Redi-Box Review

Here’s the quick answer: Redi-Box is an eco-friendly moving service offering reusable plastic boxes to help reduce the environmental impact of moving. They may be a great option for you next move if:

  • You prefer to move using durable, stackable boxes that cut down on cardboard waste
  • You want a moving solution that is both green and affordable
  • You live in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, or the Chicago metropolitan area, where Redi-Box operates
  • You like the moving container business model where customers do the packing and the service does the driving driving, but are concerned about your carbon footprint

To learn more about how Redi-Box stacks up with the competition, keep reading on. Also be sure to check out our helpful Moving Cost Calculator to see how the best professional movers and moving container companies compare.

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What is Redi-Box?

Redi-Box is precisely what it says on the tin: this moving service provides customers with eco-friendly boxes to pack before moving.

Redi-Box created this handy service to address the concerns of moving customers interested in reducing their carbon footprints while saving money.

Redi-Box currently operates in:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Vancouver, Washington
  • Chicago, Illinois

Whether or not they plan on expanding, this moving service is adept at providing customers with helpful, renewable resources.

Just keep in mind that they’re not an interstate or international moving company. Check out these affordable moving companies if you need assistance with moving services,

How does it work?

Redi-Box prides itself on its ability to add convenience to an inherently inconvenient process. Moving and packing are already exhausting without adding dozens or hundreds of boxes to the mix.

With Redi-Box, you’re able to get all the moving boxes you need inexpensively, simply by following these steps:

1. Call the company with your information

Once you’ve budgeted and scheduled your move, it’s time to pack. Your first step is to call Redi-Box with your dates, location, and how many boxes you’ll need.

2. Send your payment

Redi-Box will deliver boxes to your location after you send in your payment. This service does not include packing or disassembly.

If you need help with your packing services, you’ll need to contact another business.

3. Pack up your Redi-Boxes and move them

Once you receive your boxes, you’ll pack and move them on your own. Redi-Boxes are highly durable, easy to stack, and easy to carry.

If you’re working with another moving or packing service, Redi-Boxes may make their jobs much easier. How so? With Redi-Box’s service, they won’t have to provide nearly as many cardboard moving boxes. This saves them time and money, so everyone wins.

4. Unpack your belongings and keep the boxes clean

Be mindful of how you pack and store your Redi-Boxes. The function of this business is to use and reuse these materials to reduce carbon footprints, after all.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, unpack your boxes and make sure the empties are clean and debris-free. Then, stack them somewhere visible and safe for Redi-Box to pick up.

5. Call Redi-Box and schedule a pick-up

All done? Redi-Box will pick up all the boxes you’ve used. It’s that simple.

How much does it cost?

The Redi-Box payment model is based on the size of your home and how long you plan on using the boxes. No matter what you pay, delivery and pickup are always included.

Studio apartments are $99 for two weeks

Do you live in a small studio apartment? For just $99, you’ll get twenty boxes for two weeks. It’s another $15 for another week of usage.

One-bedrooms are $149 for two weeks

If you live in a one-bedroom, the cost is slightly higher at $149 for two weeks. It’ll be $20 for another week of usage, so plan your time wisely!

Two and three-bedrooms are $199 for two weeks

Larger two to three-bedroom homes are $199 for two weeks. It’s $25 for another week.

Four bedrooms are $249 for two weeks

The largest payment model is the four-bedroom, which costs $249 for two weeks. If you want an extra week, it’ll be another $30.

It’s not wise to wait until the last second before choosing a moving service or allocating funds to your moving supply budget. Budgeting your move early will make it easier to handle life’s curveballs.

Who should use Redi-Box?

Redi-Box is an ideal choice for several moving and packing demographics. We’ll explore them in sections below so you can figure out if Redi-Box is the service for you.

Eco-conscious consumers

Do you worry about your carbon footprint leaving an impact on the environment? Are you someone who moves a lot and wants to reduce the amount of waste made?

Eco-conscious consumers love Redi-Boxes for how easily they minimize moving waste. While cardboard boxes are generally recyclable, many end up in landfills. Landfills are hazardous, unsightly, and generate carbon emissions that affect the environment.

Budget-minded customers

Do you have a limited budget for moving? Redi-Box is eager to provide you with options. As explored above, their package deals are low-cost and quite flexible.

Folks who want more control over their own packing

Do you want as much control over packing as possible? Redi-Box only provides the materials and the pick-up, so you’ll be able to pack to your heart’s content.

Redi-Box is ideal for people who have fragile items they don’t trust packing services to handle correctly.

What makes Redi-Box a good alternative to cardboard boxes?

According to recent statistics, a whopping 80% of all cardboard boxes are used to package items. Sadly, most never get recycled. Landfills are environmental hazards that reduce air quality, contaminate soil and groundwater and harm wildlife.

Wrap up

Redi-Box is a fantastic resource for eco-friendly and budget-conscious families on the move. With the aid of their durable and easily stacked moving boxes, you’ll enjoy several benefits in one package.

Redi-Box offers several affordable payment models that cover shipping and delivery. Once you’re done using their boxes, this business will send over a truck to pick them up at no extra cost. This business does not provide moving or packing assistance, so you’re best pairing Redi-Box with your moving service of choice.

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