White Glove Moving

Let’s start with a definition.

White glove moving refers to the services that elite moving companies provide for their customers that go above and beyond what regular full-service movers offer.

Easy right?

Now let’s take a closer look.

Here’s what we will look at in this article:

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Full-Service vs. White Glove Movers

All moving companies are not the same.

In fact, they range from one-truck outfits run by ex-cons, to Fortune 500 companies that provide executive-level relocation services to multinational corporations.

Quite a broad spectrum.

See our list of the best moving companies.

Ironically, one thing many of them have in common is that they claim to offer their customers white-glove service.

But truth be told, most wouldn’t recognize a white glove if it fell out of the sky and hit them on the head.


Because the term is little more than a catchy buzz-phrase that’s so overused it’s lost all meaning.

Let’s step back for a moment.

Imagine yourself in a comfy chair with a tasty beverage doing two distinct internet searches.

One for ‘Full-Service Movers.’

The other for ‘White Glove Movers.’

What do you think you’d find if you clicked on the first website that appeared for each search?

If you guessed nearly identical information, you’d be right.

Want to know why?

Then read on, because we’re about to delve into the differences between traditional full-service movers and true white glove movers.

Services offered by Full-Service Moving Companies

If you know a thing or two about moving, you’re probably aware that most moving companies offer similar services.

Full-service movers pride themselves on all the things they can do for their customers.

And they list them in bold letters all over their websites and sales brochures.

Things like packing and unpacking.

Crating and uncrating fragile and oversized specialty items.

Disassembling and reassembling beds, cribs, and tables.

Covering floors and doorways to prevent home damage during your move.

These services are popular and add lots of value for harried customers, but nearly every moving company will do them without batting an eye.

What makes white glove movers so special is that they provide a range of additional services that regular movers don’t.

Services offered by White Glove Moving Companies

In addition to the ones mentioned above, white glove movers offer services that are generally tailored to corporate transferees, busy professionals, and the well-heeled.

But there’s good news.

You don’t need to fall into any of those three categories to take advantage of top-notch white-glove service.

Here are a few of their most popular offerings—

1. Cleaning

Yes, you read that correctly.

White glove movers will send experienced and professionally trained crews to clean your old home after you’ve moved out, and to your new before you move in.

Few things make moving day a bigger drag than moving into your new home only to discover that the previous homeowner has left behind toilet brushes and drains clogged with hair and soap scum.


2. Disconnecting and reconnecting home entertainment centers

These days you don’t need to be a high-roller to have a complex, high-dollar home entertainment system.

And for all but the most tech-savvy homeowners, they’re a real pain in the neck to disconnect and reconnect.

Thankfully, white glove movers have expert staff that can help.

They’ll generally schedule the crew to be at your home the day before the van arrives.

That way everything will be ready when the movers show up.

Plan on having them scheduled to arrive at your new home to reconnect your system the day after your furniture is delivered.

3. Rearranging furniture

Full-service movers will put your furniture exactly where you tell them to.

But they’ll usually only move it once.

After they’ve left you may realize that nothing is where it should be, but there’s no need to panic.

Instead, call your mover and ask them to send a crew to help get things exactly where you want them.

Depending on the size of your home and the items that need to be moved, two men will usually suffice.

You’ll probably be charged by the hour, so you can keep them as long as you like.

4. Picture hanging

For customers who’d rather not hoist awkward pictures and put hammer holes in their new walls, picture hanging service can be a godsend.

But you’ll need to have your furniture exactly where you want it first, so you’ll know what wall space is available.

Then just tell the crew where each piece goes.

They’ll center it, secure it with professional-grade hardware, and leave your home looking like it was furnished by an interior designer.

5. Servicing home gyms

Ever tried to assemble or disassemble a home gym on your own?

One with hundreds of parts, tons of heavy weights, and more nuts and bolts than a bulldozer?

It’s not easy.

As in bordering on the impossible.

But fear not, because home gym assembly and disassembly are services that white glove movers will happily provide.

6. Packing, storing, handling priceless art, wine collections, and valuable antiques

Not everyone has an original Van Gogh hanging in their parlor or a bottle of cabernet from the French Revolution in their wine cellar.

But many families have items of extraordinary value, and some of them are irreplaceable.

Specialty movers and those offering legitimate white-glove services are becoming more prevalent these days.

But they’re not all as experienced as they claim to be.

If your move includes any of the items listed above, you’ll want to spend ample time researching the movers that you’re considering.

Always ask for personal recommendations from friends and family first.

And once you’ve compiled a list of prospects, spend some time checking them out through the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association.

Many legit white glove movers handle high-profile relocations for sports stars, art collectors, museums and galleries, and local celebrities.

If so, they’ll usually reference them on their website.

If they’ve successfully handled tricky moves for discerning customers, chances are they’ll be able to pull yours off too.

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