10 Best Interstate Moving Companies of 2024

Whether you’re moving for a new job or to be closer to family, there’s no denying that an interstate move is a major undertaking. From packing and loading your possessions to safely transporting everything to your new home, these moves involve a lot of work. If you’re planning an interstate move, the right mover makes all the difference.

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Cancellation Policy varies 7 days prior to pickup 7 days varies N/A
Quote Price Rating Minimum Shipping Size Storage Booking Deposit Cancellation Policy
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The moveBuddha team has reviewed 2,344 moving companies based on verified customer reviews, licensing and insurance data, federal complaint records, and more to determine the best options for different moving situations. After cross-referencing more than 500 interstate moving companies, we recommend Safeway Moving as the best interstate moving company.

Why trust us?

Ryan Carrigan created moveBuddha in 2015 with the mission to make moving easier. Over the past nine years, he and the moveBuddha team have talked to thousands of consumers across the nation about their moves.

Ryan got his start in the moving industry as a high school student, working as a grunt on a local moving crew. When he graduated college, he got a job working in sales for a large moving broker, where he learned just how crazy this industry really is.

Those real-life experiences provided plenty of learning opportunities, as well as the inspiration for finding a way to make the moving process easier to navigate.

By drawing on industry experience, conducting extensive research on services and total costs, and collecting experiences from actual movers through the moveBuddha Better Moves Project, Ryan and the moveBuddha team have been able to comprehensively evaluate the major interstate movers.

10 best interstate moving companies

The following providers are moveBuddha’s picks for the best interstate movers:

What is an interstate move?

As the name implies, an interstate move is any move that crosses state boundaries. Depending on where you live, these moves could involve a journey of several thousand miles or only a few hundred miles.

What makes interstate moves distinct from other long-distance moves is the fact that crossing state lines results in additional regulatory requirements. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, so interstate moves are primarily regulated at the federal level. Local movers that only operate within a single state don’t have to meet the same level of requirements that interstate movers do.

Interstate movers must be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Interstate movers must also be knowledgeable of and compliant with the various regulations of the states in which they operate.

Comparing the top interstate moving companies

Here’s an in-depth look at each of our picks for the best interstate moving companies.

Safeway Moving: Best overall value

Best Overall Value
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.5 / 5
(855) 650-0657

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • GPS tracked trucks and tractors
  • Barcode scanned and tracked inventory of your possessions
  • Dedicated move coordinator assigned to each client
  • A portion of every move is donated to charity
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(855) 650-0657

93% of users select this mover

Safeway Moving (USDOT#3756000) is a veteran-owned interstate moving company that offers military-precision relocations. Given that level of precision, it’s no surprise the company also tops our list of the best military movers.

Safeway offers competitive pricing because they have access to a huge network of trucks across the country. Actually, Safeway is one of the cheapest options for interstate moves on my list, while still offering service that’s well in line with other companies.

Safeway’s multi-stage quality assurance process also ensures moves go smoothly from pickup to delivery. This focus on quality and accurate pricing.

Pros & Cons of Safeway Moving

  • 30 days of free storage on all interstate moves
  • A portion of every move is donated to charity
  • High level of customer service and support
  • Verification process to guarantee pricing and quality of service
  • Offers price matching and flat-rate pricing
  • Requires a deposit of up to 40% of your moving costs at booking
  • No online pricing information available
  • Not well-suited for smaller moves (such as studio apartments)

Safeway leverages its extensive network of moving trucks to offer full-service packing and moving nationwide. Employment and housing gaps aren’t uncommon during interstate moves, so Safeway also provides 30 days of free storage.

moveBuddha readers regularly praise Safeway’s easy quoting and booking process. When Christian moved from New York to California for a new job, he quickly got a quote from Safeway with just one phone call. And despite some unavoidable complications with his move, the final price was within a few hundred dollars off from Safeway’s original estimate, thanks to the company’s triple-check quote verification system. Christian was super happy with Safeway and would use them again.

