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moveBuddha's Best Local Movers Awards for 2023

moveBuddha’s Best Local Movers Awards for 2023

Finding a trusted provider for a local move can be challenging. Instead of just bribing your friends with pizza, hiring a trusted local mover to get you from point A to point B can be the better option. It all comes down to selecting the best mover in your area, but how do you find […]

651. Alex's Move with PODS

Moving Experience: Alex’s Move With PODS

The philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” That’s something PhD philosophy student Alex knows all too well. After a lot of hard work, University of Washington accepted Alex to its philosophy PhD program—and that meant Alex needed help moving from his three-bedroom home in Minneapolis to Seattle. Alex spent […]

657. April's Move With Bold Moving and Storage

Moving Experience: April’s Experience with Bold Moving and Storage

In early 2023, April knew she needed a change of scenery. She decided to pick up stakes in Glenside, Pennsylvania, and relocate closer to family in Webster, Florida. She spent two weeks carefully looking at mover reviews. She needed to find a mover to carefully transport her antiques more than 1,000 miles to her new […]

654. Shayndel's Move with Safeway

Moving Experience: Shayndel’s Move with Safeway

In March of 2023, recent retiree Shayndel relocated from Santa Clara, California, to the sunny shores of Sarasota, Florida. The 3,000-mile relocation was no small task, so she knew she needed to work with a reputable moving company. After looking at reviews online for a week, Shayndel decided to trust Safeway Moving with her big […]

642. Moving Experience- Frederick's move with U-Pack

Moving Experience: Freddy’s move with U-Pack

In the summer of 2023, Freddy finished his graduate studies in Athens, Georgia, and accepted a job in Chicago, Illinois. The catch? Freddy planned to spend two months in Massachusetts in between the move, so he needed a mover who would not only transport his stuff, but store it in the meantime. After taking his […]

635. Greg's Move With Bravo Moving

Moving Experience: Greg’s Move with Bravo Moving

When it was time to relocate for school and work, Greg and his wife decided to pick up and move to Sacramento, California, from Portland, Oregon in July of 2023. Greg spent two weeks searching for the perfect full-service mover who would save him and his wife the hassle of loading, driving, and unloading. After […]

Moving Experience: Carrie’s Move with 1-800-Pack-Rat

Moving Experience: Carrie’s Move with 1-800-Pack-Rat

In late 2022, Carrie and her wife were itching for a new adventure. Their friends and family largely lived on the East Coast, so the couple — plus their elderly cat and dogs — made the ambitious 2,345-mile move. After consulting numerous moveBuddha posts, Carrie ultimately decided on 1-800-Pack-Rat. She loved the fact that they […]

619. Shiri's Move With U-Pack Relocube

Moving Experience: Shiri’s Move with U-Pack ReloCube

In the summer of 2023, Shiri and her 11-year-old daughter wanted a change of scenery. After a few months of planning, Shiri decided to make the bold move from Tarzana, California to Beaverton, Oregon. Shiri compared several options for the 955-mile move before ultimately deciding on the moving container company, U-Pack ReloCube. She also signed […]

620. Janelle's Move With U-Haul

Moving Experience: Janelle’s Move with U-Haul

In June of 2023, Janelle made the cross-country move from sunny California to Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, cat, and dog. Eager to start her new job, Janelle spent six months carefully planning every aspect of her move—she even spent three months looking for the perfect mover. She opted for four U-Haul U-Boxes because of […]

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