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  • United States Moving Services (USMS) is a national moving broker headquartered in Georgia
  • The broker works with asset-based carriers to provide local and long-distance moving services
  • The company requires a 50% deposit when booking a move
  • Several customers claim that the company engages in fraudulent business practices
  • The broker is unaccredited with the BBB and has an F rating
  • The verdict: At this time, we don’t recommend using United States Moving Services
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How does United States Moving Services compare to other professional movers?

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Best Overall Value
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4.5 overall rating
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Best industry reputation
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Best customer service
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4.45 overall rating

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About United States Moving Services

United States Moving Services (U.S. DOT# 3589204) is a national moving broker headquartered in Fayetteville, Georgia. As a broker, USMS works with established carriers to provide discounted moving services. The company may leverage economies of scale to secure competitive prices, but it subcontracts packing and moving services to outside carriers.

As the company is less than a year old, only basic services are provided. Their network of agents can handle local and long-distance moves for residential and corporate customers and supplementary moving services like automobile transportation.

To date, the company has had trouble finding its footing in the industry. They are unaccredited with the Better Business Bureau and hold an F rating. Many customers share frustrations regarding their services, and there seem to be cases of fraudulent customer reviews to boost ratings.

  • Big discounts on moving services
  • Automobile transportation
  • Free web quotes
  • Don’t handle shipments to Alaska or Hawaii
  • Require big pre-move deposits
  • Customers frequently claim USMS engages in fraudulent business practices
  • Unaccredited with the BBB with an F rating

United States Moving Services offers a broad range of services

United States Moving Services focuses on the following basic moving services:

  • Local moving: The moving broker works with carriers that service northern Georgia cities like Athens, Atlanta, and Marietta
  • Long-distance moving: The company can organize moves anywhere across the country, excluding Alaska and Hawaii
  • Corporate relocation: United States Moving Services offers full-service corporate relocation. In addition to standard moving processes, they can also help facilitate the logistics of moving businesses while minimizing downtime
  • Packing and unpacking: The moving broker provides full-service and customized packing options for standard household goods as well as fragile items. The company may be able to direct customers to discounted packing material when they’d rather do the packing themselves
  • Long and short-term storage: The company offers a variety of storage solutions for both residential and commercial customers. They can store belongings on short notice at various facilities
  • Vehicle transportation: United States Moving Services works directly with Coast to Coast Auto to transport vehicles. The company can drop your car right at your door or organize a suitable alternate location when this isn’t possible

How much does United States Moving Services charge?

Because each move is unique, “ballpark” pricing can be inaccurate. Those interested in working with USMS should contact the company directly for a customized quote.

The moving broker provides free estimates on its website. Customers can fill out a simple form on the front page, providing their pick-up and drop-off locations, move type, and contact information.

Customers can also request their free quote using the phone number, email, or contact form provided on the company’s Contact Us page.

United States Moving Services works with several carriers that provide different estimate types. Those interested in working with this broker should request a carrier that offers binding estimates.

Binding estimates lock-in move costs as long as services and items haven’t been added.

Factors that affect move cost include:

  • Date and seasonality
  • Distance
  • Size of home or apartment
  • Weight of household goods
  • Moving add-ons like custom crating and appliance services
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Moving valuation

United States Moving Services does not provide a written cancellation policy.

According to one disgruntled customer, USMS required a 50% deposit at booking. This is much higher than is standard in the industry and may be a sign of fraudulent practices.

Check out our moving cost calculator to get a quote on your move and find the best movers in your area.

How is United States Moving Services’ customer service?

Customers may have to jump through hoops to contact United States Moving Services. The company has no posted office hours. We recommend those wanting to work with this moving broker call during typical business hours.

You can request a free quote or book an appointment with a customer service representative using the phone number or email provided on their Contact Us page.

While United States Moving Services does not offer pricing or on-time delivery guarantees, they do offer discounted moving services. The broker uses economies of scale to secure the best deals from shipping carriers in your area.

While the company excessively touts its quality service on its website, customers generally disagree with this assertion. In fact, many receive their items late and pay more than they were quoted.

Does United States Moving Services have a good online reputation?

USMS has struggled to build a decent reputation with its customers. The year-old company hasn’t established its Google Business account, so there is a lack of information about them. However, other sites show high numbers of reviews, which may suggest fraudulent practices aimed at artificially bolstering ratings.

Reviews on government websites and databases show a more accurate representation of this company’s performance. United States Moving Services is unaccredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an F rating.

The moving broker has a 1 out of 5-star rating on the BBB with six customer reviews, which is a more accurate number for such a young company. Nearly every review mentions moving scams, including bait-and-switch practices. The company has not responded to these reviews.

Since opening its doors, USMS has received 16 complaints, most of which cite issues with communication and final charges. One customer accused USMS of pretending to be United Van Lines, a highly trusted national mover.

The company has not addressed any of these complaints.

The following summarizes the categories (nature) of the complaints received.

BBB Complaint Types Number
Sales or Advertising 0
Collections or Billing 1
Deliver-Related Concerns 2
Warranty or Guarantee 0
Product or Service Problems 13

United States Moving Services has 27 official complaints filed on the National Consumer Complaint Database. According to the AI FMCSA website, customers frequently have issues with final charges, shipping documents, and deceptive business practices.

The company fails to impress its customers on public review sites. United States Moving Services has a 1 out of 5-star rating on Yelp with 33 customer reviews. Reviewers consistently mention issues with late deliveries and final charges. Many have had difficulty receiving their deposit on a cancellation or claiming damages.


Is United States Moving Services licensed and insured?

The moving industry uses various databases to collect information about moving companies. When assessing a moving business, we check four databases to see what information is registered and whether the company has claimed its profile.

These databases are compared alongside company websites, social media pages, and review sites (such as Yelp) to determine the moving business’s credibility and transparency.

Database Listed (Y/N)
Licensing Insurance FMCSA? Yes
Better Business Bureau (BBB) Listed but unaccredited

The services and information stated on United States Moving Services’ website are mostly consistent with the information on these government databases.

The moving broker has updated licenses, is adequately insured, and clearly states its broker status. However, USMS claims to offer local services in Michigan when the business is headquartered in Georgia.

For more information on moving company regulations and why we choose to look at these databases, check out our post on how moving companies are regulated.

How are United States Moving Services’ website and social media presence?

At first glance, United States Moving Services has a clean and interactive website. However, much of the content isn’t particularly relevant or helpful. 

United States Moving Services has an About Us page but does not mention its owners or company history.

The moving broker has no active presence on social media at this time.

Should you consider United States Moving Services for a move?

United States Moving Services is a national moving broker located in Northern Georgia. They offer local and long-distance services for residential and commercial customers. They offer standard and supplementary moving services like packing and automobile transportation.

The broker may be able to get some customers discounted moving services, but their 50% deposit requirement is far higher than the industry average. They also don’t provide a cancellation policy, giving little flexibility to customers that might need to cancel or reschedule their move.

Most customers are highly dissatisfied with United States Moving Services’ customer service. People unanimously have issues with late deliveries and final charges, and many claim that they were intentionally scammed. The moving broker makes no attempt to reconcile with their customers.

Overall, we recommend avoiding United States Moving Services until the company fixes its internal problems.

For more help choosing the right moving company and getting free moving quotes, check our picks of the top-rated interstate moving companies.

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