Just Updated 2021 Best Interstate Moving Companies
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Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan is a co-founder of moveBuddha. With over a decade of moving experience, Ryan writes about the moving industry and moving advice. Ryan has been quoted in Consumer Reports, US News & World Report, Reader's Digest and more for moving advice.

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A Great Summer For Moving Scams

We’re heading into another very busy summer moving season and guess what! Scam moving companies are licking their lips in anticipation, especially for this summer.

Cheapest way to ship 1 bedroom cross country?

Cargo trailers, moving containers, palate shippers, freight trailers, moving companies, and rental trucks are all great options but your specific circumstances will determine which option is the cheapest.

Can you share moving truck space?

Bottom line: The savings from sharing truck space are mostly built into the price of professional movers already. But you aren’t completely out of luck.