TSI Review: A Guide to Moving With Transit Systems Inc.

Here’s the bottom line: TSI is a well-regarded Pennsylvania-based shipping and moving company with a wide range of service offerings, more than three decades of experience, and a wealth of resources to ensure a seamless moving process.

TSI (Transit Systems, Inc.) is a full-service moving company headquartered just outside of Philadelphia in Wayne, Pennsylvania. While it has a solid home base in the Mid-Atlantic, TSI network of carriers allows it to service the entire contiguous United States.

This network allows it to provide a compelling suite of services, but it’s specifically focused on small moves. Small moves are typically a few large pieces of furniture and a couple of boxes, or the approximate contents of a minimalist three- to four-bedroom home. We’d generally recommend them most for one- to two-bedroom moves.

Not convinced? We named it one of our best small load moving companies and dove deep into its reputation, pricing structure, and more so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Pros & cons of TSI

  • Offers moving and shipping services for personal and commercial needs
  • Provides a suite of tailored residential moving services, including storage unit moves, household moves, college student moves, and senior moves
  • Can itemize belongings for an accurate quote or request a ballpark estimate
  • Specializes in small moves, including household moves for large items and family heirlooms
  • Has an online chatbot to help customers find the best option for their needs
  • Offers car shipping services
  • Maintains a blog and resource guide to help customers prepare for their move
  • Provides white-glove packing services, including custom crating
  • Will meet your desired drop-off time frame with a guaranteed delivery date
  • Offers additional insurance options outside of the minimum liability
  • More than 34 years in business
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Gives back to the community through charitable giving and events
  • Only offers long-distance and cross-country services
  • Doesn’t service large moves (any move larger than 3–4 bedrooms)
  • Only operates in the contiguous U.S. (not available in AK or HI)
  • Uses subcontractor carriers instead of their own employees

Key takeaways

  • TSI, formerly Transit Systems Inc., (USDOT#517872) was placed on Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest-growing companies more than five times and holds very strong ratings on several review sites.
  • The moving company offers online and phone quotes, including a user-friendly chatbot that can answer questions anytime. However, to get an accurate estimate, you’ll need to speak directly with a representative.
  • TSI provides residential and commercial moving and shipping services in the contiguous United States. It’s also a UPS partner that handles specialty shipments for large items and fragile family heirlooms.

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TSI pricing: How much it costs to move

TSI is committed to transparent pricing, so it doesn’t offer instant online quotes. Instead, you have to talk to a person directly to ensure your shipper fully understands your moving needs.

You can begin the quote process online by inputting your origin and destination locations and estimating the total size of your move. At this point, you’ll have the option to submit an itemized inventory or you can request a ballpark estimate.

Origin Destination Distance Move size Estimated cost
Los Angeles Houston 1,500 miles 1 large piece of furniture (like a couch) $1,000-$1,200
Baltimore Akron, Ohio 350 miles Studio apartment ( 40 boxes or less) $2,000-$2,400
Orlando, Florida Jersey City, New Jersey 1,000 miles Small 1-bedroom apartment (40-50 boxes) $2,900-$3,500

Keep in mind that TSI limits its moving services to moderate-sized homes, so if you’re moving more than a three- to four-bedroom home, they likely aren’t the best fit for your needs.

After you submit your quote request, you’ll get a call from a TSI representative. You may need to complete a virtual video survey so your movers know exactly what to expect and your upfront estimate is as accurate as possible.

Small moves are priced based on several factors, including weight, distance, type of service, and whether or not you added any optional services. Larger moves are estimated based on total volume. Larger moves are the most likely to require a video estimate.

Once you receive your quote, take a moment to compare it against similar companies using our moving cost calculator.

How Much do Movers Cost?

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Get instant ballpark pricing It's fast, easy, and free

Get instant ballpark pricing.
It's fast, easy, and free.

TSI offers a wide variety of services

TSI’s service offerings are its biggest draw. Compared to a typical moving company broker, TSI seems to go above and beyond.

  • Small and household moves: TSI defines any move less than 3,500 pounds as a small move. A typical small move includes furniture and boxes from a one- to two-bedroom home.
  • Interstate moves: TSI specializes in relocations farther than 150 miles. Its movers will load the truck for you and drive it to your new home.
  • College moves: TSI can help college students move into their dorms or off-campus housing if they relocate long-distance. You can choose from three options: full-service with expedited shipping, pack your boxes yourself and have them delivered door-to-door, or white-glove service in which your movers will pack and load your belongings.
  • Storage unit moves: TSI can help customers move their entire homes into storage, move a few boxes from one storage unit to another, and prepare large items for storage.
  • Senior moves: TSI has an entire branch of the business called Moves for Seniors. It’s dedicated to helping elderly Americans downsize their homes and transport them to their new living situation. This part of the business can even ship items to multiple destinations if family heirlooms need to go to new homes in different places.
  • White-glove service: TSI offers full-service expedited moving help and white-glove assistance, where its team will professionally pack and load your items. White-glove services come with limited liability protection.
  • Office moves: TSI can connect customers to carriers with the experience necessary to move office equipment and employees to a new headquarters.
  • Auto shipping: If you need to move your car within the contiguous United States and don’t want to worry about the wear and tear of driving it, TSI can broker auto transport services.
  • Organization: Whether you’re preparing for a move, you’ve recently relocated, or you’re just trying to reimagine the space in your current home, TSI can connect you with professional organizers who can help.
  • Emergency services: TSI can accommodate last-minute reservations for residential clients trying to salvage what they can in a natural disaster, and they can even help businesses quickly get their products to a trade show. Prices may vary depending on the project’s scale, but it doesn’t hurt to inquire.
  • Less-than-truckload moves: Not all moving projects require a full truckload. If you’re moving large items but don’t need to move your whole house, TSI will coordinate the remaining space on a truck heading toward your destination.
  • Shipping: TSI offers flat-box shipping and specialty shipping for antiques, collectibles, art, eBay items, and more.
  • Insurance claims: TSI matches every reservation with a logistics coordinator who can walk you through additional insurance options. All insurance claims require a $100 deductible and proof of damage.