Here’s what Christian had to say about his move with Safeway:

moveBuddha icon
Christian's Move with Safeway
“Safeway had top-notch drivers and moving teams. I didn’t realize I needed a parking permit for delivery, which caused some issues, but Safeway worked with me every step of the way. Their team was so professional that I would definitely use them again.” – Christian
2 bdrms
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Isabel’s move was a similar story. After receiving a fast and competitive quote for her move from San Francisco to NYC, she chose to book with Safeway. Isabel’s items arrived at her new home in NYC before she’d even arrived in the city. Most companies would charge hefty storage fees in this situation, but Safeway offered to store her items for free.

In addition to standard packing and unpacking, Safeway Moving also offers custom crating for heavier items. Long-term storage is also available if needed so you can have peace of mind about the status of your household goods.

American Van Lines: Best industry reputation

Best industry reputation
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.5 / 5
(866) 835-2392

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • Over 20 years in business
  • Excellent customer service score
  • Best pricing we've seen
  • Can handle last minute moves
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(866) 835-2392

93% of users select this mover

American Van Lines (USDOT#614506) started in 1995 with only two trucks and a single location. Today, American Van Lines (AVL) is a nationwide full-service moving company servicing 48 states (not available in Alaska or Hawaii). Despite their rapid growth, AVL still feels like a family-owned business.

American Van Lines focus on customer service and affordable pricing makes the moving process much less stressful and  makes them a top option for interstate moves.

Pros & Cons of American Van Lines

  • Excellent customer service scores and pricing
  • Can handle last-minute moves
  • Private storage options available
  • Various quote process options (video, app, phone)
  • Handles specialty items like antiques, pianos, fine art, etc.
  • May require a 50% deposit at booking
  • Automated calls may be overwhelming

American Van Lines (AVL) is one of the best moving van lines in the business. Unlike other large van lines, AVL operates lean to keep things simple. This setup means they can offer high-quality services at very affordable prices.

moveBuddha readers overwhelmingly say that American Van Lines offers incredibly professional, high-quality service. Jen told us American stayed in touch regularly via call and text. She did have some issues with her quote costing more than the original moving estimate, but that was because she added more boxes after requesting an estimate.

The final cost for Phoenix’s move with AVL, on the other hand, was within $150 of her estimate, which is awesome. She also loved American Van Lines’ professionalism and how polite the movers were. moveBuddha reader Kathy also appreciated having a single point of contact for her move from Washington, D.C., to St. Louis.

Here’s what Kathy had to say about her move with American Van Lines:

moveBuddha icon
Kathy's Move with American Van Lines
“I would recommend working with American Van Lines because of their excellent communication, professionalism, and timeliness. While I ended up paying quite a bit above my estimate, this is because I had to estimate what was in my storage unit over the phone, when I hadn’t seen the items in over two years.” – Kathy
1 bdrm
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Other than great service and pricing, AVL’s focus on efficiency allows them to accommodate last-minute long-distance moves. By using AI technology, they give customers accurate and binding estimates in minutes.

The only drawback is AVL requires a 50% deposit for booking. We’ve also seen some complaints about the company’s automated phone system calling too frequently and dropping calls.

Mayzlin Relocation: Best flexible cancellation

Best Upfront Pricing
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.45 / 5
(980) 217-6841

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • Family owned with locations covering the east coast
  • Full refund for cancellations within 7 days of your move
  • Packing and unpacking services available
  • Handle residential, corporate, and military moves
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(980) 217-6841

93% of users select this mover

Mayzlin Relocation (USDOT#3182355) is a family-owned moving company that provides a singular point-of-contact. This  allows you to easily ask questions, receive advice, and request accurate quotes.  Thanks to this setup, the company offers one of the best cancellation policies if you need to change your plans.

Mayzlin can accommodate everything from local moves to cross-country moves and even has facilities to help out with corporate and military relocations. If you need a little extra help, you can have professional packers come out ahead of your move.


  • Family-owned business
  • Full refund if you cancel within seven days of your move
  • Services military moves
  • Offers 24/7 customer support
  • Donates to charities like St. Jude Children’s Hospital
  • Requires a 25% deposit at booking
  • Doesn’t offer instant online quotes

As a full-service moving company, Mayzlin Relocation has a robust range of services that streamline and reduce the stress of the moving process, while still keeping prices competitive. Their customer support team is hands-on and personable, plus the company’s family-owned nature ensures their services always align with their values.

