United Nation Van Lines Company Review

Overall Opinion of United Nation Van Lines: At first glance, the company appears to be a leader in the residential and commercial long-distance moving markets. They offer full-service moving options that include packing and unpacking that are marketed to seniors. Their nationwide service area and flexible storage capabilities are also attractive for military members that are subject to frequent relocation.

After researching their presence on the internet, it became apparent that they are using some questionable marketing practices, some of which will be presented in this review.

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United Nation Van Lines     1.5 out of 5.0 stars

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United Nation Van Lines: Moving Services Available

The company was established roughly 10 years ago and boasts having completed more than 12,000 moving projects. The three founders of the company have implemented a highly efficient system for coordinating long-distance moving. The management team outlines their core values that include affordability, reliability, and speed.

Some of the primary services provided are as follows:

  • Long Distance Moving: Offers moving services nationwide completed by trained staff and professional customer support. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) summary of the company confirmed that the organization is properly licensed and insured. Further, FMCSA data shows they have not been the subject of any consumer complaints or had any safety violations for at least the last four years.
  • Seniors Moving: Older individuals can benefit from the “full-serve” moving options. All belongings are packaged, loaded for transports, unloaded, and unpackaged at the destination. A representative from United Nation Van Lines will contact the retirement community management on behalf of customers to ensure you are compliant with any rules and procedures that must be adhered to regarding moving.
  • Military Relocation: United Nation Van Lines complies with military guidelines, standards, and codes that are requested of moving service providers. Their nationwide coverage is available for all domestic moves. Short-term storage needs are common among military personnel who may encounter lapses involving the sale of their existing home, availability of their new home, etc.
  • Corporate Relocation: Employs a team of “certified corporate relocation specialists” that are available to create a customized relocation plan for small or large businesses. They have experience in taking an inventory, tearing down, packaging, and transporting office furniture. Larger commercial customers may benefit from the vast storage space that is available for securely retaining big inventories of office furniture and equipment.
  • Packing Services: Offers complete packing and unpacking services using a customized assortment of packaging materials that will prevent any potential damage to fragile belongings. They have experience handling property that is susceptible to damage including glass, home electronic equipment, and very bulky furniture. Currently, they are offering a 50% discount for those who perform the unpacking of their belongings themselves upon reaching the destination.
  • Storage Services: The company offers customized storage solutions for small or large quantities of items within a 45,000 square foot storage facility. Security cameras are used for monitoring and climate-controlled storage is available.

United Nation Van Lines: Pros and Cons Summary:

As with any moving company, United Nation Van Lines has its strengths and weaknesses.

The Good: Nationwide Coverage

With branch offices in Sacramento, California, and now in Westerville, OH, the company offers long-distance moving service throughout the country. Their nationwide service area is likely to appeal to those in the military.

The Bad: Several Red Flags


  • Using text verbatim from a competitor’s website
  • All 24 out of 24 reviews on Google are 5-star and all were posted in a short period earlier this year
  • No listings on Yelp despite being in business for 9 years

Suspiciously similar text on a rival moving company’s website

Moving Nation mentioned in their about page


  • The company strives to maintain affordability compared to other long-distance carriers in the market
  • Secured and climate-controlled storage facilities are available for those with short or long-term needs
  • Offers “expedited” commercial moving services for a “reasonable surcharge” that is an excellent option for those on a short deadline
  • Experienced with office furniture disassembly, packaging, and shipping for commercial customers
  • Packing and unpacking services are available regardless of whether other services such as moving or storage are purchased


  • The quote (estimate) tool on the website does not automatically provide any pricing, rather a sales representative will call you back
  • No local moving services are available at this time
  • The total absence of any customer reviews before those posted this year is a cause for concern for a company that has been in business for nearly 10 years

Cost and Affordability

The company claims to often beat the prices of their competitors by 30% or more. This savings is largely the result of operational efficiencies that were originally implemented by the founders of the company. Keep in mind that the do not market their services to those moving locally and may not be as competitively priced in this area of the market.

As part of the management team’s summary of core values, they acknowledged a strong commitment to maintaining affordability and quality. They explained that their goal is not to be viewed exclusively as the “cheapest movers” by sacrificing the training of their staff or quality of the vehicles and equipment necessary to maintain customer satisfaction.

The company website makes no mention of the availability of property insurance coverage. This is financial protection that is available for a customer if items are damaged during the moving process. Because they are federally licensed as an approved provider of interstate moving services, they are required to offer mandatory minimum coverage levels; however, these requirements are based on the weight of the item damaged rather than the value of the property.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) maintains an A+ rating for the Sacramento, California location; however, they are not listed as being BBB accredited and only have one customer review. This lone rating reported that the company was efficient, professional, and affordable.

They have a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Google. This is based on a total of 24 customer reviews. Their customers praised the staff for being punctual, professional, and reasonably priced. One concern is that the company states they have been in business for more than nine years, but the oldest review on Google is only from four months ago.

They have a listing on Porch with dozens of customer reviews, which were all 5-stars. The reviews applauded the work ethic and professionalism of the movers, and the assistance provided by the customer service representatives.

The BBB report for the Westerville, Ohio location indicated that are not BBB accredited and have an undetermined rating based on zero reviews or complaints.

There was no Yelp listing for the company in Sacramento, CA.

There was no Yelp listing for the company in Westerville, OH.

It’s worth noting that their Facebook page was created on February 24, 2020

Should You Consider for a Move?

United Nation Van Lines appears to be a viable option for long-distance moves. One of the most common types of complaints among moving company customers are those related to billing. All customer feedback from those who used United Nation Van Lines suggested that the quotes provided were accurate and that they did not encounter any add-on fees or unexpected expenses. Overall, there is a reason for some concern based on some of the aforementioned credibility concerns.

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