Moving To Denmark From The US

Despite the challenges associated with moving to Denmark as of 2018, there were an estimated 8,998 Americans living in Denmark’s 99 different municipalities. Of these 8,998 Americans, approximately 3,569 of them were living in beautiful Copenhagen. Yet why are many Americans considering moving to Denmark even though it isn’t as easy to move to compared to other European Union countries?

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Well, in this moving to Denmark from the US guide, we’re going to look at why many US citizens are opting to migrate to Denmark. In addition to this, we’re also going to discuss how you can move to Denmark by looking into the various danish visa options.

Moreover, we will also discuss the different ways you can move your things to Denmark from the US and a few of the best places to live in Denmark. Armed with this information, you will likely experience a much calmer and more enjoyable international moving experience.

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How To Move From The US To Denmark

When planning your move to Denmark, one of the first things you need to consider is which type of visa you’re eligible for. Some Danish visas will grant you the opportunity of permanent residency down the line, but others like student visas will not.

Moving to Denmark from the US is one of the hardest moves you can choose to make, but it can also be the most rewarding if you succeed. Each Danish visa has its own requirements that you will have to meet, but luckily there are primarily three options to choose between.

Denmark Visa Information

Were you aware that most Danish visa options cost approximately 445 USD, and this sum includes your residence permit? If you would like to learn more about the main visa options Denmark offers US citizens, you can look at the below topics. We have composed a brief summary of each visa type so that you have an idea of what to expect.

However, to learn more about the specific visa requirements, you will have to visit the Danish government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or you can visit the, which is the Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration’s official website.

Denmark Is A No-Visa Free Resettlement

If you’re an American, you have the opportunity to enjoy visa-free travel around Denmark. However, US citizens are not entitled to visa-free resettlement. Since Americans belong to a non-EU country and are not EU citizens, they are legally on the same footing as people from countries like China and India in terms of immigration to Denmark.

A Student Visa

If you only want to move to Denmark for a short amount of time and would like to continue higher education, you can apply for a student visa. Living in Denmark on a student visa will allow you the perfect opportunity to determine if this country is somewhere you would like to learn how to live permanently.

Luckily the process of obtaining a student visa is fairly straightforward to obtain. All you need is proof of identification and an acceptance letter from a Danish university. Once you have applied for your Danish student visa and have been accepted, it will last for the length of one academic year. Additionally, it will take approximately 60 days for your Danish student visa to be granted.

A Family Reunification Visa

Should you already live in Denmark and are a Danish citizen, you can apply for a family reunification visa if you want your spouse, partner, or children to move from America and join you in Denmark. The specific visa process will vary according to your family’s relationship with you.

Essentially, there are visas for cohabiting partners, parents, siblings, spouses, and children of those granted residency in Denmark or citizens of this country. In many instances, a visa to get your American family moved and settled in Denmark can take up to ten months and will likely cost you on average $945.

A Work Visa

Denmark is possibly the most popular destination Americans want to move to and visit of the five Nordic countries consisting of Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. It might come as a surprise, but Danes speak English which is why this country is an attractive option for US citizens to live and work full time in.

However, not speaking the Danish language can be seen as a negative if you want to obtain a governmental position. If you compare Denmark to other EU countries, there are also limited work permit options available to Americans. Yet obtaining an English-speaking job in big cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense is possible.

Unlike EU and EEA citizens that need no work permit to enter and work in Denmark, Americans need a work permit if they wish to work in Denmark. However, you should note that obtaining a job in Denmark as a US citizen is difficult because of this country’s “Foreigners Directorate.”

Many Danish people firmly believe that limiting immigration helps reduce the supply of foreign labor to the country and helps maintain the country’s many social benefits and high wages. That’s why it is getting harder for Americans to obtain work visas, but it isn’t impossible, especially if you manage to get sponsored by a Danish company.

A Spouse Visa

It is often easier to obtain a spouse visa than it is to get a work permit in Denmark. In this country, if you are marrying or married to a Danish person, the law doesn’t discriminate against gender or race. However, to obtain a spouse visa, you and your partner must be at least 24 years old. You will also have to pass a Danish language test within six months of moving to Denmark.

Additionally, your partner must have his or her own home that is large enough for you both to live in. Moreover, he or she must be able to put down a deposit of $8,000 with the Danish government to prove that he or she will be able to support you.

