North American Van Lines Review: Pricing and Services

Here’s the bottom line: North American Van Lines provides premium moving services that can be catered to suit any move. With quality moves at guaranteed prices that won’t keep you guessing, North American Van Lines (NAVL) is one of the best moving companies.

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Many happy customers have chosen North American Van Lines because of their ability to customize your move, so you only pay for the services you actually need. This level of personalized service, combined with accurate pricing and round-the-clock customer support, can provide much-needed peace of mind that streamlines the moving process.

Think North American Van Lines might be the right choice for your move? Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you move with North American Van Lines.

Pros & cons of North American Van Lines

  • All moves are customizable, meaning if you don’t need a service, you don’t need to pay for it
  • No upfront deposit required to book your move
  • State-of-the-art satellite shipment tracking means you can check in on your items anytime during your move
  • Custom crating options are available for specialty and fragile items
  • Offers corporate relocation services
  • You can’t actually get a free quote online from the company’s website (they make a phone call after you fill out a form)
  • Claims process can be difficult, based on some consumer feedback
  • Binding quotes require an in-home walkthrough

Key takeaways

  • Our take: Customizable options make North American Van Lines (USDOT#70851) an excellent choice for a wide variety of moves. The ability to pick and choose which services you need makes it easier to fit your budget and situation. While customer service can be hit or miss, they are well worth considering for your move.
  • They offer everything you need to move from start to finish, from packing materials and furniture assembly to storage options and insurance.
  • They are also an option for those moving on a budget, as you can choose their self-packing option to cut moving costs.

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Best for complex moves
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93% of users select this mover

At A Glance
  • Over 74 years in business
  • More than 1,800 trucks in the fleet
  • 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states
  • Top major moving company in the U.S.
  • Highest rated agent van line among moveBuddha customers
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93% of users select this mover

How much does North American Van Lines cost?

One of the best parts of using North American Van Lines is their free quotes and guaranteed pricing. While pricing varies depending on the services you choose for your move, once you sign a binding quote with NAVL, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any hidden costs coming back to surprise you later.

While your exact costs will vary based on factors unique to your move, NAVL’s prices tend to be in line with the industry average — expect to pay around $5,000 for a 1,000 mile move for a two-bedroom home.

Following an in-home estimate, you’ll be given a flat-rate price based on the size and distance of your move, as well as which add-on services you need. NAVL’s “Bottom Line Pricing” is guaranteed and won’t change. You can also select not-to-exceed pricing, which means your cost could end up lower than the quote based on the weight of your move — but it will never go higher than the original quote.

Here’s some sample price ranges for NAVL that we’ve collected through our Better Moves Project and additional research:

Move size Distance Cost
1 bedroom 500 miles $2,600–$3,100
2 bedrooms 900 miles $3,800–$8,000
3–4 bedrooms 1,000+ miles $11,500+

While the North American Van Lines cost will vary from move to move, you can use our moving cost calculator to see if it might be an affordable option for your move.

We talked to Marcie about her move with NAVL from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs, Colorado. While North American Van Lines wasn’t her first pick, she knew she wanted to hire a full-service moving company, and her top choice wasn’t available for her move date.

North American Van Lines presented Marcie with the cheapest quote of the six full-service moving companies she researched, and she loved their tracking options and guaranteed pricing. Her move was overall a success, and she was glad she trusted NAVL.

After initially planning to book with JK Moving Services, Marcie and her husband ultimately chose NAVL as their back-up choice because of their full-service options and the approximately $11,500 quote they received.

Marcie knew moving was stressful and she wanted professional movers who could disassemble, load, and transport her items to her new home. She decided to save a little money by packing herself, but she did contract NAVL to protectively wrap all of her furniture before loading it in the truck.

Marcie reports that her move with NAVL was 100% on time and she would give them an A+ rating. She especially loved that NAVL took the time to protect the walls and floors of her new home before they began unloading her boxes and furniture. In Marcie’s case, it took 12 days for her items to travel from California to Colorado. This is what she was quoted, so it was as expected.

