Just Updated 2023 Best Interstate Moving Companies

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Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo is no stranger to the moving industry. After analyzing and reviewing hundreds of moving companies, he's sharing his tips and expertise to help people have a more stress-free moving experience.

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Freight Moving Company

How Do Freight Moving Companies Work?

Moving with a freight trailer is quickly becoming a popular “do-it-yourself” option for people moving long distance. See how freight moving companies offer the benefits of a rental truck without the hassle of having to drive.

569. How to File a Damage Claim after a Move-01

How to File a Damage Claim After a Move

“How do I file a damage claim with a moving company?” is one of the last questions you want to ask. Moving is time-consuming and stressful enough without adding damaged belongings to the mix. To file a damage claim, you’ll need to document any missing or damaged items and contact the moving company to get […]


Cheap Moving Boxes

You can find inexpensive moving boxes if you know where to look: no dumpster diving required!