American Moving Solutions Review

Overall Opinion

  • American Moving Solutions is a national moving broker located in Southeast Florida
  • The broker handles local and long-distance residential moves
  • The company requires a hefty pre-move deposit and has a strict cancellation policy
  • Though it’s clearly posted on the website, some customers claim to have been unaware of the company’s broker status
  • The company is unaccredited with the BBB and has a C+ rating
  • Best for: moderately sized local and long-distance moves
  • Not recommended for: those moving high-value items
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How does American Moving Solutions compare to other professional movers?

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About American Moving Solutions

American Moving Solutions (U.S. DOT# 3583108) is a national moving broker headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida. As a broker, the company works with established carriers to provide discounted relocation services. However, American Moving Solutions does not directly handle or transport its customers’ belongings.

Fed up with how some moving brokers treat their customers, business owner Daniel Yarbrough cofounded American Moving Solutions in 2021 to provide the highest quality broker services. Focusing solely on local and long-distance residential moves, the company vets its agents to ensure that it only works with the best carriers.

The owners are ex-military and proudly offer discounts to military personnel and first-responders. They believe strongly in their reputation, and would rather display both positive and negative reviews than change their company name. This philosophy speaks volumes about their integrity.

  • Discounts for military personnel and first responders
  • Free web quotes
  • Active and transparent on public review sites
  • Relatively high deposits and a strict cancellation policy
  • Very little information on their website
  • Unaccredited with the BBB and hold a C+ rating

American Moving Solutions offers a broad range of services

To keep service levels high, American Moving Solutions focuses on the following four basic service areas:

  • Local moves: The moving broker works with Florida-based agents and movers to provide local relocation services in and around West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami
  • Long-distance moves: American Moving Solutions can coordinate complicated cross-country moves. The company does handle moves to Alaska, but not to Hawaii
  • Packing and unpacking: The company offers full-service and customized packing for its customers. They provide specialized packing material to safely transport kitchen supplies, wardrobes, and fragile and unique items
  • Short and long-term storage: The moving broker provides various storage solutions. They can store items last minute and offer climate-controlled units for fragile and sensitive belongings

American Moving Solutions offers virtual estimates for its customers’ convenience.

How much does American Moving Solutions charge?

Since no two moves are identical, “ballpark” pricing can be inaccurate. Those interested in working with American Moving Solutions should inquire about a moving estimate.

The moving broker offers free estimates on its website. Customers can fill out a small form, providing the company with their pickup and dropoff locations, the type and size of the move, and their contact information.

Customers can inquire about estimates using the phone number or email provided on the company’s Contact Us page. American Moving Solutions offers virtual estimates for those looking for the most accurate price on their move. Using a video call, the company can offer a quote closest to the final charge of the move.

American Moving Solutions works with many agents offering different types of quotes. Those interested in working with this broker should request a carrier that provides binding estimates.

Binding estimates lock in the amount due as long as items haven’t been added and move conditions haven’t changed. Adding items and services will increase the cost of the move.

Factors that affect move cost include:

  • Date and seasonality
  • Distance
  • Size of home or apartment
  • Weight of belongings
  • Moving add-ons like custom crating and appliance services
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage
  • Moving valuation

The moving broker accepts all major credit cards for deposits at the time of booking.

The company requires a 40% down payment, but estimate type and final charges vary by carrier.

The company has a strict cancellation policy. Customers looking for a refund on their deposit must cancel within 72 hours of booking. All refunds are subject to a 15% cancellation fee.

To get a quote on your move and to find out about the best movers in your area, check out our moving cost calculator.

How is American Moving Solutions’ customer service?

The moving broker works hard to offer its customers top-notch service. American Moving Solutions has business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. They are closed on Sunday.

Customers that would like to receive a free estimate or book an appointment can use the phone number or email listed on the company’s Contact Us page.

Owner Daniel Yarbrough is dedicated to offering customers the best possible prices. American Moving Solutions offers a limited pricing guarantee to match other brokers in Southeast Florida. Those who have estimates from other brokers should consider calling this company to compare prices.

