United Van Lines Moving Review: Moving Costs, Service Options, and More

Overall Opinion: United Van Lines makes it easy to customize every aspect of your move, with transparent pricing for packages of add-on services. That, in addition to full-value protection included with every move, makes United Van Lines a company you should definitely consider for your move.

United Van Lines     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

United Van Lines was founded in 1928, which makes it one of the oldest moving companies you can find. That experience definitely comes with some benefits — the company has built out services for just about any move you might need to make.

UVL also makes it easy to customize your move, so you can get a full-service experience or DIY some parts of the move to keep costs lower. There are a number of optional add-ons that can help make your move even less work on your part.

You should always compare multiple companies when planning a move, but in our opinion, UVL should definitely be one that you get a quote from. We rated it 4 out of 5 stars. Read on for a comprehensive review.

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United Van Lines Reviews: The Good and the Bad

There are a lot of considerations that go into choosing a moving company. Here are the things we love about UVL, what we think they could improve, and all the pros and cons you need to know about before booking a mover.

The Good: Transparent Package Pricing and Protection

If you’ve been shopping for a moving company for a while, you know that many of them are reluctant to tell you much about their pricing — especially for add-on services — upfront.

Not UVL.

While your price quote needs to be customized because it depends on things like how many boxes you’re moving and how far, UVL has a collection of full-service moving packages that all come at flat rates if you decide to add them to your move.

Here’s a quick look at what’s offered.

Essentials Package Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 3 Plus 4 Plus 5
Cost $195 $395 $595 $795 $1,195 $1,395
Added Value Protection $5,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $30,000 $30,000
Included Service Claim assistance, Identity theft protection Services from Essentials, plus increased destination waiting time Services from Plus 1, plus additional delay payment Services from Plus 1, plus additional delay payment Services from Plus 1, plus additional delay payment Services from Plus 1, plus additional delay payment
Extra services you can add 0 1 2 3 4 5

And here are the extra services you can choose from to add to each of the packages.


Options for Plus 1 Options for Plus 2 and Plus 3 Options for Plus 4 and Plus 5
Destination debris pickup
PC network disassembly
PC and network setup
Home theater stand mount disassembly
Home theater stand mount setup
Home theater wall mount disassembly
Move-out cleaning service
Home theater wall mount setup

Even if you don’t purchase any of these packages, UVL offers full-value coverage for every move. This coverage calculates the value of your goods by multiplying the shipping weight by $6 per pound. That means, for a 100-pound sofa, for example, you’re covered for up to $600 in value. If you need more coverage than that, you can add it on. But the coverage UVL includes in every move is way more extensive than the basic liability coverage that’s standard for moving companies to offer.

This adds a ton of value to the services you’re getting, so we love this feature.

The Bad: Communication May Be Unclear Between Agents

United Van Lines is made up of 400 authorized agents across the U.S.

While that’s great for making sure there’s an agency near your location, some reviewers have reported that the agencies sometimes fail to communicate with one another, leading to some confusion.

One really frustrating thing we encountered was how many services have prices that vary depending on which United agent is providing them, so you can’t get pricing information by calling the United Van Lines phone number.

United Van Lines Reviews: Other Pros and Cons

Those are our favorite and least favorite features. But there’s a lot more to consider, so here’s a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of booking a move with United Van Lines.

United Van Lines Pros United Van Lines Cons
  • Been in business since 1928, which means it has almost unparalleled experience in the moving industry.
  • Transparent pricing and packages that include extra services for flat fees.
  • Full-value coverage included in every move.
  • Comprehensive website with a ton of information about available options and moving in general.
  • Storage options available.
  • No instant online quotes.
  • Doesn’t move pianos, antiques, or other items that require special training and care.
  • Network of individual agents can lead to communication problems.

United Van Lines Services

United Van Lines is a moving company, so its primary goal is to safely, securely get your belongings from Point A to Point B. But there are a number of different types of moves, as well as add-on features the company offers.

United Van Lines for Local Moves

UVL offers a lot of customization options for local moves, meaning you only have to pay for what you need.

You can have professional movers handle just the loading and transporting. You can have them do partial-packing so they handle bulky or fragile items to make sure they’re well packed to stay safe in transit. Or you can book a full-service move and let the pros handle the entire job, from packing to loading to transporting to unpacking.

United Van Lines for Long-Distance Moves

All of the services you can get for a local move are also available for moving long distances. UVL allows you to customize your booking to meet your exact needs, whether that’s a full-service move or just transportation of your packed boxes.

United Van Lines for International Moves

Moving internationally comes with its own set of challenges, but UVL is here to help. The company will deliver your belongings to the port of your choice, or directly to your new home. In addition, UVL offers:

  • Full-service moving to more than 180 countries
  • An international account manager to act as your strategic partner throughout the move
  • Global property protection plans
  • Customs documentation

United Van Lines for Moving and Storage

If you need to store your belongings in between leaving your old address and getting to your new one, UVL partners with secure storage facilities where you can store your things for short or long term stays. Storage fees vary by location since UVL uses a network of partner storage facilities.

