Tips for Moving in the Winter

So, you’re considering moving in the winter. We at moveBuddha applaud that decision.

Winter is the best time of the year to move. During this time, the prices of the moves are lowest, and the quality of the moves are highest. Pretty good deal.

That said, the idea of moving heavy boxes in extreme cold is daunting for many. To have the best moving experience possible, there are a few things to know.

In this article, we will tell you how to prepare for a winter move. We’ll dig into its challenges and why it’s the best time of the year for a move.

Since we’ll only get into winter moves here, check out our comprehensive moving checklist to fully prepare for your move.

Winter is the Moving Offseason

60% of moves in the US are in the summer. That leaves only 40% of moves for the rest of the year. As you might imagine, winter is the season with the least amount of moves.

What does this mean?

The problems associated with moving in the summer don’t apply. In the winter, moving companies have more availability and lower prices.

Moving companies also stop using seasonal labor during the slow winter months. Only the most experienced and professional moving crews stick around for the winter. We see much fewer quality issues and damage claims during the winter.

One final reason moving in the offseason is a good idea: The likelihood of delays and cancellations are minimal. An unfortunate truth about the moving industry is that sometimes companies have to cancel or they run late. With the higher availability of winter moving, these problems are far less likely to happen than in the summer.

Now that we’ve touched on why a winter move is smart; let’s get into what you need to do to prepare for your move.

Get Things Done

It’s tempting just to sit back and wait until the last minute to start working on your move. Especially when you learn that moving companies are more available during the winter. This is a bad idea.

The sooner you start contacting companies, the more options you’re going to have. Being able to book the best moving companies that are out there, can make your experience go as well as possible. Contact 3-4 companies to be able to compare their prices and services. To start your moving research, get a quick estimate from us now!

Lastly, moving when companies have less demand might give you a negotiating edge. It may be worth giving it a shot.

Keep A Close Eye on the Weather

Weather. It’s the first thing that actually comes to mind when considering a winter move. Extreme winter weather can obviously impact it. Make sure you’re keeping up with forecasts and prepare for whatever weather there is on your moving day.

Remember, don’t just prepare for the worst. If your moving day happens to be a pleasant winter day, make the most of it. Mindfully pack those items you’ll need depending on the weather conditions and have them easily accessible. You don’t want to have all sorts of unnecessary winter gear weighing you down if you won’t be needing it.

Have A Backup Plan

This is where you prepare for the worst. The main con with moving in the winter months is that extreme weather can affect your move. You need to prepare for icy road conditions and otherwise harsh weather.

This is where having a good moving company makes a difference. Keep a good line of communication with them and discuss your options in the case of inclement weather. Find out if your movers will let you reschedule for a different day. Ask if they provide short term storage in case you end up needing it.

It’s important that you also have a good line of communication with your landlord or real estate agent. If your move is postponed due to the weather, you need to know if you can stay a couple of extra days.

The key to having an incident-free winter move is to have options and flexibility.

Take Care of Yourself (and the movers)

Moving is exhausting. In the midst of everything they have to do, many people forget about themselves. Remember that you have to eat and hydrate. Meal prepping will save you time and energy on moving day.

For two birds with one stone, prepare something warm (soup, hot chocolate, etc.) for yourself, your family, and your movers. This will obviously fill everyone up but it will also get everyone nice and warm on a cold winter day.

Your movers know how to take care of themselves but it’s still nice to do little things to make their day a little better. Imagine how much better you would work without being cold and hungry.

Prepare the Homes for the Cold Weather

To make your move is as incident-free as possible, prepare the homes. It’s a good idea to connect the utilities of your new home a day before the move. This will ensure that you don’t move into a freezing dark home. Also, no one wants to deal with utility companies on moving day.

For similar reasons, disconnect the utilities of the old home a day after the move.

Another essential thing to take care of for a winter move is the floors. It’s impossible not to track ice and mud into either homes. Save yourself the trouble, and protect the floors. It’s as simple as laying down a few tarps in the high traffic areas.

Clear Driveways and Loading Sites

If it snows, do this! Whether it’s at your old home or new home; clear driveways, walkways, and loading sites of snow. This will save everyone a lot of time and will make the move happen more smoothly. Have salt and shovels available just in case.

Prepare Your Items

There are some items that don’t like the cold. Electronics are one of them. Be sure to protect them in the move. If possible, move them in the car with you to avoid exposing them to the cold for extended periods of time.

Fragile items also need special attention in a winter move. The cold weather can make them more brittle, making them extra fragile. For this, be mindful of how and where you pack them. Make sure they’re safely loaded to the moving truck.

You’ll be glad you gave them extra attention when you don’t have to go replace these items.


Moving in any season has its pros and cons. Moving in the winter is no different. We believe that the pros far outweigh the cons. The better pricing, higher availability, and the higher quality movers make moving in the winter worth it. That said, you’ll appreciate being extra prepared. Get ahead of the current by getting quotes from the best moving companies in the country.