Marcie’s binding quote of $11,439 included every aspect of her move, plus insurance coverage for up to a $100,000 valuation (with a $500 deductible). Marcie chose NAVL because she wanted a mix of services, as well as to save a little money.

She paid a slightly higher final price of $11,503 after the moving process but she noted that the extra $64 was worth it. She loved working with NAVL and would do so again.

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Marcie's Move with North American Van Lines
“I would use American Van Lines again. The weight of my belongings ended up being about 500 lbs. more than the original estimate,  but i didn’t have to pay more because of their binding estimate price guarantee. I know it could have been thousands more with another company.”
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Here’s what other customers had to say about moving with North American Van Lines:

“I felt that overall the moving staff handled my items with care and were careful with furniture and more delicate items that they weren’t tossed around and placed conscientiously in the truck. There were a few items that I think could’ve been packed a bit more securely — the movers did not use any shrink wrap on the drawers for the dressers and did not use any additional packing on the TV besides the foam that was included in the TV box they brought. But most furniture was wrapped and taped very well in moving blankets with extra protection, as needed. The movers did have to rearrange the truck a bit to ensure there was enough space for everything, but the move coordinator made sure everything was packed tightly to avoid movement.


Despite offering some additional packing services and additional labor at origin, the moving company stayed true to the initial bound quote they gave me. Besides this, the move was pretty standard compared to other local moves I have done in terms of unloading, navigating the building, and staging things within the new home.” —Alexander

“They were awesome. Overall this experience wasn’t a headache. My stuff arrived when they said it would and overall was in great shape. I thought it would be significantly more stressful to move over 2,000 miles and the movers made it stress-free with my belongings. The only complaint is the driver or someone not reaching out to give an update on when the packers would arrive. They were supposed to pack on Oct. 31 and load the truck the next day. I called my contact and he contacted the driver who confirmed everything would be done Nov. 1. The crate guy contacted me at 8 p.m. the night before.” —Michele

What services does North American Van Lines offer?

Like most professional moving companies, NAVL has an extensive list of standard and add-on options, including:

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  • Household moving: North American Van Lines offers a wide variety of options for household moving. Household moves can include basic furniture disassembly and reassembly and loading and unloading services.  You can customize your move by selecting which services you want to use. Household moving is available for local and long-distance moves.
  • International moving: NAVL works with several partner companies to make your international move a success. Not all their service offerings are available for international moves, so you’ll need to speak directly with a move coordinator to find out which options are available to you.
  • Cross-country moving: NAVL offers residential and commercial interstate moves in all 50 U.S. states.
  • Packing and loading: North American Van Lines can provide contract labor for packing your belongings and loading them on shipping or storage containers. They even offer fragile-only packing to ensure your most valuable items arrive at your new home safely.
  • Corporate relocation: NAVL offers a wide variety of corporate moving packages with additional services like full-service packing or temporary storage units.
  • Storage services: Temporary and long-term storage options can be arranged when needed.
  • Vehicle transportation: Cars, boats, and other vehicles can be safely transported by a contract mover through NAVL.
  • Packing and supplies: Specialized supplies are available to transport large, fragile, or bulky items like mirrors and mattresses. You can purchase packing supplies even if you don’t opt for packing services.

How does North American Van Lines stack up against the competition?

There are many reasons movers choose North American Van Lines compared to other full-service moving companies. Here’s a closer look at how they compare.

NAVL vs. JK Moving

JK Moving and NAVL both have transparent pricing and many add-on service options to choose from when customizing your move. However, JK Moving is usually higher in price than NAVL.

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89% of users select this mover

Many customers who choose NAVL over JK Moving do so because of the price difference for similar moving experiences. It’s important to note that JK Moving has a higher overall customer service rating than NAVL and customers report that it is very easy to get hold of a representative when working with JK Moving.

