Just Updated 2021 Best Interstate Moving Companies
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Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo

Sergio Ocampo is a content marketer for moveBuddha. Sergio writes about moving tips and advice as well as the newest information about the moving industry. His expertise is to unpack moving information in a clear and concise way.

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How Much Will it Cost you to Move to California?

California has the highest cost of living in the entire US. But how much does it cost to move there? This article will help you figure out how much it costs to move to the golden state and all of the different options of moving available.

Should You Hire a Senior Move Manager?

Senior Move Managers can be extremely helpful when it comes to moving a parent or elderly loved one. Read to find out the services a Senior Move Manager offers and how to find one you can trust.

Top 5 International Moving Companies

We’ve vetted the best international moving companies and picked the top five. Why? Moving internationally is NOT the time to spin the wheel. Hire reliable and reputable international moving services.

This Is Why People Are Moving

Nearly 10% of Americans move every year. Why? The main reasons are work, housing, and family-related. We break down all of these reasons and more, to help you understand nationwide migration trends.