Minimalism: Simplify Your Next Move

Moving doesn’t have to suck.

Here at moveBuddha, we believe in Relocation Enlightenment.

And the first step to becoming enlightened is realizing relocating is awesome.

Moving means opportunity. The excitement of finding new coffee shops & dive bars, making new friends, and finding new delicious foods to eat.


Despite our enthusiasm, most people dread moving.

Recently, some big ideas have been gaining traction in America.

In a word – Minimalism. Less is more with this philosophy, and there are some very practical reasons you should give it a shot.

So, why would a website that exists solely to help you move all your stuff suggest owning less stuff?

It’s definitely not to help our business grow…

But by cutting out excessive junk and simplifying, you can hone in on what truly matters to “find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom”.

We see a lot of people trapped by their possessions. Minimalism may just be the answer.

Use Minimalism to simplify moving. How can this really help me?

I’m so glad you asked.

  • Less to pack, move, and unpack (= more time)
  • Less owned, less to clean (= more time)
  • Less need to stay up to date, less distraction, stress (= more happiness)
  • Less consumerism, better finances (= more money)

Let’s explore each of these ideas for their practical advantages.

Less to pack, move, and unpack

“First of all, you already covered this. Why repeat it?” Well, to emphasize that moving fewer boxes is a win in itself. But, that’s not all…

Did you think about the prep time you’ll save by packing & unpacking less? That means more free time.

minimalism simplify your move

With your extra freed-up time, you can focus on what really matters in life – filling out rental applications, scouring the internet for the best places to eat or see live shows, or maybe even filing your taxes.

Or, you can go out into nature. Get some sun and make some vitamin D.

I feel relaxed just looking at that picture. Brb, I’m booking a trip to California. Credit: Dawn Ellner.

Less to clean, more time

This one is straight-forward. A lot of people dislike cleaning. Sure, some people think it’s calming or even meditative, but for most of us – cleaning is a chore that should be finished ASAP.

Ultimately, less time cleaning & organizing translates into more free time. That means you can spend more time watching Netflix, eating burritos from Chipotle, or whatever hip trends you’re pioneering that society is waiting to steal from you.

Hopefully, those trends are not eating ramen from your beard.

Not into the idea of more free time? Are you regularly bored as is? Maybe the extra time you have thanks to Minimalism could open doors to enriching your life – with new hobbies, skills, or maybe even a side hustle.

Less stress, more happiness

Surely, you’ve heard of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that weakens your immune system, contributes to health problems such as depression & weight gain, and generally acts as a buzzkill.

One president even said it’s public health enemy #1.

Dealing with the Cold War-like “arms race” of consumer trends like fast fashion and technology adds pressure and stress to life.

This probably means frequent appearances from your pal, Cortisol. Also, have you ever heard the terms “planned obsolescence” or engineered obsolescence?

They basically mean – designed to rapidly become obsolete. That describes how a lot of our modern technology gets created – with a short life in mind. When your toy dies, you have to buy a replacement.

minimalism the things you own end up owning you fight club

Think about this: the things you own end up owning you.

Ok, that’s actually from Fight Club – good job catching that.

Maybe you are a unique snowflake after all.

If you look around your home right now, how many items do you use at every day?

Be honest with yourself here…

What about once a week? Once a month or year?

Most likely, there are very few possessions that you use very regularly. For all of the items you rarely use, would your life be much different if you’d never bought it? Do you absolutely have to own it to lead a happy life?

I’m not suggesting that everything must or even should go away. Instead, carefully deciding what adds value to your life can help you get rid of what doesn’t matter. If you really love gaming consoles, LEGOs, or drones – keep them.

home-organization xkcd

Less consumerism, more money (& better finances)

Speaking of toys – those can get really expensive. Companies count on you to do your civil duty and buy that new iPhone or that new car.

However, the average American has $4,000+ in credit card debt. This may make you ask – why?

It’s partly lack of financial know-how, partly learned behavior from readily-available credit, and partly relentless and targeted advertising.

hedonism i want it now

Also, contributing factors include cost of living outpacing income growth (*NerdWallet) and part “my dream is to have whatever I want right now.” That philosophy’s called hedonism, by the way.

If you could learn to live with less, how would that feel once you’d paid off your debts? Maybe a minimalist challenge could help you get started.

Let’s assume you could maintain that lifestyle. With the extra income, you could build up emergency savings, take an extra vacation, or help someone by sharing an amazing experience or donating to charity.

Also, when it comes to building savings, many people think of compound interest in a 401k. But, what about the money you could guarantee saving by having no interest charges on credit debt?

To borrow a quote the Time article, “Paying off credit card debt has a riskless return that averages 14 percent, which no other asset class can match.”

Of course, after your debt’s paid off, you have to keep it that way to enjoy the benefits of fewer monthly credit bills.

How do I make this happen for me?

If you’re still unsure if Minimalism is right for you, consider watching this minimalism documentary on Netflix, Hulu, or elsewhere. If you’re looking for a community for support or ideas, check this Reddit page out.

Now, you’re ready to get started. Great, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

Minimalist Challenges

minimalism simplify your moveCredit: Steve Larkin

Where might minimalism lead?

That’s it! You’ve got plenty of options for making your next move easier on everyone, whether you’re toting your own boxes or paying movers to do that.

social pressure decisions

Are you worried about reactions from your community? Admittedly, there’s some social pressure to follow popular trends. But, you don’t have to “buy” into those, because…

Luckily, the ideas behind minimalism give you permission to live differently. To not worry so much. Actually, you always had that permission – but now you have extra ammunition for any nay-saying friends or coworkers.

Most of all, we hope you found the ideas here inspiring and liberating. Did we miss anything in our take on minimalism? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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