What Is a Hybrid Move?

Hybrid moves are a great way to save money without doing all the work yourself. With this option, you can split your move into parts, completing some tasks yourself and paying professionals to do others.

The most common hybrid option is to rent a truck or container and hire laborers to help load the heavy items. You can hire labor at either the origin or destination of the move to cut labor costs.

At moveBuddha, we’ve helped thousands of people save money on their moves. This guide will show you exactly how to save money and stress with a hybrid move.

But first, use our moving cost calculator to estimate how much your hybrid move will cost. You can also streamline your move by brushing up on some of the best moving container companies.

First, pick your preferred transportation method

There are several factors to consider when choosing a transportation option for your move. How much are you willing to spend? Are you comfortable driving a rental truck long distances? Can you handle the physical demands of packing and loading your belongings and heavy furniture?

Once you’ve identified your needs, there are three moving company alternatives you can choose from:

Rent a moving truck

Renting a truck and driving it yourself is often the most affordable option. With this method, you can hire hourly laborers or even enlist the help of friends and family to assist with packing, loading, or unloading boxes. While truck rentals are a popular moving option, they may not be the most convenient for long-distance moves.

Rent a storage container

If you don’t want to drive, renting a storage container may be a better option. Storage containers are generally more expensive than renting a truck, but they are cheaper than hiring a full-service moving company. The container is dropped off at your current location to load. From there, a driver will deliver it to your new home for you to unpack. Some of the best moving container companies include U-Pack, PODS, 1-800-Pack-Rat, and Zippy Shell.

Rent space in a freight trailer

The third and final option is to use a freight trailer company. Similar to storage containers, the company will drop off the trailer at your current location for you to load. Once ready, a driver will bring your belongings to your final destination to unpack. While freight trailers are generally more expensive than renting a truck, fuel and additional travel expenses can add up, making the two options closer in cost than you’d think. They are an excellent option for large, long-distance moves.

Helpful tips for a successful hybrid move

Hire laborers instead of professional movers

With the moving options listed above, you’ll be responsible for both loading and unloading your belongings. That said, labor-only movers can help with the heavy lifting.

Save money by packing everything yourself and having hourly laborers load heavy boxes and furniture into the truck, storage container, or trailer. Hired help can then unload your items at your final destination while you unpack. You can lower costs by just hiring labor at the origin or destination of the move.

Some popular labor-only moving services include HireAHelper, Movinglabor.com, and Two Men and a Truck.

Pack everything yourself

For the most potential savings, packing everything yourself is your best bet. How to pack for a move can vary from household to household, but the best way to ensure moving day goes smoothly is to plan ahead. This way, your items will be packed and ready to go when your transportation arrives.

Hacks like making an inventory list, using colored labels, and packing rarely used items first are just a few ways you can alleviate stress in the long run.

Donate, sell, or throw away items you don’t need

The more stuff you have, the more you’ll pay for your move. Because of this, it can be incredibly beneficial to donate, sell, or throw away items you don’t need or use anymore.

You can declutter ahead of time or go through items as you pack. Make a list of what you need and what you’re considering parting with, and go room-by-room. You can separate items into piles and designate a keep, donate, and trash pile.

Consider hosting a garage or yard sale, donating items to local organizations, or selling stuff online.

Enlist the help of friends and family

While you can certainly pack up and load your entire house or apartment yourself, enlisting the help of friends and family could save you much-needed time and energy. If you’re planning to hire laborers, asking loved ones for additional help could save you quite a bit of money, too.

Have your friends and family help pack boxes while the workers bring them to the truck or container, or use the extra hands to speed up the loading process, lowering hourly costs.

What are the benefits of a hybrid move?

Everyone has different needs when preparing for a move. For instance, you may dread lifting heavy boxes and risking injury, or driving a large moving truck could be the source of your anxiety.

With a hybrid move, you can cater the process to where you need the most help. If heavy lifting and moving boxes will be the biggest challenge, hire laborers to help you load and unload. You can then drive a truck rental rather than depending on and paying for a professional service.

For an interstate move, it could be beneficial to have someone else transport your belongings while you are responsible for the packing, loading, and unloading.

One con of a hybrid move is that you won’t have the same level of insurance and damage coverage as you would with a professional moving company. If you’re looking for peace of mind, go with a trustworthy interstate mover.

A hybrid move allows you to personalize the moving process to what is most convenient for you and your budget. Plan ahead and do your research to simplify your move as much as possible.

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