JK Moving is a moving carrier, however, and as a result they have a limited number of trucks available. Some customers want to choose JK Moving for their move, only to find their move dates aren’t available. In these cases, NAVL is an excellent alternative.

NAVL vs. Safeway Moving

NAVL and Safeway Moving are similar because they are both long-distance movers that offer stress-free moving with add-on services like packing and unpacking. These two companies offer competitive pricing, though customers report it can be difficult to find Safeway’s pricing on their website.

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While Safeway is higher-rated in customer service than NAVL for long-distance moves, Safeway has very limited availability for moves of 50 miles or less. Those making a local move should consider NAVL.

Safeway offers 30 days of free storage with every move. While NAVL does have storage options, they aren’t free. If you need short-term storage with your long-distance move, you might get a better deal with Safeway.

NAVL vs. American Van Lines

American Van Lines is one of NAVL’s top competitors, with excellent customer service scores and some of the best pricing in the industry. This full-service mover offers many similar services to NAVL, such as packing and unpacking, custom crating and vehicle shipping.

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American Van Lines has the advantage when it comes to reputation, but this doesn’t mean it’s always the best pick. American Van Lines doesn’t service Hawaii or Alaska, so NAVL is better suited for those types of moves. In addition, American Van Lines requires up to a 50% deposit, while NAVL doesn’t require a deposit to book — which can make your move much more manageable.

NAVL vs. International Van Lines

As its name implies, International Van Lines is an excellent option for international moves, with services to 180 countries. Its broad network gives it an advantage over NAVL in this area. International Van Lines also offers 30 days of free storage with its moves, something you’d have to pay for with North American Van Lines.

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However, International Van Lines’ prices have a tendency to be higher than the industry average. NAVL generally offers lower prices to begin with, and its customization options could help you make your move even cheaper in comparison to what you’d pay with International Van Lines — especially for local or long-distance moves.

NAVL vs. Mayzlin Relocation

Similar to NAVL, Mayzlin Relocation earns high marks for its transparent, upfront pricing, though you have to speak to a representative by phone to get a quote. This full-service mover offers 24/7 customer service and full refunds for cancellations made seven days before the move.

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89% of users select this mover

As a family-owned business, Mayzlin can deliver more consistent service quality. However, this also means its availability can be more limited.

This is especially true of local moves, where Mayzlin isn’t as readily available as NAVL. For local moves in particular, NAVL is likely to be the better option.

Company BBB score State availability Types of moves 
North American Van Lines A+ All 50 Local, long-distance, international
JK Moving A+ All 50 Long-distance, international, limited local moves
Safeway Moving B- All 50 Long-distance and international
American Van Lines A+ 48 (not in AK or HI) Local, long-distance, international
International Van Lines A All 50 Local, long-distance, international
Mayzlin Relocation A All 50 Long-distance, international, limited local moves

How moving with North American Van Lines works

Every move is unique, and that’s why North American Van Lines offers packages to fit any move. Let’s take a look at how moving with NAVL works.

Getting a quote

Movers can get a free quote from North American Van Lines by filling out a form on their website, however, you won’t actually get a quote until you call and speak with an agent (or they call you). Oftentimes, NAVL will send local agents to your property to conduct a full walkthrough of your home and its contents. This helps ensure the quote you are given is exactly what you will pay for your move.

When you speak with your agent, be sure to discuss every piece of furniture you plan to move, as well as any additional services you require. This will allow NAVL to give you the most accurate quote possible if they aren’t able to assess your property in person.

NAVL has three types of quotes:

  • “Bottom Line” pricing: Offers a binding fixed cost based on your initial estimate
  • “Guaranteed not-to-exceed” quotes: Could potentially lower your cost if your belongings weigh less than expected (but won’t increase costs if the weight is more)
  • Customized pricing: Allows you to tailor your quote by combining one of these fixed pricing options with separate charges for additional services.