Mayzlin Relocation gives its customers flexibility by allowing them to receive a full refund if they cancel within seven days of their scheduled moves. But it doesn’t stop there. Other customers benefit from this flexible cancellation policy because they can easily book these last-minute slots at a discounted rate.

Better Moves Project participant Elizabeth used Mayzlin Relocation for her move from Key West, Florida, to Aurora, Colorado, in 2022. Although the price was higher than she had hoped, Elizabeth acknowledged this was due to inflation, not high rates from Mayzlin. Overall, she was pleased with her service and glad she paid for the moving expertise.

Here’s what Elizabeth had to say about her move with Mayzlin:

moveBuddha icon
Elizabeth's Move with Mayzlin
“I would recommend Mayzlin because the communication and customer service was excellent and the movers were courteous, communicative, and efficient. Overall I was pleased with the service I received on my cross country move. Grandma’s china and my extensive Lladro (porcelain figurines) collection all arrived just fine, thankfully! – Beth
2 bdrms
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When you call to schedule a move with Mayzlin Relocation, you’ll be assigned a moving consultant who will guide you through every step of the moving process. You’ll also have access to a 24/7 customer support line, which can make it easier to check on shipment progress and troubleshoot issues as needed.

North American Van Lines: Best for complex moves

Best for complex moves
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.25 / 5
(844) 950-2963

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • Over 74 years in business
  • More than 1,800 trucks in the fleet
  • 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states
  • Top major moving company in the U.S.
  • Highest rated agent van line among moveBuddha customers
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(844) 950-2963

93% of users select this mover

North American Van Lines (USDOT#70851) is an excellent choice if you need a long-distance moving company that can handle a complicated relocation. With decades of experience and a network of 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, North American Van Lines (NAVL) is one of the largest and most established moving companies in the U.S. This longevity in the industry has also made the company uniquely positioned to offer customizable service options that accommodate a wide range of moving needs.

NAVL is also the highest-rated nationwide moving company among moveBuddha customers.

Pros & Cons of North American Van Lines

  • Highest-rated by moveBuddha users
  • Offers binding “not-to-exceed” estimates
  • 1,500+ locations nationwide
  • Storage facilities available in all 50 states
  • Online shipment tracking
  • Need to book well in advance
  • Pricing is higher than many competitors
  • Some customer complaints of a difficult claims process

The results are in, and moveBuddha customers love North American Van Lines. The company earns top marks across the board, especially for customer service and honest pricing.

moveBuddha reader Michele had this to say about her move with North American:

moveBuddha icon
Michele's Move with Air Van North American and PODS
“Communication was spotty at times, but my move actually ended up costing less than expected. AirVan’s drivers, movers, and customer service team really impressed me. Everything arrived on time and in good condition, so I would definitely use them again.” – Michele
3 bdrms
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One thing we like about NAVL is their binding “not-to-exceed” estimates. These estimates give you the peace of mind that you won’t pay more than the quoted amount. If your move is smaller than what they quoted you, you’ll actually pay less than the quote. How’s that for an honest estimate?

The company also has plenty of full-service packing and moving options, including storage, fragile item crating, piano and hot tub moving, and full packing at your current home and unpacking at your new home.  In business since 1938, there’s nothing North American hasn’t moved at this point, giving them the ability to handle even the most complex moves with ease.

However, NAVL books up quickly, especially during the summer. They might be unavailable if you don’t call well in advance (two months or so).

JK Moving Services: Best for high-end moves

Best for high-end moves
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.25 / 5
(703) 972-1772

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • Guaranteed pick up and delivery dates
  • Low deposit requirement of $250 for interstate moves
  • Easy and fast AI-powered in-home estimate tool
  • Over 40k moves in the past 3 years
  • Available Financing as low as 0% Interest for low monthly payments
  • Extremely responsive customer service
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(703) 972-1772

93% of users select this mover

JK Moving Services (USDOT#1065394) is a premium moving company and the preferred mover for U.S. presidents and many Fortune 500 companies. JK has a reputation for high quality and professionalism that many moving companies lack.