The Process Involved With Moving To Denmark

When you are planning your move to Denmark from the US, there are a few process requirements you need to note. Below we have briefly spoken about the different process requirements of moving to this nordic country.

You Need To Obtain Temporary Residency

Before moving to Denmark, you will need to apply for temporary residency. If you’re granted temporary residency, it will be valid for five years. With temporary residency, you will be allowed to work in Denmark, and you will have access to healthcare and education benefits.

You Need To Obtain A CPR Number

Once you have been granted legal residency, you can apply for a personal identification number known as a CPR number. You can think of this number as a social security number. To obtain a CPR number, you will need a permanent address. You will need to physically get your CPR number from a citizen service center or an international citizen service center.

Besides needing a CPR number for healthcare and social benefits, you will also need this identification number for buying a house, paying taxes, and receiving salary payments. Additionally, no service providers will help you if you don’t have a CPR number which is why it’s best to get one as soon as you’re able.

You Need To Set Up Your Finances

After successfully obtaining your CPR number, you can set up your finances by opening a Danish bank account. You can also register with the Danish tax authorities, and you can get your nemID. This ID is known as a national electronic ID and digital signature. Citizens use this to access private and public services.

You Need To Obtain Danish Permanent Residency

Often the hardest part of moving to Denmark is obtaining permanent residency. There are strict criteria that you need to meet for you to be able to settle completely. As an American, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You can apply for permanent residency within four years if you can prove you worked full time within each of those four years. You will also have to pass the Danish language exam, and you need to pass an active citizenship exam. Additionally, you need to demonstrate that you earned an income of more than 290,000 kroner in each of the last two years of your temporary residency.
  • If the former requirements are too difficult for you, there is a slightly easier way to obtain permanent residency in Denmark. You will need to have resided in Denmark for eight years. During those eight years, you will have had to work for three and a half years full time during the last four years. In addition to that, you would need to fulfill two of the requirements mentioned above.

How To Move Your Things From The US To Denmark

Arguably, one of the most important aspects to consider when moving from America to Denmark is moving your belongings. Luckily there are two options available that might suit your international needs. Continue reading below to learn more about air freight and sea freight.

Air Freight

If you only require a few items moved, have fragile items that you need to ship, or need your belongings with you quickly, you might want to consider air freight. However, you should note that the cost of air freight is significantly more expensive than the cost of sea freight.

On average, to fly 550 pounds worth of belongings via air freight, you should expect to pay $675 from New York to Copenhagen. To ship 550 pounds to this destination, you can expect your belongings to arrive within 10 hours.

International Air Freight Companies

  • Santa Fe Relocation.
  • International Sea & Air Shipping.
  • Transparent International.

Sea Freight

Since Denmark is one of the shipping hubs of the world, it is not difficult getting your belongings shipped from the US to Denmark. If you have a lot of possessions but don’t need your belongings in a hurry, shipping via sea freight is often a better idea because it is more cost-effective.

On average, you should expect to have to pay roughly $790 to ship a 20-foot container from New York to Aarhus. It will take approximately 17 to 31 days for your belongings to arrive.

International Sea Freight Companies

  • Schumacher Cargo.
  • Shipa Freight.
  • SDC International Shipping.

Why Are People Moving From The US To Denmark?

When you decide if you should move to Denmark from the US, you are likely questioning why you should do so. Well, to help you understand, we thought to tell you about the most significant reasons Americans want to move to Denmark.

One of the biggest reasons Americans are choosing to move to Denmark is because of the superb work-life balance they are offered. In Denmark, the typical workweek is only 37.5 hours, which translates to 7.5 hours a day. In contrast, the typical workweek in the US is 40.5 hours, but this varies by industry, with some industries working more than this.

Another reason why Americans are choosing to move to Denmark is because of the many amenities readily available. There are many libraries, amusement parks, and beaches that are easily accessible and affordable even though income taxes are significantly higher in Denmark.

In addition to these reasons, there are a few more reasons why Americans are becoming fond of the idea of moving to Denmark. We have briefly spoken about them below.

A Unique Healthcare System

Many often mistake Denmark’s healthcare system as being free. Many benefits are free, but there are instances when money needs to be paid for healthcare services rendered. Although healthcare isn’t wholly free, it is still one of the reasons many Americans choose to move to Denmark.

The healthcare system in Denmark is one of the best in Europe and the world. Yet, what makes this healthcare system truly unique is its payment system. Instead of being charged at the point of service, your co-pay amount will be deducted from your paycheck as a tax withholding.

