This office supply store is a good choice if you need an expert opinion when choosing moving boxes. Plus, you can easily pick up other packing supplies like tape.
  • Office Depot: Get boxes that can handle anything, from your heavy dinnerware to mounds of business paperwork. They have an array of box shapes and sizes that are double-walled and ready for the roughest of moves.

Evaluate quality and consider sizing

It’s important to evaluate the quality of the moving boxes before you buy them, so you can be confident that your belongings will be safe during the move. Look for sturdy, heavy-duty boxes with reinforced edges and corners for any valuable or fragile items. To save money, you can use cheap moving boxes for things like linens.

Additionally, selecting the right size moving boxes for your items is crucial. Using a mix of sizes will help to maximize space and prevent damage. Take inventory of your belongings and determine which sizes you need – from smaller boxes for heavy items like books to larger moving boxes for lighter, bulkier items.

With some planning and careful selection, you can ensure a smooth move and protect your precious belongings with the right packing supplies.

Are single-wall cardboard moving boxes strong enough?

When it comes to moving supplies and packing boxes, the strength and durability of the box are essential to ensuring that your items arrive safely. One question that often arises is whether or not single-wall cardboard moving boxes are strong enough. The answer depends on the weight and fragility of the items being shipped.

Single-wall moving boxes are made of a single layer of corrugated cardboard, making them suitable for shipping lightweight items such as clothing. However, it may be wise to opt for double or even triple-wall heavy-duty boxes for heavier or more fragile items.

Why you may need specialty boxes

Specialty boxes can come in handy for a variety of reasons.

  • When you need to ship a delicate or fragile item, a sturdy and secure box will give you peace of mind.
  • Other times, you may need specific box sizes, shapes, small moving boxes, or extra large moving boxes to accommodate an oddly shaped item or one that requires specific dimensions.
  • Specialty moving boxes designed for items like electronics, artwork, mirrors, and clothing can make the process much easier.
  • TV moving boxes — sturdy big box for a flat-screen TV
  • Heavy duty boxes
  • Large moving boxes
  • Wardrobe moving boxes

With the right specialty box, you can protect your valuables during transit and ensure they arrive at their destination in the same condition you were when you packed them up.

Compare your options

Looking for the perfect moving boxes for your next move? Comparison shopping is the way to go! Just like you get a free moving company quote before making your move, you’ll want to compare and price out the different options. With the advent of online shopping, finding the best deals and prices has never been easier.

Numerous comparison shopping sites allow you to easily compare prices and product features, saving you money and time since you won’t have to drive to the local store. Additionally, when it comes to choosing between rental and purchase options for moving boxes, comparison shopping can help you make the right decision.

While renting may seem cheaper, purchasing may make more sense in the long run, depending on your needs. So, before making any decisions, be sure to research and compare all available options to find the perfect moving boxes for your needs at the best price.

What can you use instead of moving boxes?

Sometimes, you may be in a bind and unable to purchase or find moving boxes for your move. Below are some suggestions that may be helpful:

  • Laundry baskets
  • Suitcases
  • Garbage bags to pack up lighter items like linens and clothes
  • PPlastic bins work well for heavier items like books

Just make sure to reinforce them with packing tape and fill any empty spaces with packing paper to prevent damage.

Gather other moving supplies

Besides moving boxes, you can get a few essential moving supplies from your local store that you will need to ensure your move goes smoothly.

  • Packing tape is one of the most important items on the list, as it is essential for securely sealing moving boxes.
  • Markers are also crucial, allowing you to label each moving box’s contents and destination room.
  • Bubble wrap/bubble cushioning – it’s a lifesaver when it comes to protecting fragile items.
  • Moving blankets to put between fragile products

By ensuring you have these supplies on hand, you’ll be well on your way to a successful move.

Packing It Up

To make a well-informed decision about what moving boxes to choose, there are several tips and resources that you should keep in mind.

  • First and foremost, it’s important to consider the size and weight of your belongings and choose moving boxes accordingly.
  • Secondly, you may want to consider using specialty moving boxes for fragile items such as dishes or electronics.
  • Also, remember the importance of proper packing materials and moving supplies such as bubble wrap and packing paper.
  • It’s also worth noting that you can often find affordable or even free moving boxes by checking local online classifieds or asking friends and family.

By taking advantage of these resources and keeping these tips in mind, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to safely and efficiently move all of your belongings.

Find reputable moving companies and get a ballpark estimate on your move with our moving cost calculator.

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