The Ultimate Guide to Getting Discounts on Moving Services

Moving into a new home can be quite expensive. Finding moving discounts can help to cut down on costs.

If you are moving into a home you have just purchased, your financial reserves may be low after paying for all the costs associated with buying a new home, such as down payments and closing costs.

Suppose you think that haggling or asking for discounts is embarrassing. In that case, the chances are that you haven‘t seen the Claremont Graduate University Study, which concluded that “coupons elicit physiological reactions similar to having a positive social interaction.” In the year when the study was done, over 90 million Americans used online coupons, saving $2.9 billion.

This shows that discounts are better than those of us who are embarrassed to ask for them may think.

It also proves that there’s hardly any need to pay the full price for anything, including moving, if you can get a discount.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of services with discounts to help make your move a little easier on your pockets.

To simplify things, we‘ve arranged the discounts into demographic categories so that you can sift through the list or head straight to the discounts for your demographic.

Also, check out our moving cost calculator to get a good idea of what your move might cost.

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Tips to ensure you secure your discount

Before we look at the specific discounts, here are a few tips on how to get the most from the available discounts:

Check if you meet the conditions

Double-check if you meet the conditions or requirements of the companies offering discounts. For instance, you’ll waste time chasing after a discount deal provided for seniors if you are nowhere near that age. For military personnel, have your service I.D., veteran card, or other relevant forms of I.D. ready before applying for a military discount.

Always ask

cartoon man getting quotes for moving truck

Don’t be afraid to enquire about discounts. Many companies that help people with moves will offer discounts if asked, but they may not want to make this public knowledge.

Sometimes the person at the front desk or call center may turn down a request for a discount because they need the authority to give one. Ask to speak to the person in charge. Most managers could offer a discount, even if the frontline employees don’t know.

Learn more about negotiating with moving companies.

Look out for scams

graphic displaying moving scams and warnings images

While the idea is to save money, you could also lose money and property if you get involved with scam artists.

Use discounts to get discounts

If you have already been offered a discount, use the offer to get a better discount from someone else. Be ready to show them proof, such as a copy of the quote. However, some businesses have a policy not to be involved in a price war. You may be offered a discount in other non-financial ways.

Get an app

Attempting to find moving discounts online can be overwhelming because of all the information available. An app may be a great way of getting notifications about deals on specific services like moving.

The app has discount coupons for almost anything worldwide, including moving services and supplies.

Military Discounts

Graphic of military members in front of truck

Whether it’s a duty assignment, a change of station, or any relocation, military personnel also need a painless and cost-efficient move.

After all, America’s gallant sons and daughters put their lives in danger to ensure we all live the American dream.

Active and discharged soldiers, including veterans, can also access discounts on moving and related services.

Here are a few examples:

Penske thanks military veterans for their service

Penske Truck Rental offers discounts to military veterans who want to hire a truck for a move. Military members can use the code MILITARY* for a 10% discount. The company also has an army connection at each Penske call center for do-it-yourself moves. The toll-free number is 1-844-4TROOPS (1-844-487-6677).

Hundreds of military shipping and storage discounts

The website has a veterans and military discount list with information on hundreds of companies that offer military discounts to service members, retired military, veterans, spouses, and their families.

For your next move, check out the truck rentals discounts on some of the companies listed on, such as Budget Truck Rental, and get your next truck rental for 20% less if you use the code USMIO.

The Dealhack military & veteran discounts guide

The Dealhack Military & Veteran Discounts Guide is a “result of our quarterly survey of brands that offer active-duty military and veteran discounts.”

According to Dealhack, they “independently verify each and every store on this list.”

For a discount on your next truck, visit and check under Car Rental Discounts.

PODS Serves the Men and Women who Serve our Country


PODS Moving Services is proud to serve the men and women who serve our country. Active, retired, and veteran military members receive a 30% PODS military discount.

Members of the military who want a discount for PPM/DITY moves or storage during deployments can call the company at (866) 556-9574 and use the promo code SERV10.


Like military members, we can’t possibly thank our teachers enough for their service, especially since they shape the nation’s future.

In honor of our educators, several moving services companies offer discounts to teachers who need to move for professional and personal reasons.

