All Coast Moving Group Review: Costs and Services

Here’s the bottom line: All Coast Moving Group is a Florida-based moving broker founded in 2020. All Coast pairs customers across the United States with full-service moving carriers who can pack, load, unload, and even ship your vehicle for you.

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While it sounds great on paper, the company has only been around for three years and has garnered more negative reviews than some brokers who have been around much longer. Moving brokers only coordinate moves with third-party companies; they don’t actually provide any direct service.

Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons, prices, services, and other need-to-know information that can help you decide if this company is right for you.

If you’re looking for a mover that can handle your move more directly — or works as both a broker and a carrier — check out picks for the best moving companies.

Pros & cons of moving with All Coast Moving Group

  • Provides local, long-distance, and commercial moving services, plus packing help
  • Professional movers handle the loading, unloading, and driving
  • Holds all relevant Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carry Safety Administration (FMCSA) credentials
  • Offers free quotes
  • Services the contiguous USA
  • Discounts for booking in advance and military personnel
  • Maintains a blog of helpful moving tips and resources
  • Must call for a quote
  • Deposit required at booking
  • Doesn’t service moves with its own employees
  • Limited information on the website
  • Non-binding quotes
  • Founded in 2020, making it much less experienced than other brokers and carriers

Key takeaways

  • All Coast Moving Group LLC (USDOT#3369008) is a Florida-based broker that services local and interstate moving needs.
  • While the company’s website boasts a high rating and shows a lot of positive customer experience, there are dozens of negative reviews and FMCSA complaints.
  • In addition to the typical full-service moving offerings, All Coast can coordinate vehicle shipping and storage solutions for their customers.

Jump to the All Coast Moving Group info you’re looking for:

All Coast Moving Group pricing: How much it costs to move

Since each move is unique, internet pricing can be inaccurate. If you’re interested in a quote, you should reach out to All Coast Moving Group for a detailed estimate and upcoming availability in your area.

The moving broker doesn’t offer free quotes online, but its phone number is easy to find on nearly every page. All potential customers have to call a representative directly or complete a contact form for a call back. The online form is simple, asking for pickup and drop-off locations, move type, and contact information.

As a broker, All Coast works with carriers that may provide different estimate types. Binding estimates are preferable to non-binding estimates because they lock in costs as long as move conditions haven’t changed.

Factors that affect move cost include:

  • The time of year you are moving: It costs more to move during peak season.
  • The distance of your move: Interstate moves will cost more than local moves.
  • The size of your home: A two-bedroom house will cost more than a modest studio apartment.
  • How many pieces of furniture you have: Specialty and bulk items may increase the labor required to move your belongings.
  • How much stuff you have (measured in total weight): Heavier shipments may require more labor or even a larger moving truck.
  • Any add-on services you select: Add-on options like packing, unpacking, and appliance services aren’t usually included in the base quote.
  • Whether you need storage services: Storage rentals typically incur additional monthly fees.
  • The contents protection plan you select: Movers are required by law to offer a free basic plan to compensate customers for damage. The compensation rate on those free plans is low, however, so if you opt for a more comprehensive contents coverage package, it will most likely come with an additional cost.

If you need to cancel your move, All Coast Moving Group requires you to do so within three business days of scheduling to receive a full refund. All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee. Any move canceled within 14 days of pickup is ineligible for a refund of your down payment.

Customers who need to cancel their moves at the last minute may lose their deposits. Make sure you verify the cancellation policy with your assigned carrier to avoid any surprises down the line.

Check out our moving cost calculator to compare your All Coast Moving estimate to other movers who can meet your needs.

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All Coast Moving Group offers a wide variety of services

All Coast Moving Group is a full-service moving company that offers the following:

  • Local moves: All Coast’s local service area includes West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. It generally doesn’t service local moves outside this area.
  • Long-distance moves: All Coast specializes in long-distance moves. They work with experienced carriers to move residential and commercial customers anywhere in the country, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Corporate relocation: All Coast Moving Group can organize moving services for companies of all sizes.
  • Packing and unpacking: All Coast Moving Group can connect customers to the packing service they need. These third-party carriers will provide the materials to pack belongings, including kitchen supplies, wardrobes, and fragile and unique items.
  • Long- and short-term storage: Through its network of professional movers, All Coast offers a variety of standard and climate-controlled storage solutions.
  • Auto transportation: All Coast Moving Group can coordinate the shipment of personal and fleet vehicles. Carriers can deliver the vehicle right to your door or organize a suitable drop-off location.
  • Valuation: The company doesn’t advertise any insurance coverage or protection on its website, but carriers are required to provide at least basic contents protection. Most also offer a full value protection plan, which provides more compensation for damaged, lost, or stolen items.