You’ll pay as much as 30% more for JK Moving’s premium services, but the added cost might be worth the extra assurance. You’ll even have the option for full-service packing and white-glove service. They also offer financing options to help with the cost of your move.

Pros & Cons of JK Moving Services

  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates
  • Third-party financing options available to help pay for the move
  • Easy and fast AI-powered in-home estimate tool
  • Low deposit requirement of $250 for interstate moves
  • Extremely responsive customer service
  • Premium service and guarantees come with higher pricing
  • Not a good option for tight-budget moves

If some of the largest companies in the world prefer JK Moving Services, you know they must be doing something right. Founded in 1982, the company has an incredible track record of delivering high-quality moving experiences nationwide.

In fact, JK completed roughly 40,000 moves between 2020 and 2023 while maintaining an incredibly low complaint ratio. Most moving companies operating at that volume receive hundreds of complaints per year. moveBuddha reader Jose loved how communicative JK Moving was throughout the process and the care with which they handled his move, including speciality items like a pool table and grand piano.

moveBuddha reader Jose had this to say about his move with JK:

moveBuddha icon
Jose's Move with JK Moving
“JK actually quoted me less than I expected for such a big move, which was a nice surprise. They were incredibly communicative and let me know of any changes. They handled my belongings with care, and I would happily work with them again.” – Jose
2 bdrm
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JK makes it easy to get an accurate quote. With their AI-powered in-home estimate tool, you simply scan your rooms and the artificial intelligence builds an inventory list of all your items. Very cool!

The company offers guaranteed pickup and delivery dates — and they’re willing to bet money that their crew will arrive on time. Definitely a huge bonus for anyone concerned with the timing of their move.

But high-quality services and guarantees come with a drawback — cost. JK is typically much more expensive than more budget-focused moving companies. JK is not a good option for anyone on a tight budget or looking for a deal.

U-Pack: Best for DIY moves

Best value container
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 5 / 5
Check prices Visit Website

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • Long distance moves only
  • Only pay for the space you use
  • No deposit or initial fees
  • Fast delivery time frames
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Check prices Check prices

93% of users select this mover

U-Pack (USDOT#2632086) is the best do-it-yourself option for long-distance moves. U-Pack  is a portable storage container solution for individuals and families who would rather pack and unload independently but still leave the driving up to a professional.

Many U-Pack customers become repeat clients due to their outstanding experiences, affordable prices, and overall value for those on a budget  – especially since you only pay for the space you use. It’s no surprise why U-Pack ranks highly among the best moving container companies.

Pros and cons of U-Pack

  • Affordably priced for moves between 100 and 250 miles
  • Only pay for the space you use on freight trailers
  • Offers instant quotes and online tracking
  • Professional driving services
  • Offers storage for ReloCube containers
  • Doesn’t service moves less than 100 miles
  • Only 3 days for loading and unloading

U-Pack’s Relocube moving containers and freight trailers — accommodate moves of any size, but it’s important to note that the company doesn’t service local moves under 100 miles.

As a moving container company, U-Pack drops off their moving container or freight trailer at your property. You’ll be fully responsible for loading everything within three days, after which U-Pack’s drivers will pick up and transport the container or trailer to your new home.

You only pay for the space you actually use with U-Pack. If you order more ReloCube containers than you need, you won’t have to pay for the empty containers. Many find the trade-off between doing some extra work and saving money to be well worth it.

Freddy used U-Pack for his 800-mile move from Athens, Georgia, to Chicago. He had some bumps along the way, including a broken-down truck and some damaged items, but his move went smoothly overall. He paid $1,438, which was exactly what U-Pack quoted him.

He had this to say about his move with U-Pack:

moveBuddha icon
Freddy's Move with U-Pack
“I would recommend U-Pack with the caveat of making sure you get clear confirmation about loading and unloading locations and availability of door-to-door delivery in your area.  On a similar budget, I would use them again and would recommend it to those looking for a storage container option on a budget.” – Freddy
1 bdrm
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Shiri was very impressed with her customer service experience when renting a ReloCube. She, too, didn’t pay a cent more than her original estimate.

