United Van Lines Review: Moving Costs, Services, and More

Here’s the bottom line: United Van Lines has solidly earned its position as one of the best moving companies in the country. It may not be the most affordable moving solution you can find, but its full-value protection, suite of add-on options, and wide international reach make it a worthwhile option for movers with the right budget.

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  • Family owned
  • East coast focus
  • Affordable pricing
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All the best reviews are based on real-life customer experiences, so when we can, we pull data and moving experiences from our Better Moves Project.

After ruling out DIY and hybrid moving companies, Amy reached out to United Van Lines for her move from Rochester, New York, to Mineral Wells, Texas. United Van Lines connected her with a local moving carrier, Corrigan Moving Systems. Her move couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

We’ve read hundreds of customer reviews, evaluated United Van Lines’ moving services, and compared it to a couple of competitors to help you decide if it’s the right moving company for your upcoming relocation.

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Amy's Move with United Van Lines
In late September of 2022, Amy moved from Rochester, New York to Mineral Wells, Texas. Amy’s biggest priorities were working with an experienced company that communicated effectively and could pick up and deliver her items on time without loss or damage. She chose United Van Lines, who connected her with a local carrier and her move went seamlessly.
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Pros & cons of moving with United Van Lines

  • Provides a wide range of moving services, including full-service packing, storage, and custom crating
  • More than 100 years of experience in the moving industry
  • United Van Lines’ website has advice, moving checklists, and other resources
  • Offers unique add-on services, such as debris removal, cleaning, and door-to-door auto transport
  • Convenient shipment tracking throughout the moving process
  • Has service options for small moves at a competitive price point
  • Handles moves in more than 150 countries
  • Free cancellation up until the moving date
  • Assigns a dedicated move coordinator to each reservation
  • May not be the best fit for tight time frames
  • Often more expensive than other full-service moving companies
  • Doesn’t operate in all states (not available in Rhode Island, Hawaii, Vermont, or West Virginia)

Key takeaways

  • United Van Lines (USDOT#77949) is a full-service moving company that goes above and beyond its competitors by offering a long list of additional services, such as cleaning, technology support, and custom crating that streamline the moving process.
  • The company offers in-person estimates to ensure your moving quote is accurate and all-inclusive of your desired services.
  • United Van Lines may not be the lowest-cost moving solution out there, but its reputation and customer service make it worth it to get a quote.

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United Van Lines pricing: How much it costs to move

United Van Lines offers online quotes, but they may not be accurate for all situations. In many cases, the company will send out a representative from one of its partner carriers to survey your belongings.

Amy started her vetting process by requesting quotes from several moving companies. Because United Van Lines’ partner, Corrigan Moving Systems, had an office near Amy’s home in Rochester, she could schedule an in-person estimate.

The representative determined she had between 4,100 and 4,800 pounds of household goods and quoted her at $8,425 for packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, transportation, and full-value protection for her items. This estimate is all-inclusive, so you won’t be stuck with any hidden fees throughout the moving process.

United Van Lines wasn’t originally Amy’s first choice, but after another moving company scared her off with high-pressure sales tactics, she remembered that Corrigan’s representatives gave her the best gut feeling.

After you get a quote from United Van Lines, compare it to our moving cost calculator to confirm you’re getting the best deal.

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United Van Lines offers a wide variety of services

With more than 4,000 trucks and trailers, United Van Lines can offer its customers a long list of services. It brokers moving services with partner carriers in its vast network when it can’t directly accommodate your moving needs.

Here’s what the company can provide:

  • Local moves: United Van Lines works with trusted local carriers to schedule residential moves within the same city or 50 miles of their origin location.
  • Long-distance moves: United Van Lines moving coordinators can walk customers through federally required paperwork and documentation, ensuring you have a thorough moving checklist to follow throughout the process.
  • International moves: United Van Lines’ international moving specialists can create a custom plan when moving out of the United States. With experience transporting goods to more than 150 countries, the company knows how to personalize every move and offers global property protection.
  • Corporate moves: The shipping carrier offers a full-service corporate package, handling everything from packing and storage to realtor acquisition.
  • Government and military moves: United Van Lines is a GSA-approved company trusted to transport goods for the government or military. This includes moving military families for temporary duty or a Permanent Change of Station.
  • Packing and unpacking: The company offers full-service packing, including custom crating for specialty and bulk items. They can pack and unpack, and they sell packing materials if you prefer to do the boxing up yourself. They even offer tutorial videos on their YouTube for customers who’d rather DIY.
  • Long- and short-term storage services: United Van Lines offers a variety of storage solutions for every customer. For residential and long-distance moves, customers have access to short-term storage options. United can store items for as long as necessary for those moving out of the country.
  • Auto transportation: The carrier can transport customers’ vehicles and household goods door-to-door. In case their trailer isn’t able to meet customers at their house, the company will work to establish a drop-off point in the local area.
  • Cleaning and debris pickup: United Van Lines can coordinate additional services within 30 days of your moving date to tie up any loose ends at your former property.
  • Electronics installation: United Van Lines movers can disassemble your home theater or entertainment system and put it back together in your new home.