All NAVL quotes include basic insurance coverage. If you need extra value protection for your household, it is easy and affordable to add additional coverage. Full-service packages booked with NAVL automatically include this extra insurance at the package price.

Booking and moving

Once you are sure you want to use NAVL for your move, you will sign and agree to the binding quote, but you do not have to pay an upfront deposit to book your move.

NAVL frequently uses third parties for international moves, packing and unpacking, and vehicle transport.

After your booking is confirmed, NAVL will give you an estimated arrival date and time. If you booked packing services, you won’t need to do anything else prior to moving day. Otherwise, it is time to get packing!

Customer reviews report that NAVL routinely arrives on time on their moving date. After helping you pack, movers will use checklists to inventory your household goods before loading them into the moving truck. When loading is completed, your items will begin their journey to your new home.

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89% of users select this mover

Your items may share a truck with items belonging to another customer, and therefore, delivery dates are not guaranteed. You will likely be given a delivery range of three to five days. The day before they deliver, you will receive a call from the driver to let you know what time to expect the truck.

If at any point during your move you are curious about the location of your items, you can use NAVL’s tracking app, which employs satellite technology, to check on the progress of your items. Since your items may share a truck with another person’s items, the driver might make stops in other states before arriving at your new home.

Many of the online complaints about North American Van Lines are due to items broken during transit. Unfortunately, when you work with NAVL, unless you buy their unpacking and packing services, or additional insurance, anything you pack yourself isn’t fully covered by their insurance policy.

One way to remedy this is to opt for NAVL’s fragile-only plan in which they will pack only your most breakable and valuable items. This will ensure that if anything valuable is broken during transit, it will have been packed by NAVL, and their insurance will cover the replacement of the item if it is damaged in transit.

Should you use North American Van Lines to move?

North American Van Lines is a great option if you need full-service movers, especially for a long-distance or cross-country move. But are they right for you?

Use North American Van Lines if:

  • You need help with fragile items. NAVL’s fragile-only packing is an excellent option to ensure your items get safely to your new home. Custom crating and specialty wrapping keep your items safe during transit.
  • You want to customize your services. NAVL makes it easy to customize your moving services based on your specific wants and needs so you can find the right balance between convenience and affordability.
  • You want to track your shipment. Satellite tracking ensures you always know where your items are while in transit.
  • You want a guaranteed price. Binding and not-to-exceed quotes help you know exactly how much you’ll pay for moving services.

Don’t use North American Van Lines if:

  • You need a guaranteed delivery date. NAVL offers a delivery range of several days, which can make it hard to pinpoint an exact date for when everything will arrive.
  • You want a moving truck to yourself. NAVL often pairs your goods with other mover’s as they make shipments across the country.


Is North American Van Lines the same as American Van Lines?

Even though they have similar names, North American Van Lines and American Van Lines are two different companies. They both facilitate full-service long-distance and cross-country moves. If you are comparing quotes for your move, ensure you receive a quote from both companies.

What is North American Van Lines’ cancellation policy?

Once you book your move and pay a 10% deposit, that deposit is non-refundable. This means that if you later decide to cancel your move, you will not receive your deposit back. In some cases, you may be able to reschedule your move without losing your deposit. The full price for your move will be charged within two days of your item pickup.

Who owns North American Van Lines?

North American Van Lines is owned by the parent company SIRVA, which also owns Allied Van Lines.

Is North American Van Lines legit?

Yes, North American Van Lines is a legitimate fully licensed and insured moving company. North American Van Lines has been in business since 1933, and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How do I get a North American Van Lines moving quote?

To get a quote from NAVL, call them at (800) 228-3092 or fill out the form on their website.

Are Allied and NAVL the same company?

Though they aren’t the same company, Allied and NAVL both operate under the parent company SIRVA. NAVL acquired Allied in 1999, but the brands and their operations remain distinct from each other.

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