Just Updated 2021 Best Interstate Moving Companies

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Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo is no stranger to the moving industry. After analyzing and reviewing hundreds of moving companies, he's sharing his tips and expertise to help people have a more stress-free moving experience.

Posts by Sergio Ocampo

VanGo Van Lines Company Review

Overall Opinion: VanGo Van Lines is a relative newcomer to the long-distance residential moving market (entering the scene in 2021). They’ve completed the federal registration process and satisfied the insurance requirements, making them an up-and-comer in the interstate moving market. For even more long-distance moving companies, check out our list of the top interstate moving […]

Zip Moving & Storage Company Review

Overall Opinion: Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Zip Moving and Storage has grown rapidly over several years. They own secure storage facilities for both short and long-term needs. Long-distance moving services are pretty limited to the eastern half of U.S. states. Their customer feedback appears overwhelmingly positive. We like them so much we included them on […]

Moving from Los Angeles to Houston: Movers and Cost

From the City Of Angels to the Bayou City: it’s a big leap, but not one made in haste. California has been slowly but surely, struggling with an image problem these past several years. Skyrocketing rent, constant natural disasters, and rising crime rates have caused residents to sniff out greener pastures. While Houston is not […]

Authority Moving Experts LLC Review

Overall Opinion: Authority Moving Experts is a recent upstart operating as a broker of household goods. Based on the minimal customer feedback available, they represent a fair option for long-distance (interstate) moving services at best.For even more long-distance moving companies, check out our list of the top interstate moving companies of 2021. Pros Cons All […]

Moving from Los Angeles to Dallas: Movers and Cost 

The hustle and bustle of the big city are what often attract people to Los Angeles. However, people are leaving California in droves and migrating elsewhere. California has the most residents moving out of state, with 661,026 people moving within the last calendar year. So where are all these people going? One of the most […]

Moving from Boston to Florida: Movers and Cost 

Moving from Boston to Florida can be a big change from the culture to the weather. It has been found that 566,476 people moved from other states to Florida within the last year. This is a large number, and it makes Florida the state with the most domestic movers. The south leads the country as […]

Moving From California to New Jersey: Movers and Cost

If you’re considering moving out of California and into New Jersey, there are a few things you need to know about the process. You also might not know why people are choosing to move to New Jersey. Knowing why people are moving away from California and into New Jersey can be incredibly beneficial in helping […]

Gold Standard Moving and Storage

Overall Opinion: Gold Standard Moving and Storage represents one of the hundreds of Florida-based brokers of moving services. The organization has properly registered at the federal and state agency levels; however, online feedback from customers is rather mediocre. For even more long-distance moving companies, check out our list of the top interstate moving companies of […]

Top Dawg Moving Company Review

Overall Opinion: Top Dawg Moving is still a new and emerging local moving company based in Alpharetta, located roughly 20 miles north of Atlanta. Joe Lewis, the owner, effectively differentiates his company from his competitors in the residential moving market. He emphasizes pricing transparency without hidden fees and very competitive rates, resulting from low overhead […]