Will Movers Move a Swing Set?

Moving gets complicated pretty quickly when you factor in heavy equipment. Boats, cars, and exercise equipment are among the most common difficulties we encounter. But what about a swing set?

Swing sets are unique for not just being heavy but rather unwieldy. Sometimes it’s impossible to dismantle them before moving them to a new place, depending on their design. When it comes to issues such as this, it’s best to ask for professional help.

Will movers move a swing set? Let’s dive into this topic so you can find help when you need it most.

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How to Move a Swing Set Safely

If you don’t have experience with moving a swing set? Don’t take your chances. Safely moving heavy equipment is the specialty of experienced movers.

Even the most well-made and beloved swing set is not worth a ruptured disc. Moving a lighter swing set can be done if you’re able to disassemble it, leaving you with the cheap option of packing it into a moving truck. Make sure you have sturdy, large boxes with which to pack up your parts.

Do I Need to Disassemble My Swing Set Before Moving?

You can disassemble most swing sets swiftly and painlessly. However, some swing sets are extremely old and can struggle to come apart again.

Swing sets often max out at 250 lbs, though they’re usually a little lighter. This can still be too much for one person to move, so it’s best to disassemble it. The swingset parts you’ll have to take apart will include:

  • Removable seats
  • Removable swings
  • Chains
  • Brackets
  • Frame

you should handle wooden swing sets with gloves to avoid splinters. Be sure to check for any signs of rot, as that’s a sign you need to purchase a new swing set. While you can usually remove a little bit of rot, too much can compromise the swing and turn it into a hazard.

When Should I Disassemble My Swing Set?

If you’re looking out at your swing set with trepidation in the cold weather, it might pay to wait. While moving during the winter months is cheaper overall, it’s difficult to disassemble a swing set in cold weather.

This can be due to issues such as frozen or rusted parts. You may also have a swing set that’s bolted down to heavy concrete or wood, making removal an ordeal at the best of times. If your swing set is too much of a hazard to take apart, even in warmer weather, it might be best to buy a new one.

What Should I Know When Disassembling My Swing Set?

Play it safe and take notes as you disassemble your swing set. Get a notebook to clearly label your parts, their name, and where they’re supposed to go.

Just like you organize and label the rest of your belongings, use separate bags for all the bolts and screws. This will save you some headache when you set up shop at your new home. Consistent labeling is also helpful if you pull out rusted or damaged parts that could use a replacement.

Consider purchasing a corrosion protection spray to keep your parts working well. Be mindful of rust and wear gloves when handling parts, even if they look clean. You should instantly clean mold off of wood with a white vinegar and water solution.

Will Movers Move a Swing Set Clock, or Do I Need Specialty Movers?

You likely already know movers don’t move just anything. Some have policies against moving alcohol, while others specialize in very small moves.

While shopping around for moving services, ask them whether or not they move a swing set. Provide them with important information concerning its materials, its size, and its weight. This will help them provide you not just with accurate services but a more accurate moving estimate.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Swing Set?

The cost of moving a swing set depends on whether or not you’re moving it with professional help or solo.

Moving a smaller, lighter swing set on your own could set you back $100 to $300, including renting a truck and buying packing supplies. A heavier swing set that requires professional help can be as much as $800 to $1,000. This cost can potentially include the cost of labor, moving insurance, valuation, and the cost of packing supplies.

Consider Contacting the Manufacturer

Are you hitting a snag while disassembling your swing set? Call the manufacturer and see if they can provide you with disassembling services. While very old swing sets might not have this option, newer models almost always have the company’s ongoing support.


Will movers move a swing set? The answer is sometimes. Whether or not you need the aid of movers depends on the swing set you’re planning on taking with you.

New swing set models can be disassembled using the manual or with the aid of the manufacturer. They can also be easily packed into boxes in the back of a moving truck to save on costs.

Older swing set models, on the other hand, might not have the aid of a manufacturer. They can also be highly difficult to disassemble due to rusted or worn-out parts. This is where you should ask moving companies about their policies on swing sets. The worst-case scenario is to simply sell your swing set and put the money toward a new one.

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