uShip Review: Pricing, Services, and Reputation

Here’s the bottom line: uShip is one of the best moving companies that move cars and furniture, as well as animals. We don’t recommend them for moving your whole home, but uShip is a solid option if you have a flexible timeline and you’re willing to wait for a good deal.

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We gave uShip’s service a 3.5 out of 5-star rating, which earned its spot as one of our five best car shipping companies

uShip allows you to rent extra truck space at discounted rates. They operate like a shipping broker, connecting you with moving service providers without the hassle of calling and requesting quotes.

Moving truck drivers would normally let shipping space in their trucks go to waste, but with uShip, you fill that space and snag some serious discounts. If you’re looking for an extra budget-friendly long-distance shipping option, uShip is a great solution.

But uShip isn’t a great option for larger moves. The leftover truck space offered by uShip isn’t usually enough to accommodate all your stuff unless you’re moving a small apartment. Plus, you have to work with the truck driver’s existing schedule, which may not fit the timeline for your move.

uShip might not be the perfect fit for all moves, but they’re a solid option for folks with a flexible schedule. Check out this comprehensive uShip review to learn more about the pros and cons of working with a moving broker service, how the process works, and which shipping options are available.

Pros & cons of uShip

  • Perfect for shipping cars, single pieces of furniture, pianos, boxes, large items, or equipment.
  • Find deals that are significantly cheaper than booking directly with moving companies.
  • Can help you organize multiple parts of a complicated move.
  • Provides a secure way to pay your driver.
  • You have to work within a driver’s available timeframe and space.
  • You won’t know pricing until you get a bid or someone accepts your offer.
  • Drivers aren’t always professional or reputable.
  • You might not find a driver and route for your move, which puts you back at square one.

Key takeaways

  • uShip (US DOT #: 2998976) is an online marketplace of independent movers and moving companies with extra space on their trucks to transport additional items.
  • Due to its marketplace concept, uShip can be more affordable than full- and self-service moving companies, but customers are limited to the truck’s existing route and schedule.
  • Customers can compare bids and shipment details in real time, making it easy to shop around and find the best moving services.
  • Our take: uShip is great if you have flexible moving dates, a small apartment move, or just need to ship a single piece of furniture or vehicle.

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How much does uShip cost?

Long-distance moves are rarely cheap. The average cross-country move using a moving company costs around $4,700. With uShip, you can ship your belongings across the country at a much more affordable rate.

That’s because uShip isn’t a moving company. They’re a shipping marketplace connecting people who need to transport things with truck drivers with extra space on their rigs. You can save a lot of money if you find a reputable driver with enough space for your stuff and travel plans that fit your move.

Because it functions as a marketplace, uShip doesn’t actually offer quotes (with the exception of car shipping). With uShip, you make an offer for how much you want to pay for the move and wait to see if a driver accepts it. You can also accept bids from drivers. For this reason, uShip shipping costs can vary tremendously, and they’re difficult to estimate.

For example, we saw one listing for moving 20 boxes from Meridian, Idaho, to Santa Ana, California, which is a total of 854 miles. The listing had two bids: $275 and $563. Either way you slice it, that’s a great deal!

Hiring a moving company to ship 20 boxes that distance will likely cost considerably more (closer to $1,200, on average). As you can see, if you find a truck driver who can meet your moving needs, there’s a huge potential for savings with uShip.

While uShip’s carriers can definitely do small, local moves, you’ll see the biggest cost savings with interstate or cross-country moves. Relocate from Florida to Texas with the peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal possible.

One thing to watch out for is that uShip adds a service fee to your quoted rate. The company doesn’t disclose some shipment fees until the check-out process. That fee can range from $25 to $150, so we wish uShip was more transparent.

For service requests, such as shipping a single couch, uShip will provide a graph showing the low, average, and high shipping prices people paid for similar items. Unfortunately, they don’t provide that information for home moves.

Below are some price ranges we found from quotes on listed moves. Keep in mind that prices are entirely up to the providers, so costs can vary greatly.

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
Local move $275-$600 $350-$725 $1,200+
< 250 miles $400-$1,000 $1,250-$2,500 Not enough quotes to find a good range
Cross country $580-$2,500 $2,500+ Not enough quotes to find a good range

If you’re thinking about listing a move, we always recommend looking at our Moving Cost Calculator so you have comparable estimates.

uShip: Featured Reviews

While uShip allows users to leave reviews of those providers on the uShip site, it’s ultimately up to you to research the driver you’re hiring. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t do background checks on its movers, so some customers may fall victim to scams.

Trustpilot gives uShip 4.4 out of 5 stars, with more than 80% of the reviews calling the company “excellent” or “great.” Most negative reviews center around people having problems with the shipping providers, not uShip. uShip responds to most negative reviews with additional customer support.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has accredited uShip since 2005. It currently has an A+ rating, although 116 BBB complaints have been filed against the company. Of those, the company only resolved 52 complaints to the customer’s satisfaction over the past year.