Car and Truck Rental Companies Recognize Teachers


Budget Truck Rental offers a 20% discount on local moves and a 15% discount on one-way moves” for U.S. teachers. You can book using the discount code ‘TEACH‘ to use this discount.

Union Members

While collective bargaining is the core business of labor unions, they also work with companies to ensure that the salary increments they get for their members stretch even further.

Budget Truck Rental’s whole moving package

Budget Truck Rental helps union members and their families to make their move more manageable with a whole package of moving services. The company provides up to 20% off on truck rentals at 2,800+ locations across the U.S.

The discount covers moving services, including easy-to-drive trucks, 24/7 roadside assistance, moving kits, boxes, moving supplies, car carriers, towing, and optional insurance plans.

Want to take advantage of the Budget discount for union members? Make your truck rental reservations here.

College students

mom helping college student move thanks to moving discounts

Students often have to change plans or move quickly.

For international students, returning to their parent’s homes may not be easy, which leaves them with no option but to move to cheaper accommodation.

Some may be downgrading because their parents have lost their sources of income or maybe moving in with friends to share the costs.

Sites like provide a variety of student discounts to help with your move and everyday college life.

Here are some discounts on moving services that can help cushion your overall spending:

Travel and transportation discounts

The website lists a total of 60 student discounts.

We checked out some of the listed discounts linked to moving and transportation and found a few.

If you don’t have much to move and want to use a bus, check out the Student Advantage Discount Card, which could save up to 10% of your move on coaches like Greyhound. You could also check out the Coach USA discounts.


Collegeboxes is a division of U-Haul® dedicated to providing full-service storage and shipping services to thousands of students across the country.

Collegeboxes has designed a moving service catering specifically to the needs of students and schools. Collegeboxes provides in-room pickup and delivery for students needing items shipped or stored.

Get more information about the program by calling (866) 269-4887 or emailing [email protected].


moving discounts: graphic featuring seniors in front of moving truck

Planning a move can be quite daunting for seniors.

Several professional moving services companies honor seniors by providing moving discounts.

Moving discounts for seniors

As an older adult planning a move, you might be working with a limited budget. Whether your move is local or across state lines, relocation expenses can add up. Fortunately, there are moving companies that provide discounts specifically for seniors. The amount of the discount varies among companies.

This list contains the top 10 moving companies that extend senior discounts. Remember to inquire about the discount while obtaining a quote.

The moving companies listed aren’t ranked in any specific order. These companies are all licensed carriers and have established outstanding reputations within the moving industry.

Low-Income Moving Assistance

Many folks losing their jobs may have no choice but to move.

If you are in this situation, check out some discounts on moving services to hold on to as much of your cash as possible.

Also, with more people losing their jobs, many companies are doing what they can to keep their customers. So, there is no better time to ask for a discount than now.

Low-Income moving

Emergency moving assistance programs exist to help individuals and families with the financial gap of moving expenses. Some will cover 100% of your moving fees. Others offer grants to provide you with partial financial assistance.

If you need moving assistance, here’s a list of 16 top moving resources for low-income families

Membership Discounts

Loyalty programs and discount sites can help reduce overall moving costs.

Savvy deal hunters know too well that promo codes, deals, and coupons can save you significant cash on various products and services.

Updater is Connecting Movers to Deals

The good news is that you no longer have to subscribe to a hundred different deal sites that‘ll pump a bunch of emails into your inbox every day.

Download the Updater app and join what the app developers say are “millions of happy movers who saved money, time, and effort.” According to the service, you will save an average of $325 on your move.

The app caters to your pre-moving discounts, from truck rentals, self-service storage, and cardboard boxes to removal, packing and unpacking services.

Visit the American Automobile Association before you Move

Membership in professional bodies and special interest associations can also make you eligible for discounts from certain service providers, including moving companies.

For instance, the American Automobile Association (AAA) provides its members with emergency assistance and unique discounts and deals from hundreds of service providers, like hotels, restaurants, insurance companies, and moving companies.

If you go to the AAA website in your region, you’ll find a “Moving and Storage” section to check out any moving discounts in your area.

Whatever you do, always inquire about that discount, as the money you save could go a long way toward getting the stuff you need in your new home.

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