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Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo is no stranger to the moving industry. After analyzing and reviewing hundreds of moving companies, he's sharing his tips and expertise to help people have a more stress-free moving experience.

Posts by Sergio Ocampo

562. How to Pack Your Bedroom for a Move-01

How to Pack Your Bedroom for a Move

From your cozy bed to your overflowing nightstand, packing up your bedroom is one of the most daunting tasks in your home. Not only do you want to move your items safely, but you’ll also encounter lost socks and forgotten books along the way! Learning how to pack your bedroom for a move means breaking […]

561. How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving-01

How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving

Learning how to pack bathroom items for moving isn’t like moving food or furniture. The sheer volume of chemicals, perishable items, and variety make the bathroom a unique spot! While you may be tempted to fling everything into a massive box and call it a day, you should reconsider. After purging unwanted items, you’ll need […]

Should You Move Food Long-Distance featured image (2)

How to Move Food When Moving

How do you move food when there’s a possibility your items could perish or get damaged along the way? You can simplify your move by using plastic bins. As you pack, tactics like labeling your food and storing the heaviest items at the bottom can help. We know how frustrating it can be to figure […]


Van Lines Inc. Review

Is Van Lines Inc. the right moving company for you? We review their pricing, customer reviews, and services to help you choose.

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