The moving broker also offers on-time delivery guarantees for customers who want to ensure their belongings show up on time. The guarantee comes at an additional cost and varies depending on the size of the move. Speak to a customer service representative for more details.

The company has also partnered with third-party insurance companies for those that would like extra protection on their belongings. Standard valuation includes coverage of .60 cents per pound per article up to $10,000. Those with exceedingly valuable items may consider talking to a representative about full-value replacement coverage.

As most young companies do, American Moving Solutions has had its share of growing pains. While many customers are pleased with their responsiveness, others have issues with delivery times and final charges.

However, the company consistently reaches out to customers in an effort to reconcile negative experiences.

Does American Moving Solutions have a good online reputation?

The moving broker sticks to a strict philosophy, believing in honest reviews. As such, they don’t try to hide negative reviews but instead, answer them. While this may result in low ratings on some sites, it offers insight into the company’s trustworthiness.

This is explained on the company’s government and official databases. American Moving Solutions is unaccredited with the Better Business Bureau and holds a C+ rating.

The moving broker maintains a 1.53 out of 5-star rating with 15 customer reviews. Many customers share frustrations with delivery times and final charges. Interestingly enough, several of the reviews on their BBB file are from the same people leaving similar comments on every review page.

The company received 26 complaints since it opened in early 2021. Customers mention issues with final charges and customer service.

Below is a breakdown of the complaints filed against American Moving Solutions in the last year.

BBB Complaint Types Number
Sales or Advertising 2
Collections or Billing 5
Deliver-Related Concerns 1
Warranty or Guarantee 0
Product or Service Problems 18

The moving broker received 15 official complaints on the National Consumer Complaint Database. According to the AI FMCSA website, American Moving Solutions has final charges and delivery issues.

While the moving broker receives mixed comments on public review sites, it is apparent that they actively try to offer transparency. For example, the company has claimed its profile, providing highlights, services, an about section, and amenities. They also answer try to provide insight into negative reviews.

American Moving Solutions holds a 3.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot with 73 reviews. Some customers have issues with delivery times and final charges, while others appreciate the company’s responsiveness and attention to detail. The moving broker responds to 81% of negative reviews on the public review site.

Is American Moving Solutions licensed and insured?

The moving industry uses databases to collect information about various moving companies. When assessing a moving business, we check four databases to see what information is registered and whether the company has claimed its profiles.

These databases are compared alongside company websites, social media pages, and review sites (such as Yelp) to determine the moving business’s credibility and transparency.

Database Listed (Y/N)
Licensing Insurance FMCSA? Yes
Better Business Bureau (BBB) Listed but unaccredited

The services and information stated on American Moving Solutions’ website are largely consistent with the information on these government databases. The moving broker has up-to-date licenses and insurance to operate. They also directly state their broker status on their website with a disclaimer at the bottom of the home page.

For more information on moving company regulations and why we choose to look at these databases, check out our post on how moving companies are regulated.

How are American Moving Solutions’ website and social media presence?

The company’s website is brief. Customers may only find contact information and a form for a free quote, with little other content. They do, however, provide a disclaimer stating their broker status at the bottom of the home page.

The moving broker currently has no social media presence, although they have left space for a Facebook page in the future.

Should you consider American Moving Solutions for a move?

American Moving Solutions is a national moving broker located in Southeast Florida. They exclusively handle local and long-distance moves for residential customers. The veteran-owned company offers discounts to military personnel and first responders.

The moving broker requires a hefty deposit and has a strict cancellation policy. Those working with American Moving Solutions should come prepared with an accurate list of belongings and have the details of their move planned.

Understandably, the company has had some service issues in its first year in business. While many customers express their gratitude, others leave scathing reviews on multiple sites. It’s natural to base a company’s worth on customer feedback, but the way American Moving Solutions presents itself publically on these sites sets them apart from many other businesses.

Overall, we recommend American Moving Solutions to provide quality brokerage solutions for average-sized moves. While the company is still new in the moving industry, it has the experience and integrity to care for its customers.

For more help choosing the right moving company and getting free moving quotes, check our picks of the top-rated interstate moving companies.

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