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Joe Robison

Joe Robison

Joe Robison is a data reporter for moveBuddha.com. Joe writes about moving statistics, population trends, economics, and current events.

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Desert Dreams: The moveBuddha 2021-2022 Arizona Migration Report

Once a frontier outpost famous for Tombstone shootouts and Lost Dutchmen’s gold stashes, few people consider Arizona an urban jungle.  In fact, long after the days of the Wild West, it’s still sparsely populated.  Though Arizona ranks 6th among the states by size, it’s 14th in population, behind many smaller (in area) states like New […]

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Sunshine State of Mind: The moveBuddha 2021-2022 Florida Migration Report

Florida’s hot, and we don’t just mean from the sun. It’s also seen a massive influx of Americans moving to the Sunshine State. Beyond those who move for the beach vibes and blue skies, retirees and a new generation of tech workers are diversifying the land that was once primarily alligators and citrus groves. Which Florida metros, cities, and small towns are attracting these newcomers?


Lone Star Migration: The moveBuddha 2021-2022 Texas Migration Report

With explosive growth across the Lone Star state, Texas is clearly a beacon attracting both businesses and individuals nationwide. Urban metros are overflowing with newcomers flooding historically off-the-radar towns. Which Texas metros, cities, and towns have attracted the most moves?


Top 25 Cities for Irish Culture

In practically every corner of the United States, there lives a pocket of Irish culture, whether it be locals of Irish ancestry or a pub named O’Connor’s. In fact, nearly 10% of Americans identify as Irish, including U.S. President Joe Biden. (Finnegan is his mother’s maiden name.) If we look back into American history, the […]


25 Best Cities for Women in the Roaring 2020s

The Roaring 20s was more than firey jazz bands and dazzling art nouveau. It was a decade marked by prosperity, vivacity, and change – especially for women. The parallels between the 1920s and the 2020s abound: rapidly growing cities, new technologies transforming our everyday lives (automobiles then, Meta now), and a questioning of established norms. […]


The Most Popular Snowbird Sister City Hotspots

When the big city turns cold, wet, and gray, where do northern urbanites go to get away? Snowbirds are a type of winter tourist who leaves their frigid urban homes during the winter months to escape to desert and coastal destinations with decidedly warmer, sunnier weather. Each winter, many temperate destinations welcome planes full of […]


How Far Would You Go for Olympic Dreams?

Parents of future Olympians are known to move across the country to support their child’s athletic career. We analyzed the Team USA roster for Beijing 2022 to see how far training has taken these Olympic families. This week, athletes from around the world will gather in Beijing for an event they’ve spent their entire lives […]