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Joe Robison

Joe Robison

Joe Robison is a data reporter for moveBuddha.com. Joe writes about moving statistics, population trends, economics, and current events.

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The Top 25 U.S. Cities to Launch a Career in Space Travel

Some careers never go out of style. The mythical status of astronauts is as powerful today as it was in the days of the original Apollo 11 moon landing. When NASA opened applications for its Artemis Generation of astronauts in 2020, a program to include Mars exploration, they received more than 12,000 applications in just […]

25 Best Cities for Restaurant Workers (Cooks, Servers, and Hosts)

As the pandemic caused shutdowns across the nation, one industry was hit particularly hard: food service. By May 2020, 5.9 million food service jobs were lost within a span of just six weeks. Despite furloughs and government aid, and the push for delivery services and take-out, countless mom-and-pop shops closed their doors (often for good). […]

25 U.S. Suburbs for the Young and Wealthy

California and New York have historically been home to the nation’s rich and famous. But, considering that only three of America’s 25 richest people are younger than 50, we wondered if these trends aren’t swayed by high concentrations of older wealthy individuals in particular. In recent years, an increasing number of young professionals have been […]

Where are 15 Minute Cities Most Viable in the US?

COVID-19 made many ponder, how can we make our cities healthier, more sustainable, and resilient? One urban planning concept popularized by Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo is the 15-minute city: all necessities located no further than a casual 15-minute stroll or bike ride from home. We wanted to know, which of America’s largest cities could most easily transition to a 15-minute pedestrian paradise?

The Best (and Worst) Cities for Living on $15/Hour

Amazon and other corporations have made the headlines for the magical $15/hr claim as the solution for low minimum wages. Where can you actually live off of $15/hr and live a good quality of life? We crunched the numbers to find out.

The 25 Best Cities for Millennial Dads

Millennials do everything a bit differently, including fatherhood. We ranked American cities to see which locations offer the best living situation for young fathers and their families.

101 Most Popular Large Cities People Moved To Last Year

What does the future of ideal city sizes in a post-pandemic landscape look like? We think large cities could be the next big (large?) thing. These cities are the perfect size for offering a balanced blend of affordability, job opportunity, and urban amenities. Bonus points for those with easy access to nature.