How to Write a Review for a Moving Company

Even the best moves can be stressful and exhausting.

For peace of mind, nothing is more important than hiring a top-notch mover when relocating to a new home or apartment.

Whether your moving experience was positive or negative, writing a lengthy review may seem like a waste of time.

However, spending a few minutes reflecting on and writing about your move can benefit you and others contemplating a move like yours. Include the basics, pricing, and overall impression of your move in the review.

This post will focus on tips for writing a concise, accurate, and meaningful moving company review.

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Why bother writing a moving company review?

Contemplating your move and reviewing your mover can be therapeutic.

In addition, writing a thoughtful and accurate review will allow you to:

  • Give the moving company credit for what went well
  • Let them know where they dropped the ball
  • Help others planning a move like yours
  • Identify what you’d do differently next time around

Thankfully, reviews don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) long-winded recaps of every single detail.

In most cases, 10 to 20 sentences will suffice.

Keep your review as fair, honest, and professional as possible

We’ve all said and done things we regretted later.

To make the most of your moving company review, we suggest waiting a few days (or weeks) before writing and posting it.

Reviews written in the heat of the moment are often chock-full of misspelled words, offensive language, personal attacks, and over-the-top claims.

Such reviews usually aren’t taken very seriously, even when most of the information is true.

What to include in your moving company review

Providing ample context is essential when writing a moving company review.

In addition, you may want to consider including photographs and screenshots of documents, emails, and text messages to substantiate your claims.

Include the following information in your review to give readers adequate background:

1. The basics

  • Move dates – service failures are more common during the peak summer moving season than in the fall and winter
  • Origin and destination locations – locations affect prices and delivery times
  • Reasons for moving – a new job or to be closer to family
  • The size of your move – smaller moves may be less of a priority than larger ones
  • Services required – packing, crating, appliance services, vehicle transportation, storage, etc
  • Specialty items moved – pianos, hot tubs, snowmobiles, artwork, etc


My husband and I moved the contents of our 3-bedroom home from Frederick, Maryland to Wichita, Kansas in late June of 2022 to be closer to our families. We hired XYZ Movers because they had decent online reviews and gave us the lowest quote. We packed everything ourselves and didn’t require any special services. Our biggest concern was the antique piano I inherited from my great-grandmother.

2. Was pricing accurate and transparent?

Pricing accuracy and transparency are important considerations when hiring a full-service mover.


XYZ Movers quoted us $6,700, but our final cost was $400 more because we added a few items and had to pay for a long carry at our new house. There weren’t any hidden fees.

3. How were communication and customer service?

Include information about how the company communicated and managed your needs and expectations before, during, and after your move.


The customer service was great before we booked our move, but communication deteriorated after our household goods were loaded onto the truck. The most frustrating part was the claims process after our move.

4. Did your driver and crew make the grade?

Don’t forget to mention how your packers, movers, and driver(s) performed.


Our crew was polite and efficient, but they weren’t wearing uniforms and didn’t wrap everything in moving blankets like we thought they would.

5. Were the mover’s equipment and facilities up to snuff?

Well-maintained moving vans make great first impressions.


Our hearts sank when the rusty old moving van pulled up in front of our house. Thankfully, the inside of the trailer was immaculate, and the moving pads looked new.

6. Did the company pick up and deliver your household goods on schedule?

On-time deliveries are a big concern on long-distance moves.


XYZ Movers picked up our household goods on time, but our delivery was delayed by two days because the truck broke down in Missouri.

7. What about loss, damage, and the claims process?

If applicable, include a few sentences about loss, damage, and the claims process.


On delivery day, we discovered that a bicycle was missing, that our dining room table top was gouged, and that a number of boxes were crushed. The claims process took three weeks, but we were only reimbursed about a quarter of what we were expecting. We were very unhappy with the payout, but at least the piano wasn’t damaged.

8. How would you rate overall value, and would you use your movers again?

Let readers know if you’d use the moving company again and recommend them to a friend or family member.


We’d give XYZ Movers 4 out of 5 stars. Damage was minimal, and the estimate was relatively accurate, but they delivered late, communication wasn’t great, and the claims process was a pain in the neck! We’d consider using them again because things could have been much worse.

The best places to post moving company reviews

The following sites are among the most popular places to post moving company reviews:

You can also post reviews on your Facebook page or in a group.

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Frequently asked questions (faqs)

What’s the purpose of writing a moving company review?

Posting a well-thought-out review of your mover will allow you to gather your thoughts, help others contemplating a move like yours, and avoid making the same mistakes next time around.

When can I review a moving company?

You can write a review on some sites before your move is complete, but we suggest waiting until the bitter end to ensure nothing important gets left out.

How do you rate a mover?

When rating a mover, consider communication, customer service, pricing accuracy, timeliness, loss and damage, and whether you felt like you got your money’s worth.

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