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Joe Robison

Joe Robison

Joe Robison is a data reporter for moveBuddha.com. Joe writes about moving statistics, population trends, economics, and current events.

Posts by Joe Robison

Rust Belt Revival Header

Rust Belt Revival: moveBuddha predicts these Rust Belt cities will rise in 2024

Dust off your casserole recipes; the Rust Belt isn’t out of the game just yet. With ⅓ of Americans saying climate change is a reason they’ll consider moving this year, the relative safety of cities from New York through the Upper Midwest from hurricanes and wildfires (along with their millennial and Gen-Z-friendly prices) has reenergized […]


Best Places to Snowbird Around the World: Uncovering City to City Travel Patterns

We crunched the data to uncover travel patterns of snowbirds around the globe. Canadians prefer Mexico. Chicagoans flock to Scottsdale. What are other interesting travel patterns from cold cities to warm snowbird destinations? Which should you go to, to be with your people? We wanted to know which temperate cities are the preferred winter destinations […]

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The Top City Everyone Wants to Move to in Every State in 2024

As COVID-era “Zoomtowns” and the urban exodus fade into history, which city in every state is most popular for Americans who want to move now?   Between 2020 and 2023, the fastest-growing cities exploded with incoming remote workers who wanted to live larger and cheaper. And many sought homeownership — buying a home is a key […]


The Hottest Big Cities for Career Growth: More Jobs, Money, and Moves

Green for growth, these metros are abundant in jobs, wages, and new moves. Some cities are all about the hustle. We wanted to know where job seekers are flocking based on four core factors: job growth, unemployment, salaries, and moveBuddha’s own in-move vs. out-move ratio. Out of the 51 U.S. metro areas with over a […]

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America’s AI Hubs: The Best States for AI Jobs in 2024

It’s the old machine-replacing-people story we know all too well. But while some types of job descriptions may take a hit, the surge in generative AI has actually doubled global AI-related job postings from July 2021 to July 2023, according to LinkedIn data. And, where to find those jobs is changing. As AI companies make […]

SF Header

Are People Moving to or Leaving San Francisco in 2023?

Are people leaving San Francisco? Or are people moving back to San Francisco now in 2023? The question is as old as time – ever since San Francisco became an early boomtown in the 1800s. It’s maintained that boomtown status ever since. In 2023 we’ve seen scores of people who fled the city during the […]


Home Sweet (New) Homes: Ranking the Top 20 U.S. Cities for New Home Construction

With housing prices up like a rocket over the last few years in most metro areas, it’s a boom time for home builders. Consumer demand has been pent up for years in the wake of the great recession, with many home builders hitting hard times or going bankrupt during the 2010s. Now, the strongest home […]


Ranking the 50 Most Haunted States in America for Halloween 2023

American dream? Let’s talk about American nightmares. This expansive and storied country is brimming with ghost stories, apparitions, haunted houses, and other hot spots of paranormal activity that date back centuries and persist to the modern day. In which states are horror aficionados most likely to get their fix of the heebie-jeebies? With Halloween right […]


Will These be the Most Populated U.S. Cities in 2100? (Before and After)

The future of America may lie in Texas. Based on current migration trends, moveBuddha predicts that by 2100, Dallas, Houston, and Austin will replace NYC, LA, and Chicago as the country’s most populous cities. Metro Area Year 2100 Rank 2100 Population Current Rank Current Population Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 1 33.91M 4 7.7M Houston, TX 2 […]

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