International Van Lines: Best customer service

Best customer service
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.45 / 5
(855) 929-4120

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • 10% discount for veterans and seniors
  • Very competitive rates due to their national coverage
  • Services local, long-distance, and international moves
  • Can service most domestic moves within 48 hours
  • 24/7 customer service
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(855) 929-4120

93% of users select this mover

International Van Lines (USDOT# 2247789) earns a spot on this list by providing high-quality customer service that makes booking a move as easy and transparent as booking a flight.

International Van Lines (IVL) has huge network of company-owned trucks and third-party carriers that allows them to perform local and long-distance moves to just about anywhere, all while maintaining great customer service. IVL also provides moving services to more than 180 countries, making it one of the best international moving companies, as well.

Pros & Cons of International Van Lines

  • Storage, junk removal, and home cleaning services also available
  • Very competitive rates due to their national coverage
  • Can service most domestic moves within 48 hours
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Offers 30 days of free storage
  • Requires a 25% deposit to reserve your moving date
  • The quality of brokered moves can vary
  • Website can be clunky and difficult to navigate

International Van Lines has a huge network of company-owned trucks and moving company partners, enabling them to offer compelling moving services across the country, as well as internationally. The company also offers extremely competitive moving rates because its network includes so much truck capacity.

Better Moves Project participant Fabiana offered high praise for the company’s customer service and quote accuracy.

Here’s what Fabiana had to say about her move with IVL:

moveBuddha icon
Fabiana's Move with International Van Lines
“I would have preferred to have a single point of contact throughout my move, but everything arrived on time and on budget. The customer service and quote accuracy were outstanding.” – Fabiana
2 bdrms
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Moving is far from a perfect science, and sometimes delays happen. That’s why having a 24/7 customer service agent to rely on is a nice perk. You’ll always have a live contact back at headquarters if there’s an issue at the move location.

IVL’s straightforward system also streamlines the moving process. You can easily get a quote for an interstate or international move over the phone, but they also offer video or in-home surveys for more accurate pricing.

However, there are two minor drawbacks to IVL. They require a deposit of 25% of the total moving cost to reserve a moving date. And like many large full-service movers, they handle some moves through their network of local movers across the U.S. Partnered moves can vary in quality, although IVL has a lot of experience making sure brokered moves go well.

Allied Van Lines: Best for white-glove service

Best contents protection
Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.5 / 5
Get A Quote
(866) 935-3437

93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • Specialty fragile item packing available
  • Short and long term storage available
  • Over 85 years in business
  • Disconnect/reconnect appliances
  • Full-packing options (they box everything)
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Get A Quote
(866) 935-3437

93% of users select this mover

Allied Van Lines (USDOT#76235) is a full-service moving company, but its offerings go far beyond the typical mover. Allied Van Lines offers white-glove moving services, which include:

  • Thorough cleaning once your place is empty
  • Setting up electronics in your new home
  • Staging furniture
  • Hanging art
  • Handling specialty items with precision

Pros and cons of Allied Van Lines

  • Offers portable storage containers and expedited small move services through Allied Express
  • Donates unclaimed items to the Salvation Army
  • Provides short- and long-term storage options
  • Tracking tool while belongings are in transit
  • Doesn’t offer online quotes
  • Can be expensive compared to competitors
  • Limited customer service hours for claims support

Allied Van Lines has a presence in more than 130 countries and every U.S. state, making it a great option for local, long-distance, and international moves. As one of the oldest moving companies around (it opened in 1928), it has a strong reputation, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

A big part of Allied’s appeal comes from its white-glove moving services, including custom crating, packing supplies, and storage solutions. Their services are fully customizable, with options like full-service packing and fragile-only packing for antiques and breakables.

The company holds a good ratings on most review sites, with reviews calling out superior customer service and efficient professional movers. Some negative reviews note that the company costs more than its competitors, and some movers aren’t as careful as others. The good news is that Allied Van Lines offers a lot of insurance options, though claims support has relatively limited hours.

