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Matthew Copes

Matthew Copes

Before joining the moveBuddha team, Matthew Copes spent more than a decade as a driver, mover, and sales representative for large national van lines. These days he prefers writing about the moving industry to answering phones and carrying triple dressers.

Posts by Matthew Copes

Will Movers Move Items in Trash Bags?

Packing bulky, light, and non-breakable items in trash bags can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes and totes.However, not all moving companies will move items packed in trash bags.It usually depends on – Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance What you intend to pack in trash bags Whether your driver or crew […]

Moving Scams Are on the Rise…Don’t Be a Victim

In a recent MYNorthwest article titled BBB warns of moving company, broker dishonesty in Washington, Nicole Jennings suggests that readers planning a move should – “Make sure the moving company — and the broker — you pick is reputable.” She’s referring to a regional problem, but you could substitute nearly any city or town for […]

Will Movers Move in the Rain?

Imagine this… You found the new home of your dreams. You hired a top-notch mover, spent weeks packing, and made tons of arrangements with schools, utility companies, and realtors. You’ve done everything right, but the evening before moving day, you flip on the nightly weather forecast. It’s bad news. An epic storm is headed your […]

Rogue Brokers Strike Again – This Time in South Carolina

Diehard moveBuddha followers probably don’t need any more proof that rogue movers and brokers are big problems. They are, and we do our best to expose them whenever we can. That said, tales of moving fraud continue to pour in from every state. And sadly, many consumers miss multiple red flags during the vetting process…if […]

The Best Options for Small Moves

What’s a small move? It’s a relative term, but you probably have a small move if – You’re shipping a single item You live in a studio or moderately furnished 1-bedroom apartment Your new home will be a college dorm room You’re moving a few specialty items You’re temporarily moving a few items during a […]

Will Movers Move A Tree?

“Good afternoon. Can you move and transplant a tree?”Call and ask a traditional moving company this question, and you’ll probably get a resounding “NO.”Yes, trees can be uprooted, moved, and transplanted in new locations.That said, most household goods movers won’t be able to help. It’s just not their area of expertise, and they don’t have […]

How to Pack and Move a Lawn Mower (or Tractor)

Admit it.You’ve been dreaming about that shiny John Deere zero-turn mower in the showroom window. It’s not cheap, but it’d make your ratty lawn look like the fourth fairway at Pebble Beach. That said, on moving day it could be a huge hassle. Moving a small push mower to a new home across town can […]

What Options Do You Have When Moving?

Full-service movers vs containers vs moving truck rentals: Which of these moving options is right for you? We compared their services, prices, and more to help make that choice a little easier.

Moving Day Safety Tips To Avoid Injuries

Nearly two millennia ago, the Roman poet Virgil said – “The greatest wealth is health.” Truer words were never spoken because money is useless if we’re too sick to enjoy it. But this wise quote also pertains to contemporary moving, which is stressful even when things go smoothly. In short, a safe move is a […]