How to Move Somewhere You’ve Never Visited

Preparing for a move is always stressful. It becomes even more stressful when you move somewhere you’ve never been before.

This often happens when people are transferred to a new location by their employer, when people join the armed forces, and when people move because of changes in family dynamics.

If you face a move to a place you’ve never been before, it’s important to have a plan in place before the move.

If you’re just wanting to know literally how to move somewhere new, check out our list of the best interstate moving companies to help you make the move more stress-few. But if you’re looking for advice on how to adjust to your new home, check out our tips below.

You will find a host of different tips you can use for the move so you can prepare for life in a brand new location.

Why Are You Moving Somewhere You’ve Never Been?

Often, people decide to uproot themselves simply for a change of scenery. They might need to get away from a stressful living situation, find new employment opportunities, or meet up with long-lost friends.

Others move to a new place they’ve never been before after joining the armed forces, if their employer has transferred them, or if they are joining a new family dynamic. Whatever the reason for your move, be sure to have it planned, so there are no surprises along the way.

Explore Your New Hometown Like a Local

Although walking down Main Street or visiting all of the common tourist spots in your new hometown is a great way to learn about it, you really need to explore like a local. Talk to people who work in bars, restaurants, and stores where they like to eat, socialize and shop. Find out what the neighborhoods are like and where the best spots are to relax.

When visiting someplace new, be sure to ask the locals these questions:

  • What is your favorite park?
  • What are the popular weekend hangout spots?
  • Are there cool parts of the town that visitors often overlook?
  • What is your favorite locally owned boutique or dive bar?
  • What is the best hidden gem in the city?

Build a List of Connections

You might not realize it, but you likely have connections who live in the town where you are moving. With the power of social media, you can build a list of people with whom you can connect online and once you arrive at your new town or city.

Post on your social media pages asking who you know who lives in that town or if your friends know anyone who lives there. You’d be surprised at how many answers or private messages you receive. Now you have people to contact when you need questions answered, insight into living in the town, or someone to grab a drink or dinner with upon your arrival.

Research Your Take Home Pay

This is something that many people overlook, especially those who are moving because of their job. Find out what your take-home pay will be depending on where you are moving. Every state has different income tax laws, which means people who live and work in New Jersey will take home a different amount from their pay than those living and working in Nevada.

You can use a tool called Paycheck City Calculator that can help you determine your take-home page. You enter your salary information into the calculator and the other information it requests, and you can determine what your take-home pay will be in your new town. There are tools for salaried employees, hourly employees, a W4 calculator, a 401k calculator, and many others.

Consider Renting a Place First

Since you’ve never been to this town or city before, it’s in your best interest to rent a place before buying. If you are moving by yourself, rent an apartment. If you are moving with a significant other, rent a condominium. Moving with your entire family? You will likely be able to find a townhouse or smaller single-family home to rent for six months to one year.

Renting before buying helps you learn about your new home and determine if you want to plant your flag there for the long haul before making a large financial commitment. The same goes for not committing to a long-term lease if you prefer to rent instead of owning. Take a look at online places like Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and reach out to your contacts to see if they know anyone with rental properties available where you are moving.

Use Google Maps

Interested in finding out how long your commute will be from home to work and back again? Want to find out if you can take public transportation, walk, or ride a bicycle to work? Google Maps can answer these questions for you. Enter two points on the map, your home address and your work address.

Once you enter these points, you can explore all there is to offer between home and work. You will be able to see how long of a commute you have, a listing of restaurants, stores, and public transportation stops, and much more. You can also explore schools, libraries, hospitals, and parks.

Want to get a closer look at a specific spot on the map? Click on a pin to enter the street view. Now you will be able to see pictures of the neighborhood, the office complex, and anywhere else in the area you’d like to explore once you arrive on moving day.

Join Neighborhood Groups on Facebook

An excellent way to meet your future neighbors and ask questions about the community is to join neighborhood groups on Facebook. There are millions of these groups across the country. Simply type the name of your town, or the closest city, into the search bar and click ‘join group’ on each one that interests you.

You will be able to introduce yourself, ask questions, and connect with those who either live there or used to live there. These groups are great resources for new residents, especially those who haven’t had the chance to visit the town yet.

Read Our City Guides

On top of joining neighborhood groups on Facebook, you should read the city guides we have created here at moveBuddha. We have guides for every major city in the United States, and a few others sprinkled in between. You will find everything you need to know about moving to your new city in one of our guides.

Do Your Research

Don’t be afraid to do your own research when you find out you will be moving to a new town or city that you’ve never been to before or won’t be able to visit until moving day arrives. The internet is a wondrous place filled with plenty of reputable sources when looking for information about your new town or city.

Browse the official website of your new town or city so you can find out as much information as possible. You will learn about trash day, recycling, the local emergency services, how the town or city runs, public works, and much more.

If you have children, look into the school system. If you prefer private schooling, do a little research into the private schools available in the area. Researching ahead of time will help you get a better feel for the town and whether or not you think you will be a fit.

Look for Listicles About Your New Town

Part of the research process of a new town or city is to look for listicles. There are millions of these articles on the web. They can help you find the ten best places to eat brunch, shop, take your kids for a day of adventure, grab a late-night snack, and much more. You might have rolled your eyes at listicles in the past because you’ve never needed them. Now, they can prove to be very helpful when learning how to move somewhere you’ve never been before.

Research Your Interests

Do you like to garden? Do you enjoy long bike rides? How about hiking? Do you want to fly your drone? Do you like to write poetry while sitting in a park? Whatever your interests are, do a little research using them to determine what activities are available in the town or city where you will be moving. Knowing ahead of time that you can still enjoy these hobbies will help make the move a lot less stressful in the end.

Plan Your Move to an Unfamiliar Town Today

Now that you have plenty of tips to begin planning your move to an unfamiliar town or city today. There will always be someone to talk to no matter where you are moving. You just need to know the right places to look and ask for help. As overwhelming as social media can be at times, it will be a big tool in helping you find connections in your new town. Moving to somewhere you’ve never been before won’t be overwhelming when you follow the tips presented.

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