Mayflower Moving: Best for expedited service

Mayflower (USDOT#125563) has been in business since 1927, making it one of the longest-operating interstate movers in the industry alongside Allied Van lines. In addition to its full-service moving, homeowners in need of expedited service have an excellent option through Mayflower’s SnapMoves service, which caters to one- to two-bedroom apartments and small homes.


  • SnapMoves program offers expedited service for small moves
  • Has GPS tracking
  • Offers tiered insurance and content protection plans
  • Additional services include cleaning, storage, and vehicle shipping
  • Has higher-than-average pricing, since quotes automatically include full-value insurance
  • Not available in all states (not in Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, or West Virginia)
  • Some customer reviews cite a difficult claims process

Mayflower is one of the country’s oldest moving companies, serving local, interstate, long-distance, cross-country and even international moves. Mayflower offers a competitive range of extra services, most notably its SnapMoves program. SnapMoves offers expedited moving services for small moves, and includes labor, furniture assembly and disassembly, and a personal move coordinator.

Other noteworthy services include vehicle shipping, debris removal, and full-service packing and unpacking. While Mayflower’s quotes include full-value insurance coverage, the company offers multiple tiers of coverage so you can customize your move based on your needs.

When Gabriela moved with Mayflower, she was blown away by the clear communication the company provided at each step of the process, as well how careful the movers were with her items. She said she wouldn’t have changed a thing about her move.

Of course, not every experience is as positive. There are some reports that the claims process can be difficult, and Mayflower’s base rates tend to be higher than the competition since they include full-value coverage automatically on each quote.

United Van Lines: Best for contents coverage

Lost or damaged items are very common with a long-distance move, even when using highly reputable moving companies. United Van Lines (USDOT#77949) stands out thanks to its impressive contents coverage offerings.

With full-value protection included on every move and up to $25,000 in additional protection available, you can have confidence that you’ll be financially protected if any items are damaged during your move.


  • Has add-on services like cleanup and debris removal and vehicle shipping
  • Binding estimates on all moves, with no deposit required
  • Free cancellations
  • Offers online shipment tracking
  • All moves include full-value protection, with up to $25,000 in additional coverage available
  • Lengthier quoting process means they aren’t a good fit for last-minute moves
  • No discount programs

United Van Lines is another well-established moving company. In business since 1926, this van line has performed more than 1.2 million moves in the last 10 years alone. The company’s high-quality service and individualized support, as well as their accurate binding estimates, frequently get praise. It’s worth noting, however, that some customers say the quoting process can take significantly longer than other moving companies.

While United Van Lines offers a wide range of valuable add-on services — like packing and unpacking, debris cleanup, and vehicle shipping — where they really stand out is with their contents coverage. Full-value insurance is included in your quote and you can add up to $25,000 in added protection for an extra fee. United’s comprehensive coverage offers some much-needed peace of mind when transporting high-value items.

For example, when Amy used United Van Lines, her movers arrived within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. The moving team wrapped and crated her items with care, and her driver provided regular updates throughout the move. While a few items were damaged upon arrival, the claims process was speedy and she was quickly reimbursed through United’s strong contents coverage plan. Some customers have noted a slower claims experience than Amy, however.

How do I know if my moving company is reputable?

If you choose not to go with one of the best interstate moving companies on this list, learn how to spot a quality moving company on your own.

The following factors can help you determine if a moving company is legitimate:

  • They are properly licensed. All interstate movers must have a DOT number, which you can enter into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SAFER system to access key details like their address, truck count, household goods authorization, accident history, and insurance status.
  • The company provides quick, efficient, and reasonable quotes. Legitimate moving companies will create an itemized estimate based on an in-person or virtual estimate. Be wary of estimates that seem too good to be true, and always request at least three free quotes so you can ensure you’re getting accurate estimates.
  • The company has the services and availability you need. You should always confirm that a company can meet any special moving needs you might have, such as full-service packing or help handling fragile items. Make sure they are available around your preferred moving date and that they service both your start and end locations.
  • They offer supplemental insurance. Moving companies are legally required to offer base insurance coverage of $0.60 per pound, but the best interstate moving companies will also offer optional valuation coverage (or full-value coverage) for lost or damaged items.

