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All My Sons
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  • The organization is well-established as a “full-service” moving and relocation service provider.
  • The company’s branding and other marketing is very well done and goes into great depth describing the company.
  • Based on the enormous volume of customer reviews, it is clear that this company is conducting many moves.
  • Unfortunately, many customers have reported negative outcomes.
  • The leading concerns are punctuality, items being damaged by movers, and billing discrepancies resulting from fees and surcharges.

How does All My Sons compare to other professional movers?

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All My Sons Moving & Storage: Moving Services Available:

The organization is a licensed interstate carrier that was established as a family business more than 20 years ago and maintains a headquarters in Carrolton, Texas.

  • Local & Long-Distance Moving: Each customer is assigned a moving consultant that serves as a primary point of contact. Long-distance moving services are available in more than 15 states. Padded wrapping and furniture placement are always included for no additional charge. Estimates are made following an in-home walkthrough.
  • Corporate Relocation and Commercial Moving: The company has trained professionals that understand the importance of supporting companies, employees, and their families through moves and relocations. A customized moving strategy is implemented to accommodate work schedules, budgetary concerns, and normal operation of a business. For destinations located within 500 miles, same-day or next-day arrival is possible.
  • Storage Solutions: Customers can store property for short or long periods in the company’s “modern” storage facilities. These locations are fully secured, have alarm systems, and each warehouse is professionally managed. Property is handled systematically through a process that involves creating a complete inventory and properly marking and tagging items. Other available benefits include climate control, fire protection systems, and special sanitized units.
  • Packing Services and Supplies: Full-service professional packing and unpacking services are available to residential and commercial customers. The packing services are tailored specifically to address the individual needs of the customers. The packing supplies available for purchase include boxes and crates, blankets, bubble wrap, foam, tape, and more. As another option to increase affordability, customers may purchase used supplies when they are available.

The company also recognizes that having the right tools for a moving project is important. They have dollies, hand trucks, strap ties, and other equipment to quickly and safely move items.

  • Offers special packing and moving services for fragile, expensive, or sentimental items such as pianos, organs, sculptures, and grandfather clocks
  • Capable of managing commercial or corporate moves and relocations that are large or small
  • Complimentary quilt padding is used to protect items during the moving process and drawers of cabinets and other furnishings do not need to be emptied out
  • Receives an excessive number of complaints involving severe damage to items, walls, and floors during moves
    Far too often the customer does not realize that charges are added for supplies and that other miscellaneous fees apply
  • There is a tendency for moves that are scheduled for the morning hours to be delayed late into the afternoon hours
  • It does not appear that international moving services are available

The Good: Competitive Pricing

Many customers remarked that their moving prices were comparatively low and represented a good value.

The Bad: Damage to Items and Property During Moves

The photos speak for themselves—the movers are not handling their customer’s property with enough care. It appears that many of the movers are careless when navigating hallways and staircases, which often results in collisions with walls and/or floor damage.

Cost and Affordability

Although an emphasis is placed on quality, the company’s marketing boasts of offering “quality services at low prices” and “affordable” supplies for packing. Basic minimum insurance is offered as required by law; however, much more comprehensive coverage is available for purchase. Many of their customers explained that the final charges exceeded their expectations based on the initial estimate.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

The main office in Texas has received feedback from more than 1,900 customers on Google with a 4 out of 5 overall ratings. Many of the dissatisfied customers felt that they had not been made aware of different extra charges that they were billed for. Although the movers are generally described as being professional and friendly, they commonly arrive several hours later than expected.

The location in Las Vegas has more than 300 customer reviews on Google with a 4.2 out of 5 overall ratings. The vast majority of the reviews are positive. The two most common complaints were add-on charges for packaging supplies and being late to arrive to begin the moving process. Company management does take the time to individually address the majority of negative feedback and encourages people to contact their Customer Relations Manager.

The main office in Texas has roughly 500 reviews on Yelp with a low 1.5 out of 5-star rating. Unlike in the prior Google listings, the customers were overwhelmingly unsatisfied. Some of the problems involved late arrivals, failures to arrive at all, and billing discrepancies. The overwhelming problem was that items were damaged during the move and that property such as floors and walls were badly damaged.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) page for the Carrolton location is somewhat contradictory. The overall BBB rating is an A; however, the customer feedback summary was merely 1.5 out of 5 stars. Further, the BBB logged approximately 906 complaints in the last three years and 403 in the past 12 months. The following is a chart that summarizes the types of complaints received over the past three years.

Product or Service-Related Problem745

Nature of Complaint Number
Advertising/Sales 42
Billing/Collections 73
Delivery Issues 42
Guarantee/Warranty 4
Total 906

Should You Consider All My Sons Moving & Storage for a Move?

When viewing the company website, it appears that All My Sons Moving & Storage is among the nation’s better local and long-distance moving company options. A tremendous amount of information is provided regarding the organization’s commitment to quality and superior customer service. Customer feedback suggests that significant improvements are needed to achieve customer satisfaction.

First, many customers remarked that the initial pricing estimate they received was very competitive. The problem is that often these customers are unaware of fees that may apply including fuel fees and additional costs for packaging materials. It seems that in efforts to secure a sale, the company representatives may be suppressing the fact that add-on costs are likely to be incurred.

Another major concern is associated with an apparent lack of management in preparation for moves. Many customers told similar stories such as how their 9 a.m. move ended up happening at 4 p.m. that day. Also, several customers experienced company cancellations on the day of the scheduled move.

Customer feedback also shows that the movers are acting in an often reckless or careless manner. The BBB and Yelp pages for their primary location in Texas reflect how heavier items commonly strike walls and floors, resulting in costly damage. Overall, the organization needs to improve its pricing transparency, scheduling, and staffing practices, and be much more conscientious when moving customer property.

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