Affordable Education

Although education in Denmark is free, it isn’t free for non-EU citizens, meaning USA students wishing to attend any of the international schools will have to pay tuition. However, the amount you will need to pay per course is affordable compared to the price of American higher education, depending on what you want to study.

The Country Places An Emphasis On Equality

Another main reason many Americans choose to move to Denmark is the emphasis the country places on equality. Most people in Denmark have often remarked that they receive the same level of respect as the next person.

Essentially, in Denmark, you are treated as an equal no matter what gender you are, how much you earn, what job you work, who you’re married to, or what your educational status is.

The Second Happiest Country Globally

America is not the happiest place to live, which is why many are choosing to live in a place that offers more opportunities for joy. According to the World Happiness Ranking study, Denmark is the second happiest country globally.

This study considers everything from the country’s average salary to the amount of time people get to spend in nature. Interestingly, the study uncovered that those who move to Denmark are not any less likely to be happy than those who are born in Denmark.

A Flat Country

Why is it relevant that Denmark is one of the flattest countries globally? Well, it’s relevant because many Americans enjoy exercising and cycling, and in Denmark, these activities are easy to participate in. This is because the range of elevation in Denmark is incredibly slight. According to data, there is only a difference of approximately 584 feet between the highest and lowest points in the country.

Where Are Some Of The Very Best Places To Move To In Denmark?

It’s important to move to a city where you can feel safe and happy. Not every city suits every person’s unique needs, preferences, and wants. That’s why we decided to mention a few of the very best cities in Denmark and who they are suited to. Hopefully, by doing so, we can provide you with a city option that suits your tastes.

Popular Cities In Denmark To Move To

  • Copenhagen – One of the most livable cities in Europe.
  • Aarhus – Best for those with families.
  • Aalborg – Best for students.
  • Esbjerg – Best for eating out and entertainment.
  • Odense – best for those who enjoy cultural and historical attractions.

Moving To Denmark: FAQs

We have sourced many moving to Denmark frequently asked questions to help you with a few of your possible queries.

1. Can US citizens move to Denmark?

In short, US citizens can move to Denmark, but it is a difficult process because there are limited visa options available to citizens of non-EU countries. Most commonly, a US citizen will find it easiest to move to Denmark with a work permit or with a spouse visa.

2. How much money will you need to move to Denmark?

How much money you will need to move to Denmark from the US depends on whether you are moving alone or with your family. It is also dependent on the type of visa you are applying for and the mode of transportation you are using to move your belongings and yourself.

A typical Danish visa costs approximately $450, a one-way ticket from New York to Copenhagen costs an estimated $430, and a typical container to move a household’s belongings costs approximately $790. Therefore you should expect to pay a base amount of $1,670 to move from America to Denmark.

3. Can I move to Denmark without a job?

As an American, you can move to Denmark without a job if you stay on a short-term basis with a student visa. Additionally, you can move to Denmark and become a permanent resident if you are marrying or are married to a Danish resident or citizen. Or if you have Danish relatives sponsoring you who are residents or citizens of Denmark.

4. Is it worth migrating to Denmark?

Ultimately, whether it is worth migrating to Denmark is a personal decision. This country is known for its excellent healthcare and schooling system, but these benefits are not as beneficial to Americans as they are to EU citizens.

5. How long does it take to apply for a visa to move to Denmark?

After finding a job in Denmark, you can apply for a work permit. Most visas in Denmark require you to have a work contract or a promise of one before moving to this country. Once you have submitted your Danish visa application, it will likely be approved within a few weeks. However, some Danish visas can take up to a year to be approved.

6. How long does it take to get a work permit in Denmark?

On average, it can take 10 to 30 days to get a Denmark work permit approved. Often the work permit known as the Fast Track Visa takes around ten days to be approved.

7. How can I move to Denmark?

When choosing to move to Denmark, you have two options for moving your belongings. You can move them via sea freight or air freight.

8. What are the benefits of moving to Denmark?

There are many benefits to moving to Denmark. For example, Denmark has a very low crime rate, they have shorter work weeks, there is an emphasis on equality, and they have a superb public transportation system.

9. How long does it take to get a Danish passport?

Typically, it takes four weeks to get an adult Danish passport, but it can take up to five weeks to obtain one during peak periods.


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