Just Updated 2021 Best Interstate Moving Companies

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Matthew Copes

Matthew Copes

Before joining the moveBuddha team, Matthew Copes spent more than a decade as a driver, mover, and sales representative for large national van lines. These days he prefers writing about the moving industry to answering phones and carrying triple dressers.

Posts by Matthew Copes

How to Pack Your Car When Moving

Sometimes, moving day means loading up as much as will fit in your car. But believe it or not, there’s a right and a wrong way to pack a car when moving.

Who Regulates Moving Companies?

Have you ever wondered who regulates or vets professional moving companies? We’re breaking down how interstate moving companies receive their licensing as well as how each state regulates its local movers.

How to Pack Electronics for Moving

Moving expensive electronics and worried about how to move them? We have the best tips on packing and moving stereos, TVs, and expensive equipment so you know they’ll make it to your new home safely.