One review on Reddit said uShip is “the Craigslist of load boards,” and that the quality varies a lot based on the deal. Another customer had a shipper decline to deliver a shipment because they claimed they didn’t receive payment, even though the customer had proof of payment. After that, the shipper stopped communicating with them and the customer had to fight to get their vehicle back.

But don’t let that scare you off. Many customers have great experiences with uShip. In their positive review, one customer shipped a fragile piece of art with no issues, saying uShip was the pinnacle of professionalism.

Do your research to vet your driver before you pay them or hand over your belongings. uShip might be a legitimate company, but it doesn’t do much legwork to ensure its customers have a satisfactory experience.

What services does uShip offer?

Plenty of people use uShip for moving ordinary household items, but they ship a lot more than that. uShip made a name for themselves as an auto transport company, but they’ve expanded to offer various shipping options to meet demand.

Today, uShip allows customers to list transport needs for just about anything, including (but not limited to):

  • Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Boats
  • Household items
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Freight
  • Animals
  • Heavy equipment
  • Jacuzzis and hot tubs

You can list pretty much anything on uShip’s marketplace. However, it’s up to shippers to decide if it fits their existing schedule and space limitations. There’s no guarantee that a truck driver will bid on or accept the shipment, so there’s always a risk with using uShip.

With that said, uShip isn’t a full-service moving company, so they don’t offer extra services, like packing. If you want packing and loading services at a more affordable price point, we’d recommend a service like HireAHelper.

uShip’s service can be spotty, so it isn’t a bad idea to buy up on insurance coverage if you have the budget for it. uShip offers cargo insurance at an affordable rate, although you won’t know how much it costs until you list your move on the platform. The insurance policy requires you to submit damage claims within seven days of delivery, too, so you’ll have to move fast if you want to use your policy.

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At A Glance
  • Online marketplace that connects people with movers and transporters
  • Multiple providers compete for your move by offering bids or name your own price
  • Make complex moves simpler and more organized
  • Secure payment methods once you choose a driver
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93% of users select this mover

How does uShip stack up against the competition?

Working with uShip can save you some cash, but the stars have to align for it to work out. uShip can work out for some moves, but it depends on your situation. Let’s see how uShip stacks up against the competition.


Unlike uShip, U-Pack isn’t a marketplace, but a moving container company. Each U-Pack ReloCube can hold as much as 305 cubic feet, while U-Pack’s 28-foot trailer holds as much as 1,800 cubic feet. You only pay for the space you use on the U-Pack trailer, so this is ideal if you aren’t sure how much space you need for your stuff. However, they don’t service local moves, so U-Pack wouldn’t be a good option for an in-town move.

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89% of users select this mover


PODS is another moving container company. While other container companies, like U-Pack, give you just three days to load and unload your stuff, PODS gives you as much time as you need for loading and unloading. You order the container, it shows up in your driveway, and you call PODS when you’re ready to move it to either a warehouse or your new home. Easy peasy!

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moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.8 / 5

89% of users select this mover

PODS is highly rated, but they don’t operate in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming. Some cities also have laws about parking PODS on the street or in parking spaces, so check your regulations before booking.

Safeway Moving

Safeway is a full-service moving company. While uShip is a marketplace for finding extra space on existing routes, Safeway custom-tailors moves just for their customers. They offer loading, packing, transportation, unloading, and much more. If you’re looking for white-glove service, Safeway is a highly-rated full-service mover that’ll give it to you. However, they don’t service local moves, so you’ll need a different company if you’re moving under 100 miles.

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89% of users select this mover


Mayzlin Relocation is a full-service moving company that primarily serves the East Coast. As a carrier, Mayzlin has more control over their moves than moving brokers do. They offer full refunds as long as you cancel within seven days of your move, which is great for anyone who needs a little flexibility. While uShip’s website is pretty robust and can give you a good idea of pricing in a few clicks, you’ll need to call Mayzlin for a quote.

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89% of users select this mover


U-Haul is a budget-friendly rental truck company. While uShip pairs you with professional drivers, you handle all the loading, driving, and unloading when booking a U-Haul.

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moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.15 / 5

89% of users select this mover

U-Haul is a decent option for DIY moves as long as you’re willing to put in the sweat equity. They’re just about everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about inventory as much as you do with uShip. However, there’s still the issue of driving a huge moving truck and doing the labor yourself, so this option requires the most work.

Company BBB score State availability moveBuddha Rating
uShip A+ 50 3.9/5
U-Pack A+ 50 5/5
PODS A+ 44 4.8/5
Safeway Moving A+ 48 4.5/5
Mayzlin A 50 (but local moves only available for Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.) 4.45/5
U-Haul A+ 50 4.15/5

How moving with uShip works

uShip is like a hybrid between Airbnb and Craigslist. To get started, you post a listing on the uShip website or app. Either open your move up for bids from shippers or offer a set price and hope someone will accept it.

