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Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan is a co-founder of moveBuddha. With over a decade of moving experience, Ryan writes about the moving industry and moving advice. Ryan has been quoted in Consumer Reports, US News & World Report, Reader's Digest and more for moving advice.

Posts by Ryan Carrigan

Moving labor companies (1)

5 Best Moving Labor Companies (2023 Review)

If you don’t want to use a full-service moving company but still need some moving help, hiring moving labor could be the right middle ground for you. Many moving container companies can provide the portable storage unit, truck, and a driver but you’re on your own when it comes to the actual heavy lifting. With […]

671. Car shipping discounts

Car Shipping Discounts & Deals for 2023

You’ve decided to ship your car and you’ve found the best car shipping company for the job. Hiring a car shipping provider will save you a lot of time and hassle — especially if you’re moving internationally — but even then, it can get expensive. The auto transport industry charges anywhere from $600 to more […]

665. Alison's Move With American Van Lines. ai

Moving Experience: Allison’s Move With American Van Lines

In the summer of 2023, Allison, her husband, and their three cats moved from Weehawken, New Jersey, to Denton, Texas, for graduate school. Allison spent an entire month looking for the perfect mover. She got quotes from PODS, U-Pack, and Safeway, but ultimately chose American Van Lines because of their affordability and amazing reviews. Allison […]


4 Best Car Shipping Companies (2023 Reviews)

Whether you’re moving across the country or to a new continent, you might want to bring your car with you. Some people prefer to buy a new car once they arrive at their new home, but shipping your car is a great way to avoid the hassle of buying a new car. We know that […]

659. Best locks for storage units

5 Best Locks for Storage Units (2023 Review)

Using a storage facility is a necessity for many people. Whether you need a temporary place to keep your stuff as you get ready to move to a new house or seasonal storage for items like a snowblower and ski gear, a self-storage unit can make all the difference for keeping things properly organized. Of […]

658. Esme's Move With Clutter

Moving Experience: Esmé’s Move with Clutter

Eager for a fresh start and to live closer to her family, Esmé made the big decision to move from Brooklyn to Detroit. Esmé planned the move two months in advance and spent nearly a month looking for the right full-service mover. She ultimately chose to work with Clutter for the 600-plus-mile move. Curious to […]

653. Best piano moversai

Best Piano Movers (2023 Review)

For many homeowners, few possessions are more prized than their piano. Whether you own a Steinway baby grand, an upright, or even a smaller spinet piano, you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed creating countless hours of beautiful music and priceless family memories. The last thing you want is for that music and those memories to end on a […]

645. Best trailer rentals for moving

5 Best Trailer Rentals for Moving (2023 Review)

If you plan to go the DIY route rather than use professional movers for your move, you’ve likely looked into trailer rentals or moving trucks. Trailer rentals are a great option for smaller moves, as they tend to be a more affordable moving option and can be towed behind your own vehicle or a moving […]

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