Cross Country Moving Group Company Review

Overall Opinion of Cross Country Moving Group Inc.: Cross County Moving Group is a licensed broker based in Delray Beach, Florida that negotiates competitive rates and coordinates the moves with interstate carriers for customers. The problem is that the carriers that actually handle the moves are third-parties that are often not timely and sometimes treat customer belongings carelessly. Another problem is that the final price is often well more than the initially estimated price.

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Cross Country Moving Group     2.5 out of 5.0 stars

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Cross Country Moving Group: Moving Services Available:

  • Residential Moving: They facilitate small or large moves for residential customers that potentially saves customers time and the hassles of shopping around.
  • Commercial Moving: Small or large businesses can shop for movers using Cross County Moving Group.
  • Packing and Unpacking: Those seeking “full-service” moving services will have their belonging professionally packed and unpacked.
  • Interstate and Long-Distance Moves: They will coordinate state-to-state or cross-country moves. Local and international service is not offered.
  • Storage Services: Some of the different storage options include climate-controlled units, large warehouse options for large businesses, and short or long-term leases.
  • Mobile Storage Containers: Although not a primary offering, they assist customers with renting mobile storage containers when needed, such as those provided by PODS or U-Pack. These tend to offer customers a period of several days to self-load or unload their belongings and generally are rented and transported for a flat rate.
  • Specialty Services: They are currently offering specialty services including the following:
    • Piano and pool table moving: Has the specialized equipment to handle piano transport or pool table transport
    • Vehicle transport: Carriers are available for moving and storing cars, boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The required documents for having a vehicle transported include identification, proof of ownership, and active insurance coverage. Options may include closed transport where the vehicle is transported in an enclosed container or in open-air transport style.
    • Moving services are also available specifically for military members and seniors

Cross Country Moving Group: Pros and Cons Summary:

The Good: Facilitates Moves Nationwide

They have a vast network of carriers that they use depending on the origin location and destination that spans across the U.S.

The Bad: Customer Satisfaction is Poor

Based on feedback from multiple sources, Cross Country does an excellent job in the initial sales process—but that is about it. Their representatives tend to make assurances and promises as needed to secure the agreement. When problems develop in the actual execution of the move the customer has limited recourse.


  • All carriers are appropriately licensed by federal regulators, maintain liability insurance coverage, and have significant experience.
  • Their sales representatives tend to make a positive first impression
  • A detailed inventory listing is created at the origin location before and during the loading process
  • The company website now contains a series of informational resources for those potentially relocating to Florida such as “The Best Place to Live in Tampa” and “Moving from New York City to Florida.”


  • Too many customers have poor overall outcomes
  • The salespeople do a poor job of explaining the potential for changes to the final price that may occur
  • Cross Country specializes in state-to-state long distance moves and doesn’t offer local service or international transport and relocation programs
  • They are not currently offering any discounted rates or promotions

Cost and Affordability

Cross Country Moving Group suggests that they negotiate on behalf of their potential customers to obtain discounted rates. The website doesn’t offer instant or “ballpark” prices and requires customers to speak with a representative. Deposits may be paid on their website using a major credit card or electronic transfer from your checking account.

Binding vs Non-Binding Estimates

The company website explains the types of estimates that are offered. A binding estimate is a written agreement that states the total cost of the move. For a binding estimate to be accurate, it requires that the details such as shipment weight and services included are accurate.

A non-binding estimate is subject to change based on a host of variable factors and often will increase. A good potential alternative is a binding not-to-exceed estimate that states a maximum amount that the customer could be charged.

Insurance/Protection Coverage

All carriers offer the mandated minimum liability protection for moving customers. The minimum levels are calculated at sixty cents (.60) per pound for each item. For example, a 10-pound furniture item is eligible for $6.00 in compensation. It should be noted that some carriers have restrictions regarding items that are packaged by the customer.

The majority of carriers also offer enhanced value protection coverage for an additional cost. These plans tend to vary and may have different deductible amounts. Any items of “extraordinary” value should also be identified in writing by the customer before the move.

In the event of damage, customers should adhere to the claims process as outlined by the carrier. Customers should also check with their agent or company when they have homeowners or renters insurance regarding whether any moving-related coverage is included or if add-on specialty coverage is available for purchase.

Deposits and Cancellation Fees

Customers must notify the company within 72 hours after finalizing the agreement to receive a full refund of their deposit. A fee of 4% is generally applied for cancellations. The company may apply a deposit toward a subsequent move that will occur within the next 12 months.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

More than 700 reviews from customers are posted on Google with an overall rating of 3.6 of 5. Although many customers had a positive experience, plenty also had problems. One of the most common complaints involved the final price far exceeding the original estimate. For example, a customer claimed to incur a $250 elevator-related fee and a $75 long-walking distance fee that wasn’t expected.

The other most prevalent complaint was that items were badly damaged during the move. This illustrates another potential problem that is inherent when using a broker. This occurs when the movers lose or damage items and customers become frustrated because the broker tends to be disinterested in these concerns as a third-party.

On Yelp, they have roughly 79 reviews and an overall rating of only 2 out of 5. Many of the problems involved major discrepancies between the quoted price and the final price-again and again! The salespeople tend to make a good initial impression and provide very attractive pricing, and then things generally go downhill quickly. Delays in arrival at the origin location, delays in reaching the destination, customers experiencing significant (unexpected) price increases, and more.

Cross Country Moving Group is not currently accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have received approximately 139 complaints over the past three years and 87 in the last 12 months. The following chart summarizes the nature of the complaints received by the BBB.

Category Number
Sales or Advertising 25
Billing 10
Delivery 32
Warranties or Guarantees 0
Product or Service Problem 72

Should You Consider Cross Country Moving Group for a Move?

Although there is some positive feedback from customers, many of them are disgruntled. Based on the results, Cross Country Moving Group is not a viable option.