TSI is particularly good for moving just a few items. Check out TSI’s specialized services and other options for small moves here

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How TSI stacks up against the competition

TSI is one of the best moving companies for small loads. If you have a small moving project within the contiguous United States, TSI is always worth considering, but it doesn’t mean you should forgo the research process. You should take the time to request multiple quotes and compare the value of your requested services before making a final decision.

Let’s take a look at two other top-rated small load moving companies so you can make the best choice for your needs.

TSI vs. MiniMoves

MiniMoves is a highly regarded moving and shipping company that specifically focuses on small moves. It doesn’t have a moving minimum, and its estimates are binding once you’ve confirmed your price with a representative.

Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 4.8 / 5

89% of users select this mover

Like TSI, MiniMoves is a full-service moving company, which you won’t always be able to find when moving on a smaller scale. TSI and MiniMoves both have more than 30 years in business, but TSI has a larger domestic service area.

MiniMoves isn’t available in Alabama, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Vermont. TSI covers all those states but doesn’t service Alaska, Hawaii, or most international moves. MiniMoves does, however.

TSI vs. U-Pack

TSI and U-Pack have a lot in common at face value, but it’s important to note that U-Pack is entirely self-service and it only provides moving containers. You can hire third-party labor help to do the loading and packing if you’d rather not do it yourself, but TSI has more robust service offerings overall, especially as it pertains to white-glove services.

Price dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign dollar sign
moveBuddha logo iconrating starstarstarstarstar 5 / 5

89% of users select this mover

U-Pack is available in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. and Canada. Like TSI, it doesn’t service any moves under 150 miles, so it’s really only a good option for long-distance moves.

U-Pack is the more affordable of the two options, and it doesn’t require an upfront deposit. Unlike TSI, U-Pack can store your items for you if you have a gap between housing arrangements.

Company BBB score State availability Minimum move size?
TSI A+ 48 states (not in AK or HI) N/A for volume but must be at least 150 miles away
MiniMoves A+ 46 states (not in AL, ND, SD, or VT) No
U-Pack A+ All 50 states No

How moving with TSI works

The moving process will vary depending on your selected services and desired time frame, but TSI maintains a lot of checklists and robust moving resources so you’re as prepared as possible for moving day.

TSI recommends you start the preparation early by reaching out to multiple moving companies. Once you zero in on your favorite, you should reach back out to confirm your reservation at least six weeks in advance.

At this point, you can inventory your belongings or complete a virtual survey to ensure your quote is accurate. From here, you can decide whether or not you’re packing your belongings yourself or would like to hire professional packers.

Once you’re packed, you can await a call from your moving team with a heads-up on their arrival time. Upon arrival, your movers will carefully load your items into the truck and take them on their way. Boxes typically arrive faster than furniture and large items, but you should receive everything within 20 business days.

Don’t be afraid to follow up throughout the process. Getting ahead of your delivery can eliminate unwanted surprises and set the standard that a lack of communication won’t be tolerated.

Small moves and freight shipments require full payment upfront, but full household moves may differ. You’ll need to talk to a customer service representative to confirm. The company accepts all major payment methods, including credit cards.

If you need to cancel for any reason, it’s important to note that you’ll only receive a full refund before a carrier has been assigned.

Should you use TSI to move?

TSI can be a great choice if you’re shipping boxes for a small move, need white-glove service to pack your belongings properly, want to relocate your vehicle to another part of the country, and many other situations.

Here are a few examples of when TSI is a good fit and some examples of when it may not be the best choice for your move.

Use TSI if:

  • You’re seeking white-glove services that protect your items and ensure they arrive in perfect condition
  • You’re a senior moving to a residential facility
  • You’re relocating a storage unit

Don’t use TSI if:

  • You’re moving locally or less than 150 miles
  • You’re moving outside the contiguous U.S.
  • You have a large home and a lot of belongings


Is TSI reliable?

TSI has all the markers of a reliable moving company. It has a well-built website that’s easy to navigate, an active Better Business Bureau profile with an A+ rating and accreditation, and all necessary licenses and registrations, including a valid and easy-to-find USDOT number.

Its customer reviews are generally positive, especially on BBB and SiteJabber, indicating strong customer satisfaction.

How does TSI ship their orders?

TSI offers multiple shipping options depending on their customer’s needs. You can ship something small in a flat-rate box or reserve all or part of a freight truck for larger items.

Is Transit Systems Inc. a broker?

Yes, Transit Systems Inc. (now TSI) is a licensed broker. This status allows them to coordinate services on behalf of their customers using subcontractors they’ve previously vetted.

How fast can TSI ship my belongings?

The time it takes to ship your belongings depends on what you’re shipping. Boxes and small items can be shipped in as little as three to seven business days, while furniture and large items will take longer. TSI guarantees a pickup date within 20 business days of scheduling and a delivery date within 20 business days of picking up large items.

What is TSI’s contact information?

You can speak to a TSI representative by calling the dedicated customer phone number at 1-866-301-6703. The company also has a user-friendly website you can access via transitsystems.com or tsishipping.com.

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