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Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan

Ryan Carrigan is a co-founder of moveBuddha. With over a decade of moving experience, Ryan writes about the moving industry and moving advice. Ryan has been quoted in Consumer Reports, US News & World Report, Reader's Digest and more for moving advice.

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The Best Interstate Movers Of 2024

The Best Interstate Movers Of 2024

Our Ratings of the Best Interstate Moving Companies Here are our ratings for the best interstate movers: Best overall value: Safeway Moving Best industry reputation: American Van Lines Best customer service: International Van Lines Best for complex moves: AirVan North American Van Lines Best for high-end moves: JK Moving Services Comparing the Best Interstate Moving […]

Car Shipping

Car Shipping

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How Much Does It Cost to Move Out of State?

Quick answer: The average cost to move out of state is around $4,300, with full-service moves ranging from $2,300 to $9,000 and DIY moves from $600 to $5,300. The cost depends on various factors, including the distance, the volume of your belongings, and the type of moving service you choose. The final cost of your […]

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2024 Moving Trends Report: Where do Americans want to move right now?

(Update: April 19, 2024) Call it Manifest Destiny. Americans have long made a habit of packing up in search of a better life. Using Conestoga wagons or following Route 66, they’ve sought education and opportunities and more far from home. Roughly 13% of Americans moved each year before the onset of the pandemic. After the onset of […]


Moving Industry Statistics

Just under 31 million Americans move every year and there’s a huge, multi-billion industry to support all that moving.

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