United Van Lines for Auto Transport

Not every moving company can transport your car or other vehicle along with your other things, but UVL can. You can easily build door-to-door car transport into your moving quote.

United Van Lines for Moving Special and Fragile Items

Moving special and high-value items, like pianos, antiques, and fine art, requires special training and certification. Some of UVL’s agents can provide this, and others can’t, so it’s not a service the company advertises on its website. To find out if this is available in your area, you’ll have to contact your local UVL agent.

Is There a United Van Lines Near Me?

The short answer: Probably, yes. UVL has more than 400 authorized service agents in all 50 U.S. states. This is a widely available company, so wherever you live, you’re likely within their service area.

How Much Does United Van Lines Cost?

As with any mover, the cost estimate will be specific to you and your moving needs. United Van Lines calculates quotes based on:

  • Moving dates and times
  • Actual shipping weight of your items
  • Total distance of the move
  • Additional services and storage add-ons

You can get an estimate over the phone in many cases, but locking in a price quote often requires sending photos or videos of your home, or having an in-home visit from an agent.

To get an idea of what to expect as far as prices, we requested quotes ranges for a 1,000-mile move. Keep in mind that your prices might be very different from these ones, depending on your specific moving needs.

1 bedroom 2-3 bedrooms 4-5 bedrooms
You pack $2,100 – $4,300 $3,500 – $5,400 $4,300 – $7,600
UVL packs $2,700 – $6,200 $4,700 – $8,000 $6,200 – $11,400

You can always add any of the packages we outlined above, or you can add-on services a la carte.

All moving costs must be paid before your belongings are delivered at their final destination. If you’re putting them into storage, you need to pay the transportation costs before they’re delivered to the storage facility, and then storage fees monthly as they’re assessed by the facility.

You can pay for your UVL move with cash, traveler’s check, money order or cashier’s check. Interstate moves can be paid for with credit or debit cards. Personal checks are not accepted.

Getting the best price on a move is all about comparison shopping so be sure to get multiple quotes from professional moving companies.

Service Add-Ons for United Van Lines

For many add-on services, pricing is set by the individual UVL agents and so will vary by location. This includes:

  • Specialty items, like pianos, antiques, and fine art
  • Packing fragile items like fine china
  • Shuttles to transport goods from your home to the truck if there’s not enough room to park a moving truck nearby

Any of these services can be discussed while you’re getting your estimate, and the local agent will be able to provide the information.

Getting a Quote and Booking with United Van Lines

Unfortunately, United Van Lines doesn’t offer any instant online pricing estimates. To get a quote, you’ll need to enter some basic information online, then work with a service representative to fill in the details about your move and choose what services (if any) you’d like included. A customized quote will be provided for you and you can book then, or save a reference number to book later.

Once you’ve booked your move, you can make modifications at any time by contacting your provider. UVL can’t guarantee your pricing won’t change if you need to change your dates. If your plans change and you need to cancel your booking, there may be a cancellation fee, but that’s set by the United Van Lines agent who’s handling your move.

Once your move is in progress, you can track your truck via online United Van Lines tracking, which is a handy feature.

United Van Lines Online Reputation and Reviews

Since United Van Lines works with so many agents across the country, it’s hard to get a good feel for the company’s overall reputation. Some of its agents operate under different names, and every individual location has its own review pages on Google, Yelp, and other review sites.

It’s the same for UVL’s Better Business Bureau pages — there are different pages for all the different UVL locations. None of them are BBB accredited that we can see, and when it comes to United Van Lines BBB ratings, they also vary. Some locations aren’t even rated at all. It’s impossible to search BBB for every United Van Lines agent that operates under a different name, which makes it even harder to get a clear picture of what people think about their experiences with UVL. Our best advice is to research which agents are closest to you and search online for those specific agents to see what people have to say about them.

According to our research, the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives United Van Lines a “satisfactory” safety rating. The agency has seen 51 complaints against United Van Lines in the last four years, which seems like a lot but is actually pretty average for a moving company of this size. Complaints were for:

  • Operating Authority
  • Insurance
  • Shipping Documents
  • Estimates/Final charges
  • Weighing
  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Loss and Damage
  • Claim Settlement
  • Deceptive Business Practices
  • Other Commercial Complaints

United Van Lines Business Presence

United Van Lines is one of the most established moving companies in the country, but its system of partnering with agencies in different states affects its business presence online.

Different agents are required to claim their own listings on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Places. Some of them have, and some haven’t — it’s a pretty mixed bag.

United Van Lines is registered with AMSA Pro Mover.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to do your research when choosing a mover. Since it can be confusing to find UVL agents online, this company might take a little extra research. Keep in mind that some agents may be far more professional and higher quality than others, and it comes down to luck and what’s available in your area.

Is United Van Lines Right For Your Move?

With its history and experience in the industry, United Van Lines can likely handle your move, no matter what you need. This company is a great choice for people who want to customize a full-service move with UVL’s long list of optional, a la carte services.

Ready to book a company for your move? Compare prices and get instant quotes from multiple movers you can trust.