How All Coast Moving Group stacks up against the competition

Let’s cut to the chase — All Coast Moving Group offers a fairly basic suite of services and its reputation isn’t as good or as established as others in the moving industry.

Take a look at our best interstate moving companies and keep reading to compare All Coast moving company to some of our higher-rated moving providers.

All Coast Moving Group vs. U-Haul

All Coast Moving Group and U-Haul have different service models, but it’s worthwhile to compare them if you’re willing to do the loading yourself or hire a third-party. All Coast Moving Group is a broker, so it carries the risk of working with movers that have varying standards of excellence.

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U-Haul may require more effort to coordinate the same services but, ultimately, customers have more control. However, U-Haul doesn’t really cater to corporate relocations or vehicle transport, so All Coast Moving Group has it beat there.

Neither company offers binding quotes, so you’ll need some flexibility in your budget to account for additional costs on moving day if necessary.

U-Haul is going to be more affordable than All Coast Moving Group due to the disparity between the two companies’ self-service and full-service offerings.

With U-Haul, you have the benefit of more than one location so you can shop around for the best option.

U-Haul might be convenient if you’re moving to a location in which All Coast Moving Group hasn’t yet established strategic partnerships or are making a move fewer than 50 miles outside of All Coast’s regional availability in Florida.

All Coast Moving Group vs. American Van Lines

American Van Lines earned “Best for Local Moves” on our list of the best interstate moving companies. While it markets itself mostly as a long-distance moving company, it’s not above small, local moves.

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While All Coast Moving Group matches interested customers with its partner carriers, American Van Lines is a carrier, so it employs its own team of experienced movers. It offers a variety of truck sizes, plus packing services and support for specialty items.

American Van Lines’ quote process is more straightforward, too. From the very beginning, it provides a binding flat-rate estimate and it will even price-match competitors who beat it. It doesn’t require you to call in to receive an estimate — you can do everything online.

American Van Lines also offers full-value protection for the items it moves, which has a higher rate of reimbursement than the free basic valuation coverage all moving carriers must provide.

Company Better Business Bureau (BBB) score State availability Binding quotes Packing services Vehicle Shipping
All Coast Moving Group B- 48 (not in AK or HI) No Yes Yes
U-Haul A+ 50 No Yes (through third-party labor) No
American Van Lines A 48 (not in AK or HI) Yes Yes Yes

How moving with All Coast works

Because All Coast Moving Group works with a network of carriers, the moving experience isn’t always the same. We always recommend finding a moving company that is registered as a carrier or acts as both a carrier and a broker.

Those companies are equipped to handle at least some moves directly and operate their own federally licensed fleet of trucks. This means that they — and their staff — are more accountable for their service and often have more consistent standards across all locations.

While the All Coast Moving experience may vary depending on the local agent you are working with, we can give you a general idea of what to expect.

To begin the moving process, you’ll have to reach out to All Coast Moving Group’s broker hotline or complete the online contact form for a callback.

After collecting all the relevant information — such as pickup and drop off locations, moving date, and desired services — a representative will assign you to a partner carrier, which will be the company to provide your actual movers. They may be able to give you a quote at this time, but different carriers have different estimate processes.

Once you confirm with your carrier, they’ll schedule a moving truck and laborers. Again, different moving companies have different protocols here, so you may be given an exact date or you may be given a multi-day window. You’ll also need to pay a down payment at this time.

You may have to fill out a detailed move inventory of all your items in case you need to file a claim for damage later.

On the day of the move, a moving truck and dedicated moving team will arrive to pack (if you opted for this service) and load your boxes, pieces of furniture, and any other specialty items. They’ll then drive your household goods to their new home.

For small local moves, the delivery date may be on the same day. Long-distance moves take a little longer and may have a delivery date window of up to a couple weeks.

Upon receipt, you’ll pay the remaining balance to your assigned moving company. If you notice damage during this time, you can consult your inventory list and coverage plan and begin the claim process.

Each of All Coast Moving Group’s partner carriers is required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and meet the minimum insurance requirements.


Is All Coast Moving Group a broker?

Yes, All Coast Moving Group is a broker. It partners with moving companies across the country to service local and interstate moves. While being a broker isn’t inherently a bad thing, All Coast movers aren’t employed or trained by the company, so service quality can vary.

Does All Coast Moving Group do long-distance moves?

Yes, All Coast Moving Group does long-distance moves in all areas of the contiguous United States. It doesn’t service Alaska, Hawaii, or international relocations.

Does All Coast Moving Group provide any discounts?

All Coast Moving Group provides discounts to military members, their families, and anyone who books more than 30 days before their moving date.

How do you contact All Coast Moving Group?

You can contact All Coast Moving Group by filling out the online contact form or calling 561-559-5234. The company will also give you your carrier’s contact information once they’ve confirmed your reservation.

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