You’ll need to include a full list of all the items you want to move. Forgetting a few items could cost you dearly, so take careful inventory of your belongings.

Then, you wait. If a driver bids on your job or accepts your asking price, you’ll get notified within your account on the website or uShip mobile app.

Once you’ve received bids, you can further discuss your shipping services with the driver. We always recommend doing a little recon to make sure the driver has good reviews. You’ll find pages for individual vendors that include uShip driver customer reviews, overall ratings, and other important details. Still, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether a driver is trustworthy and professional enough to hire.

After you select a service provider, you can head out to checkout, but it’s important to know you’ll have to pay for your services upfront.

You pay the driver through uShip’s platform, so payment is secure. Never agree to payment outside the platform—that will put you at tremendous risk of being scammed.

However, if you like to haggle, you’re in luck. Services and costs are entirely up to you and the driver, so don’t be afraid to negotiate. Every quote will include different shipping services, so communicate a lot before hiring a driver so you know what you’re getting for the price. uShip keeps a paper trail of the entire conversation, so it benefits you to chat for a bit before hiring a driver.

From there, you arrange pick-up and drop-off and set your delivery location through the platform. The shipping process can vary considerably because you’re working with an independent vendor. We recommend proactive communication to ensure a smooth shipping process.

Some uShip freight shipping providers participate in the Ship with Confidence Guarantee, which allows customers to receive a full or partial refund if their belongings don’t reach their destination within the displayed transit window. Of course, not all shippers participate in this, so this is yet another reason to review a driver before hiring them.

Should you use uShip to move?

It depends. uShip is a smart, money-saving option for many customers, but it isn’t right for everyone.

Use uShip if:

  • You’re on a shoestring budget
  • You have flexible moving dates
  • You live in a tiny apartment or need to move just a few items
  • You need additional shipping for a car, animals, or large pieces of furniture

Don’t use uShip if:

  • You need to move the contents of a large home
  • You have strict moving dates
  • You aren’t okay with negotiating or haggling with drivers

uShip is ideal for people moving on a tight budget.

But for most people, uShip isn’t a practical option for an entire home move. The nature of the marketplace requires you to have some flexibility in your moving dates, which isn’t realistic for many customers.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to list on the uShip marketplace and see what happens. Maybe you’ll get lucky and score a great deal with a reputable mover.

Want to look at other options for your move? Compare prices and get instant quotes using our guide to finding the best moving companies.


Is uShip any good?

uShip is a marketplace, so your experience will be as good as the quality of the driver you hire. Customers generally like uShip’s competitive bidding process and lower prices. But again, it depends on the carrier.

What’s better than uShip?

uShip is definitely the budget option. U-Haul is an affordable alternative if you just need a truck to transport your stuff. You can always rent a moving container from PODS or U-Pack or hire full-service movers like Safeway and Mayzlin.

Can I use uShip if I need a specific pickup or delivery date?

Technically, yes. uShip allows you to choose pickup and delivery dates, but your carrier is the one who decides which dates they’ll fulfill. Communicate clearly with the driver to make sure they can accommodate your move dates.

Is it safe to ship my pet with uShip?

Generally speaking, yes. Pet shipping services are available through uShip, but it’s up to you to vet the providers to find reputable animal transportation. Look for experienced providers who detail their safety precautions and processes. It’s also helpful to find shippers with experience shipping specific animals, like reptiles or livestock.

Can I ship a boat with uShip?

Yes, the uShip platform facilitates boat shipping. Boats are pretty big, though, so be mindful of the size of the carrier you choose. Check out our guide on how to ship a boat safely to get your vessel from point A to point B.

How much does uShip charge?

uShip doesn’t have set service fees. Your uShip fees depend on what you’re shipping, the distance, and the driver’s shipping rates. That said, uShip charges a variable service fee on all moves. You’ll see this fee once your listing goes live and you receive bids.

How much does uShip charge per mile?

uShip’s shipping costs depend on various factors, including distance, types of items, and current fuel prices. In general, the further you ship, the cheaper it will be per mile.

For example, a move of fewer than 200 miles may incur a charge of about $3 per mile, but these costs may dip below $1 per mile for moves over 1,000 miles.

How long does uShip take to deliver?

uShip’s delivery ranges depend on distance, weather, road conditions, the number of stops the driver makes, and delivery and pickup logistics. However, uShip provides a general time frame based on miles traveled.

Distance in miles Calendar days
0-200 1-2
200-600 2-4
600-1,000 3-5
1,000-1,500 4-6
1,500-2,000 5-7
2,000-2,400 6-8
2,400+ 7-9

Does uShip have a cancellation policy?

Their cancellation policy allows uShip customers to reschedule or request changes any time at or through the mobile app. While uShip doesn’t have a cancellation fee, some service providers might. You’ll receive additional information about canceling with your chosen carrier when you request a cancellation.

uShip will provide a full refund to your original payment method. The cancellation process typically takes between three and seven business days.

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