How much does an interstate move cost?

Depending on the size and distance of the move, interstate moving costs can range from $900-$3,500 for a studio apartment and $5,000–$15,000 for larger four- to five-bedroom homes.

Generally speaking, $4,000 to $5,000 is a standard average for a cross-country move.

That being said, there are several factors that will influence the specific costs of your move:

  • Distance: The greater the distance, the more expensive your move will be
  • The size of your move: Many companies base your quote off the estimated weight of your belongings. More belongings will result in a costlier move.
  • Specialty items: Movers often charge extra to transport antiques, pianos, and other items that require extra care and handling.
  • Location accessibility: Movers may charge long carry or stair carry fees if your home or apartment isn’t easily accessible for workers or the moving truck.
  • Add-on services: Full-service packing, expedited delivery, custom crating, additional insurance coverage, and other add-on services will usually require an extra fee.

Check out moveBuddha’s moving cost calculator to get a ballpark estimate of your moving costs.

Average cost of an interstate move by state

State Interstate move
~500 miles
Alabama $4,118
Arizona $3,963
Arkansas $4,040
California $3,963
Colorado $4,040
Connecticut $3,691
Delaware $3,807
Florida $3,497
Georgia $4,040
Idaho $4,662
Illinois $3,807
Indiana $3,963
Iowa $4,002
Kansas $4,118
Kentucky $4,079
Louisiana $3,963
Maine $4,662
Maryland $3,691
Massachusetts $3,885
Michigan $3,963
Minnesota $4,040
Mississippi $4,196
Missouri $3,924
Montana $4,662
Nebraska $4,002
Nevada $3,846
New Hampshire $4,468
New Jersey $3,691
New Mexico $4,312
New York $3,497
North Carolina $3,730
North Dakota $4,740
Ohio $4,079
Oklahoma $4,040
Oregon $4,468
Pennsylvania $3,807
Rhode Island $3,691
South Carolina $3,730
South Dakota $4,662
Tennessee $4,079
Texas $3,963
Utah $4,002
Vermont $4,468
Virginia $3,730
Washington $4,468
West Virginia $4,079
Wisconsin $4,040
Wyoming $4,662

Interstate moving tips

Moving across state lines is a big deal. This process comes with its own set of challenges, so follow these tips to make your interstate move as smooth as possible.

Manage expectations

Always expect the unexpected with an interstate move. Moving just isn’t a seamless process. Even if you plan carefully and work with the best interstate moving companies, something will probably go wrong.

So, what can you do? Have an alternate option if the move falls apart. Do you know where you’d rent a truck or who you could get help from if you’re in a disaster scenario? What happens if the mover says your stuff will arrive in a week, but it actually takes three weeks?

Prepare for unforeseen problems now. Have backups for your backups so you can move quickly if things go wrong.

Get multiple quotes and book early

Long-distance moving is a game of logistics. Different schedules and availability allow some moving companies to offer better prices than others. Ideally, you should book your mover at least 30–60 days in advance. Moving companies will increase prices for moves booked at the last minute. Or, worst case scenario, they may not have any availability at all. Just remember, movers are more likely to offer lower prices in exchange for flexibility with your move dates.

Getting several moving quotes also increases the odds of finding a mover in a position to offer a discounted rate. Additionally, availability and pricing will typically be better if you can move mid-week, rather than on the weekend. Mid-month moves are similarly cheaper, since lease turnover makes the beginning and end of the month a busier time for movers.

Sell, donate, or trash items

About 70% of your moving estimate comes down to how much stuff you’re moving. A good first step in the moving process is to go through your belongings and get rid of items that you no longer use or want. Downsizing can help you save money, but be aware most movers have minimum size requirements, so don’t get rid of too much.

Pack carefully

Hiring full-service packing help is nice, but packing yourself is the cheapest way to do an interstate move. The key is to know how to pack your stuff like a mover.

