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John Forelli

John Forelli

John Forelli is a Philadelphia native who studied economics at the College of New Jersey. He writes on various topics regarding Philadelphia and census data analysis for the moveBuddha blog.

Posts by John Forelli

Is Moving to Albuquerque Worth It?

If you like arid climates, southwestern Native American culture, hot air balloons, and think it’d be cool to live in the metropolitan area with the highest elevation in the United States, consider moving to Albuquerque.

Tips On Moving to Oakland, CA

Moneyball. Sourdough. Tom Hanks. If you like sports, theater, art, and think San Francisco is way too expensive (it is), check out Oakland.

Is Moving to Philadelphia Worth It?

If you like cheese, steak, and bread, love freedom, or think New York City is just too damn pricey, moving to Philadelphia might be the right choice for you.