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Nick Pipitone

Nick Pipitone

Nick Pipitone is an experienced writer and content producer with a background in real estate, technology, and urban design. He specializes in interviewing sources and breaking down complex topics into simple language to produce a great story. When not working, he’s probably cheering on (or booing) one of his favorite Philly sports teams.

Posts by Nick Pipitone

Cold Weather Cities header image

Booming Winter Wonderlands: The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Cold-Weather U.S. Cities

These top-ranking frosty cities have all seen local populations swelling with new residents despite their icy winter temperatures. From breathtaking mountain views (like in #1 Kalispell, MT) to bustling and strollable historic downtowns, each city offers its own unique charm. Vibrant communities and an abundance of nature is what makes these places some of the […]

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‘Tis the Season for Moving: The Top 10 Busiest U.S. Cities For Movers During the Holidays

As the weather cools down, so does the U.S. housing market. The housing market typically goes through seasonal fluctuations, and when the holiday season arrives, fewer people sell their homes and move. According to a new moveBuddha analysis, in any given year, about 24.6% of movers in the nation’s largest metros choose the holiday season […]

Wealthy Suburbs Header

Suburban Fortunes: America’s Top 25 Fastest-Growing Wealthy Suburbs

Gated communities, country clubs, and high-class amenities are worth a pretty penny. It’s in these suburban estates where you will find some of America’s wealthiest families.  It must be nice, right? Expensive housing prices usually drive residents away (while affordable suburbs are some of the fastest-growing).  Even still, across America, there are plenty of suburban […]

Fastest Growing Suburbs Header

Big Suburbs, Little Prices: The Top 20 Fastest-Growing Affordable U.S. Suburbs

Freshly cut grass? Mall food courts? Post-war nostalgia? Some people think the American suburbs are a slice of heaven. Others roast them as cookie cutter and anti-environmentalist, an outdated model of family life too dependent on cars. However, while walkable cities are seeing a revival, the allure of space and safety reigns supreme for many […]

States in 2100

The New #1: Will These Be the Most Populated U.S. States in 2100?

Population statistics count for a lot in American life. Real estate firms love tracking this data to find the best investment markets. Politically, state populations can shift presidential elections. moveBuddha recently projected the most populated American cities for 2100, and there was no surprise that Texas cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston dominated the list. […]

Air Quality Featured Image

In Search of Fresh Air: How Much Does Air Quality Affect U.S. Moving Trends?

Air pollution is sometimes an invisible threat people don’t know they’re exposed to. This summer’s Canadian wildfires and images of an orange-tinted, smog-filled New York City skyline put the topic front and center in many minds. But outdoor air pollution is a risk that affects millions of people throughout the U.S. – whether they know […]

California 1

Invasion of the Californians: The 10 States Seeing the Biggest Influx of New Residents from California

California’s population loss has been a source of endless speculation in recent years. And all these Californians leaving the state are scattered nationwide – from New York to Oregon. Where are Californians moving to in 2023?    New moveBuddha data shows precisely where Californians are most interested in moving to in 2023. We crunched […]


Silver State Surge: The moveBuddha 2023 Nevada Migration Report

2023 has been good for Nevada so far regarding moving trends. New moveBuddha data shows that for every 100 residents moving out of Silver State, 134 are interested in moving in (1.34 ratio). Nevada ranks #13 out of 51 nationally (including Washington, D.C.) in 2023 in terms of moving interest in the moveBuddha Move Calculator. […]

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