Moving Help Companies

Thankfully for savvy consumers, the moving process has never been easier.

Back in the day families moving to a new home had to choose between a full-service moving company and renting a truck and doing everything from packing, loading, driving, and unloading themselves.

But that’s no longer the case.

In fact, these days it’s possible to customize a move to fit your needs and budget, and hiring “moving help” is one of the best ways to do it.

Interested in saving a few bucks and getting the move that YOU WANT?

If so, read on.

Moving Help Services

Innovative companies like HireAHelper have made their mark in the moving world in recent years.

Though they’re most well-known for providing professional movers and packers to help on DIY moves, these services are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

They also offer –

  • An online marketplace for a wide variety of moving services
  • Long distance and local moves
  • Trained labor for rearranging furniture or moving pieces of furniture within a home
  • Specialized services like piano and hot tub moving
  • Truck rental price comparisons from companies like U-Haul, Penske,and Budget
  • Freight moving quotes and equipment reservation from companies like ABF U-Pack, Estes SureMove and Old Dominion
  • Moving and storage container pricing and service comparisons between companies like PODS, Pack Rat, U-Pack and U-Box
  • Valuable information on military and corporate relocations

In many respects moving help companies like HireAHelper are like Airbnb or Travelocity, but instead of the travel space, they specialize in the moving and storage industries.

And as such, there are lots of benefits of using their services… and a few drawbacks.


  • Quick, free access to quotes and customer reviews from multiple service providers
  • Live support 7 days a week
  • Ability to schedule pick up, moving, and packing services online
  • Waived cancellation fees due to the Covid-19 pandemic (in some cases)
  • Coverage in all 50 state
  • No cancellation fees with 24 hours notice
  • Damage coverage is included
  • Customers not responsible for injuries to workers


  • The quality of service can be inconsistent
  • On long-distance moves you’ll need to book helpers at origin and destination
  • Packing supplies and moving pads may need to be supplied by the customer
  • Workers cannot drive a moving truck rented by the customer
  • Don’t currently offer car transport solutions

Features and Benefits

Ever had to scrounge up family and friends to help with a move?

It can be like herding cats.

Not only that, but you’ll need to account for everyone’s physical limitations, busy schedules, and relative lack of moving experience.

Not to mention that bruised shins, smashed fingers, and damaged furniture, walls, and floors are par for the course on DIY moves.

That said –

Moving help providers are –

  • Insured
  • Staffed with experienced professionals
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to full-service movers
  • More flexible than traditional movers

When Does Moving Help Make Sense

Hiring moving help makes sense on everything from the smallest local moves to the largest interstate moves.


Because they provide most of the services that many families need regardless of where they’re moving from and to.

They’re also particularly good fits for –

  • The elderly
  • Those with busy schedules and limited time
  • Those with physical handicaps that prevent them from packing and doing any heavy lifting
  • Families on tight budgets looking to get the most bang for their buck

Moving Help Insurance

Like on full-service moves, understanding the ins and outs of personal injury insurance and “moving insurance” or valuation is imperative.

Though policies and prices vary from one company to the next, each should cover their workers in the event of injury while on the job.

As for valuation pertaining to items lost or damaged on a move, all interstate movers and most local movers are required to offer a number of options.

Insider’s Tip: Get each mover’s insurance policy in writing (or online), and give yourself enough time to read and understand it thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.


Payment methods and options vary, but with most companies services can be booked and paid for with a credit card online.

On the other hand, cash and checks aren’t generally accepted.

Hireahelper’s payment works as follows –

  • The customer’s credit card is charged one day before the move date
  • Funds are held in an escrow account until the move is completed
  • Each customer gets a $1,000 “Service Guarantee”

Other Options for Moving Helpers</h2


Over the past decade, Bellhop has become a leader in the moving and storage industry.

By leveraging their “Uber-like” platform, they consistently find and secure the best moving labor and related services in the country.

They currently offer service in 20 states (more coming soon), and feature competitive pricing and a solid track record of providing high-quality service to picky customers.

Bellhop’s services include –

  • Local moving
  • Long-distance interstate and intrastate moves (including those with multiple pick-ups and deliveries)
  • Hourly loading and unloading labor for households goods moves and special events
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Packing supplies including custom kits with boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and more (by U-Haul)

According to their website, makes finding the perfect moving company relatively stress free.

They offer the same services that other moving help providers do, and you can search for help in your area, and sort them by –

  • Price
  • Services offered
  • Customer reviews

Minimums start at just two hours, and customers can pick the services they like for a truly customized moving solution.


In addition to packing and carrying furniture and boxes out of and into trucks and homes, moving often requires the services of a handyman.

TaskRabbit is a handy phone app that connects background-checked freelancer handymen (and women) with customers in need of the following services (and many more) –

  • Moving and heavy lifting
  • Unpacking
  • Furniture assembly
  • Plumbing
  • Spring cleaning
  • Yardwork
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Painting
  • Air conditioner installations
  • Snow removal

Prices vary from contractor to contractor, but the app is free and available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. Do moving help companies provide cleaning services?

Some like TaskRabbit do, while others offer strictly moving-related services.

2. Will my moving help move heavy items?

Many moving help companies will move extraordinarily heavy and specialty items like safes, pianos and hot tubs, but you’ll want to tell them about them prior to booking their services, as extra manpower (and charges) may be necessary.

3. Will my helpers drive the rental truck?

No, moving helpers usually aren’t allowed to drive trucks rented by customers.

4. Will my moving help service do everything local movers will?

Generally, they will, but they may not disconnect and reconnect appliances or remove televisions and curtain rods fastened to walls.

5. Can they help me unpack only?

Yes, many customers hire helpers to assist with the unpacking process, though they may not haul away the used packing material

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