Follow these tips to protect your belongings for a big move:

  • Start organizing and packing non-essentials at least two months in advance
  • Use sturdy boxes in good condition and appropriate sizes
  • Wrap fragile items very carefully with packing paper or bubble wrap
  • Label boxes clearly by room and contents for easy unpacking later
  • Keep an inventory list of what goes in each box
  • Pack a “first-night” box with essentials you’ll need immediately

Work with your moving coordinator to understand who is responsible for packing which items. If you’re packing yourself, make sure you understand the mover’s packing standards or they will need to repack those items at your expense. For example, mattresses should have covers, glass table tops need protection, and all loose items need to go in boxes.

Understand the moving industry

The moving industry isn’t as straightforward as it seems. There’s really no such thing as a national moving company. For example, North American Van Lines is actually 1,500 moving companies spread across the United States operating under one umbrella corporation.

Pretty much all interstate moving companies work this way. The trick is how well the company deals with its partner movers. Quality interstate moving companies will have a huge rule book for their agents to follow to reduce miscommunications, although issues can still happen, of course.

Your move isn’t “at risk” because it uses several companies; this is an industry standard.

Take customer reviews with a grain of salt

It’s hard to find reviews specifically about interstate moves. Sites like Yelp or Google mix reviews for local, long-distance, and interstate moves together. Someone might have had a great local move while another customer might have had an awful interstate move or vice versa.

Local and interstate moving are two different industries with totally different quality standards. Local moves are way easier and typically have higher-quality outcomes. But that’s just not as easy for interstate moves. You’ll see negative reviews for these companies because not every long-distance move will go well. That’s true for all moving companies.


Do interstate movers have a minimum size requirement?

Most interstate moving companies have a minimum size requirement of 1,000 pounds. This is equivalent to roughly 40 medium-sized moving boxes or a small studio apartment worth of household goods.

During the peak summer moving season (May–August), some companies increase their minimum move size to 2,000 or even 3,500 pounds. This is about the average weight of a one-bedroom apartment.

Do moving companies offer storage?

Yes, most moving companies offer long- and short-term storage options. Many interstate moving companies will offer 30 days of free storage (aka “storage-in-transit”). Keep in mind the moving company will most likely store your goods in their warehouse, so you won’t have access to the items while they’re in storage.

If you’re relocating more than 1,000 miles or cross-country, consult your mover about delivery time frames to see if storage services are necessary. It’s not uncommon for deliveries to take more than two weeks.

Do moving companies ship cars?

Some moving companies will transport cars, but it’s typically not the best option because a car takes up a lot of space in a moving truck. Instead, many reputable moving companies partner with professional vehicle shipping providers.

If you need auto transport for a corporate relocation or a family move, check out our picks for the best car shipping companies.

How early should I book a move?

You should book a move at least two months before your expected move date. Book as soon as possible if you’re moving during the busy summer months (May–August). If you wait too long, many companies will fill up, and you won’t have many options.

Timing is complex, so check out moveBuddha’s guide on the best time to move.

How we chose the best interstate moving companies

The moveBuddha team has spent nearly 10 years evaluating moving companies using a rigorous review system to identify the best interstate moving companies. moveBuddha’s methodology includes the following factors:

  • Customer satisfaction (30%): We verify if the company consistently delivers services in a timely manner with good communication and within the estimated moving cost.
  • Standard services (20%): How does the scope of an interstate moving company’s services compare with its competitors? Is there anything missing, or are there any uncommon services they offer?
  • Reputation (15%): We look at how the industry regards the company. This includes evaluating factors like whether the company is properly registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and holds necessary insurance. We also check Better Business Bureau ratings.
  • Add-on services (10%): Does the company offer any add-on services that help it stand out against its competitors? White-glove services, custom crating, and cleaning can provide extra value for moving customers.
  • Availability (10%): For interstate moving companies, their availability across the U.S. is an important ranking factor. Not all interstate moving companies offer full nationwide coverage.
  • Type of mover (5%): Full-service moving companies and self-service moving companies differ significantly in terms of what they provide their customers, which is an essential consideration when planning an interstate move.
  • Payment (5%): How easy is it for customers to review their charges and make a payment?
  • Scheduling (5%): Ease of scheduling a move can help streamline the moving process and make it less stressful. Online booking, readily available customer service, and guaranteed delivery windows are key factors here.

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