Moovit4now - Moving Company Review

After looking at hundreds of data points, we here at moveBuddha can confidently say that Moovit4now - Moving Company is deservedly one of the best moving companies in the Los Angeles area. In fact, they've scored 4.42/5 on our objective rating system.

Here are some of the things you can expect to find in this extensive profile of Moovit4now - Moving Company:


Moovit4now - Moving Company

moveBuddha Score 4.42      

Years in Business:  7

201 North Alexandria Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90004, US
Visit Website (888) 368-1788

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important to consider to identify the best moving companies. A company can have an amazing website and salespeople, but if previous customers are not satisfied none of this matters.

We compiled reviews from across the web on Moovit4now - Moving Company. Here's how they did:

Does Moovit4now - Moving Company respond to reviews?

Moovit4now - Moving Company responds to customer reviews and inquiries. This is typically a positive sign that the company cares about customer experience.

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Services Offered

Moovit4now - Moving Company offers the following services. For questions on specific services be sure to contact the company directly.

  • packing
  • unpacking
  • offices
  • piano transport
  • crating
  • storage
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Who should consider Moovit4now - Moving Company for their Los Angeles-based move?

Who should consider Kingsley Moving Systems LLC for their Lansing-based move? Moovit4now - Moving Company handles:

  • Local
  • Intrastate
  • Interstate
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Is Moovit4now - Moving Company properly licensed?

When contacting a local moving company for an estimate in California, make sure each has a “T Number” issued by the California Public Utilities Commission (CAPUC).

Moving companies with valid T Numbers have met state requirements for insurance, safety, and financial stability and have passed criminal clearance checks conducted by the California Department of Justice.

Moovit4now - Moving Company state license number is:    USDOT # :

You can also use their state regulator website to look up their active status.

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Additional Information

Does Moovit4now - Moving Company have any additional locations outside of Los Angeles?

We were only able to find this location for Moovit4now - Moving Company.

Is Moovit4now - Moving Company Associated with a van line?

Van lines are networks of local movers that operate separately but under the same umbrella of a multi-state organization. It's not as complicated as it sounds. Learn what van lines are.

Moovit4now - Moving Company functions as an independent moving company. They are not affiliated with a van line company.

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201 North Alexandria Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA, 90004

Visit Website
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