10 Best Moving Apps

Our phones tend to reflect where we are in life, especially when there’s a big change happening.

One of the biggest changes that happen in our lives is moving!

Help your phone reduce your moving stress by making good use of it!

Before we get into the list, we have to mention our moving cost calculator tool.

It’s the easiest way to get a quick idea of what your move will cost with one of the best interstate moving companies!

Now, let’s check out that list.

1. Opendoor

First things, first. If you’re moving INTO of a home, you’re probably moving OUT of one too.

Opendoor is an app that you can use to list and sell your house. You can look on here to buy one too!

Download Opendoor App.

Similar apps: Realtor

2. Zillow

This one’s along the same lines but odds are, you’re already familiar with Zillow.

It’s popular for a reason! You can list your home for sale or rent on Zillow, as well as browse listings as you search for a new home. This free app also helps you determine your budget and contact a real estate agent.

Download Zillow on the App Store and Google Play.

Similar apps: Redfin and Trulia

3. Yelp

We recommend getting the whole family thrilled about the move. The Yelp App allows you to preplan all of the best things you can do in your new city.

Check out the Yelp App well in advanced of your move when things are starting to feel too stressful, the excitement of all of the possibilities will surely remind you why you’re making the move.

Download Yelp on the App Store or on Google Play.

Also try MeetUp.com, a great way to find similarly-minded people in your new town.

4. Sortly

If you want the ultimate home inventory tool, Sortly is the app for you. The free version allows up to 100 items in your home inventory per device, where you can add pictures and comments, and a detailed eight-week moving checklist.

With the premium plan, add unlimited items, sync your inventory across multiple devices, and create custom QR labels to scan within the app.

Download Sortly on iOS and Andriod smartphones.

5. OfferUp

Do you have unnecessary clutter filling up your home that you want to get rid of fast?

OfferUp is a free app that lets you list and buy items for sale locally and pick up some extra cash. It’s more convenient than a yard sale, and many claim that it’s more reliable than Craigslist.

Download OfferUp on the App Store and Google Play.

Similar apps: Boxes, OfferUp, and ThredUP

6. TaskRabbit

If you need a handyman to help prepare your home or apartment to move out, TaskRabbit will connect you with freelance workers who will get the job done. Each “Tasker” is background-checked, and you can view reviews on them to help you make your decision. While the app is free, prices of the actual job will vary from Tasker to Tasker.

TaskRabbit is available on iPhone and Android devices.

Similar apps: Handy and Thumbtack

7. MagicPlan

You won’t remember every inch of your new home before you move into it, and MagicPlan can help! This app scans each room and creates a 3D model to help you virtually arrange your furniture and estimate renovation costs.

While the app is free to download, you can pay to receive additional floor plans.

Download MagicPlan on the App Store and Google Play.

8. Dolly

Dolly is similar to TaskRabbit in the sense that you can find freelance workers for hire, but Dolly is purely there to provide muscle and transportation.

Whether you need someone to help move your large items or someone with a truck to transport them, there’s a background-checked and insured worker on Dolly. The app is free, but prices for the job vary.

Download Dolly on iOS and Android smartphones.

Similar app: GoShare

9. Google Maps

If you’re directionally challenged like me, you need an app that’s going to get you to your new house and find a new work commute route without any problems. The map updates with traffic slowdowns, from accidents to construction.

Google Maps is not only the most popular place to get directions, but it also provides a way to find restaurants, parks, and other local businesses in your new community.

Download Google Maps on the App Store and Google Play for free.

Similar app: Waze

10. Nextdoor

One of the best moving apps for connecting with your new neighborhood is Nextdoor.

It’s a private and free app that provides community news, help with planning events, and networking. Whether you need to find a babysitter or a lost pet, go to Nextdoor!

Nextdoor is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Similar apps: Angie’s List, Bambino, and Rover

The Best Moving Apps Do the Heavy Lifting

With the best moving apps, you can approach the big move feeling confident and organized. Another useful moving tool is the moveBuddha Moving Cost Calculator.

It’s a great way to find free ballpark pricing and plan your budget!

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