How United Van Lines stacks up against the competition

United Van Lines is one of seven companies that earned a spot on our list of the best long-distance moving companies. We’ve pulled a couple full-service movers from that list, so you can compare United Van Lines’ services, reputation, and reach to other reliable moving companies.

United Van Lines vs. Mayzlin Relocation

Mayzlin Relocation is a full-service mover that offers most of the same services as United Van Lines, so it’s a pretty apples-to-apples comparison. In terms of reputation, United Van Lines has a higher Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating at A+, while Mayzlin isn’t far behind with an A. Mayzlin is a family-owned business with 24/7 customer support and a lenient cancellation policy, perhaps contributing to its overwhelmingly positive customer reviews.

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Neither United Van Lines nor Mayzlin offers online quotes — you’ll need to do an in-person, virtual, or over-the-phone estimate. Mayzlin and United are both competitive in terms of pricing, but Mayzlin will honor lower quotes from other pro moving companies.

United Van Lines vs. American Van Lines

American Van Lines is different from United Van Lines because the former only operates as a carrier, whereas United Van Lines sometimes outsources services to its partners. American Van Lines can better regulate and train its employees and thus better control the quality of its services.

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United Van Lines has American Van Lines beat by a mile in terms of experience though. American Van Lines was founded within the last two decades, while United Van Lines is one of the nation’s oldest moving companies.

American Van Lines advertises full-value protection, but it may not be available in all areas –– that’s not the case with United Van Lines. Like United Van Lines, American Van Lines offers flat-rate pricing or binding estimates that won’t change throughout the moving process.

Company BBB score State availability Full-value protection?
United Van Lines A+ 46 (not in HI, RI, VT, or WV) Yes
Mayzlin Relocation A 48 (not in AK or HI) Yes
American Van Lines A 48 (not in AK or HI) Limited availability

We recommend requesting quotes from all three companies –– and whoever else catches your eye –– and choosing the one that gives you the best impression.

How moving with United Van Lines works

United Van Lines’ moving process can vary depending on the size of your move and how far you’re moving, but there are a few common threads to keep in mind.

After confirming your initial quote with an in-person estimate, you can schedule packers to carefully wrap and prepare your items for transit. Once your items are packed, you can await your moving date, which will be anywhere from the next day to a few days after your household goods are packed.

On moving day, your driver may arrive a few minutes ahead of the rest of the labor help, so it’s a good idea to leave some flexibility in your schedule. In Amy’s case, her driver’s moving help arrived within 30 minutes.

The crew loaded the entirety of Amy’s three-bedroom home in seven hours, and she said she wouldn’t change a thing. This time frame even included wrapping, custom crating, and loading her arcade machine into the truck.

Amy got her driver’s phone number and received updates throughout the drive. Her items arrived in Texas nine days later and well within her estimated delivery window. The driver called the day before delivery, which Amy appreciated.

Amy checked things off as the crew unloaded them and everything was accounted for, but a few things had damage. She quickly submitted a claim, and within a couple days, it was approved with a check in the mail. Amy had a five-star experience and would recommend United Van Lines to anyone.

Should you use United Van Lines to move?

Still not sure if United Van Lines is the best fit for your specific move? Here are our recommendations in a nutshell.

Use United Van Lines if:

  • You have a complex move that requires car transport and other specialty services
  • You want a personal moving coordinator to help oversee your move
  • You’re making an international move
  • You prefer a wide selection of optional services like debris clean-up and electronics installation

Do not use United Van Lines if:

  • You’re on a tight budget
  • You are making a last-minute move (the company typically schedules in-person walkthroughs of your home for a more accurate estimate, which can take time)


Why is United Van Lines so expensive?

United Van Lines isn’t going to be the cheapest full-service moving company you can find, but don’t rule it out before you get a quote. United Van Lines’ moving services are high-quality and worth the price if you can afford it.

United Van Lines’ cost estimates depend on numerous factors, including your moving date, weight and volume of your household goods, add-on services, insurance coverage, and the distance between your current home and your new home.

Who owns United Van Lines?

UniGroup owns United Van Lines and Mayflower. The parent company is headquartered in St. Louis.

Is United Van Lines better than most companies?

United Van Lines offers better insurance coverage than many full-service moving companies, which can be a major plus if you have a lot of fragile or high-value items. While most moving companies have basic valuation coverage of around $0.60 per pound, United Van Lines offers protection up to $6 per pound.

You can upgrade your coverage to full-value protection for an extra fee.

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