Extra Space Storage Review: Costs and Services

Here’s the bottom line: Extra Space Storage is a budget storage unit rental company that offers a variety of self-storage unit sizes and types. Whether you need something small or a space large enough for vehicle storage, Extra Space Storage has you covered.

Extra Space Storage is a storage unit chain that operates a variety of storage facilities across the United States. While they aren’t present in every state, they do have 700,000 units in 42 states.


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Extra Space Storage offers a variety of storage and payment options. Customers can choose from indoor climate-controlled units to units large enough to hold a boat or an RV. Units can be rented on a month-to-month basis or paid upfront in full for a deeper discount.

All facilities have an onsite store manager and security to ensure your possessions stay safe while they are in storage. Most storage locations also have gate access, ensuring that only those with a code can come near your unit.

Extra Space Storage is known for having the best deals for the first month, and new customers usually find that they are the cheapest for the first year. However, like most self-storage companies, rates will increase over time, sometimes by as much as 50% after the first year.

Despite the mid-rental price hikes, Extra Space Storage is known by renters to be an excellent budget-friendly option, especially for those only needing short-term storage. The company currently has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

Do you need some storage during your next move? Let’s take a look and see if Extra Space Storage might be the right storage option for you!

Pros & cons of Extra Space Storage

  • Multiple sizes of storage units to fit customers’ needs
  • Offers both indoor climate-controlled units and outdoor units for vehicles
  • Rentals can be reserved on a month-to-month basis or booked for long periods in advance
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Secure storage facilities include an access gate or onsite manager
  • Offers new customer discounts
  • Not available in some states (Alabama, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, or Wyoming)
  • While the initial price is low, price hikes can be steep after the first year
  • You must have a credit card or debit card to rent a storage unit
  • If you miss a payment, the late fee can be pricey

Key takeaways 

  • Extra Space Storage is a verified self-storage rental company offering a variety of outdoor and climate-controlled storage lockers to renters in 42 states.
  • They offer everything from small to large units and can store large items such as vehicles. All storage units are protected by gate access or an onsite manager.
  • Extra Space Storage offers extremely affordable prices to new customers, though their prices later on can be steep.

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Extra Space Storage pricing: How much it costs for self-storage

How much your self-storage with Extra Space Storage will cost depends heavily on the type of storage you need. Those who need larger units or those with more features will pay more than those who just need a small space for extra belongings

Extra Space Storage cost factors

  • Unit size: Unit cost varies depending on the number of square feet you need for storage space. Larger units will cost more than smaller ones.
  • Climate-controlled storage: If you need a climate-controlled unit, it will cost more than an outdoor drive-up unit.
  • Contract length: Those who choose to pay upfront for a length of time (such as a year) will receive a discount that those booking month-to-month rentals don’t receive.
  • Storage unit location: In some states, storage units are more costly than others. For example, someone looking for storage in New York City or Los Angeles will likely pay more than someone needing storage in Salt Lake City.
  • Available security: All Extra Space Storage units have some sort of security, but those with gate access or other security features may cost more.

Extra Space Storage offers a wide variety of services

Extra Space Storage offers budget pricing for a wide variety of storage options. Let’s look at some of the self-storage solutions available to renters:

  • Self-storage: Self-storage units are often rented month-to-month and allow the customer to access the unit whenever they want. Extra Space Storage emphasizes its clean and secure storage options. The two primary types of units are outdoor drive-up access storage units that resemble a garage and walk-in units within a building.
  • Vehicle storage: The three primary options for vehicle storage include indoor, outdoor, and covered. Those who are storing a recreational vehicle (RV) will typically choose outdoor storage, which may be covered. Many customers also choose to store motorcycles or boats for the short or long term.
  • Business storage: Commercial customers may store things like office equipment, furniture, inventory, and company vehicles. Some storage sites now even offer small office space rentals.
  • Climate-controlled storage units: These units are maintained at temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees to protect your belongings by using heat, air conditioning, or humidity reduction methods. The climate-controlled units effectively protect electrical items and prevent mold, mildew, and potential infestation from pests. Wooden furniture is protected from cracking or warping, and metal items are less likely to rust or corrode.
  • Packing supplies: Through a partnership with Supply Side USA, customers may purchase moving supplies online or onsite at most Extra Space Storage locations. Products include boxes, packing materials, and locks.

How Extra Space Storage stacks up against the competition

When compared to iStorage and Public Storage, two of our other best self-storage companies, storing with Extra Space Storage might look a little different. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these self-storage companies.

Extra Space Storage vs. iStorage

Both Extra Space Storage and iStorage offer a variety of storage unit sizes, some of which are climate-controlled. However, while Extra Space Storage is known for its discounts and deals, iStorage only has a military discount and prices its units using a more complicated method. With iStorage, you’ll pay a different monthly amount depending on unit size and location. iStorage purchases other storage facilities, so their facilities can also vary widely in terms of layout and amenities.

Only Extra Space Storage offers packing supplies onsite, but many self-storage users don’t require these anyway. Both companies offer superior security and onsite staff to help with issues when they arise.

Unfortunately, iStorage is only available in 23 states currently, with fewer locations overall, while Extra Space Storage has more than 700,000 locations in 42 states. This means you are much more likely to have an Extra Space Storage facility near your home than an iStorage facility.

Currently, iStorage is only available to customers in: Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. So if you don’t live in these states, you’ll want to take a look at Extra Space Storage instead.

Extra Space Storage vs. Public Storage

Public Storage and Extra Space Storage are both on our best self-storage companies list, and they offer a similar range of services, from a variety of self-storage unit sizes to climate-controlled facilities.

Both companies have some availability limitations. Extra Space Storage isn’t available for customers in: Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, West Virginia, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, or Wyoming. Public Storage isn’t available for customers in Alaska, Arkansas, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, or Vermont.

Plus, both Public Storage and Extra Space Storage are known for their initial low costs, with later price raises depending on the length of time you need storage.

The only difference between the two is that Public Storage units often have security concerns, especially in large metropolitan areas. So, if you live in a large city, it might be a good idea to choose Extra Space Storage, which is known for its excellent security.

Company BBB score State availability Climate Controlled Storage Options Available?
iStorage C+ 23 states Yes
Extra Space Storage A+ 42 states Yes
Public Storage NR 41 states + international locations Yes

How self-storage with Extra Space Storage works

Extra Space Storage advertises that they have storage solutions to meet your every storage need. Let’s take a closer look at what the self-storage process with Extra Space Storage looks like.

Booking a storage unit

One of the things we love about Extra Space Storage is its excellent website. You can head to extraspace.com and use their size guide to decide which self-storage unit you need. This size guide is 3D, giving you an excellent visual of their self-storage facilities.

After you decide what size you need, you can go to their search function to check for available units in your area. The pricing is listed directly in the search results, letting you know which location might be the best for you.

Extra Space Self Storage offers discounted web rates, so if you find the unit you want, it’s best to book it online. If you do so, you will sign all the documents electronically and be given a unit number and gate code to move into your space immediately!

If you don’t want to book online, ensure you can reserve your space for free so no one else can book it!

Moving in

If you booked entirely online, you can pack your items and show up anytime during the business hours for your Extra Space Storage location to begin moving in. Just make sure you have a lock that works with their units or plan to purchase one from the onsite manager.

If you don’t book online, you will need to head to Extra Space Storage during business hours to sign documents and receive information for accessing your unit.

It’s important to note that the rate you receive for your storage unit is an introductory rate only, and the price will change over time.

Your rate for your unit will be charged each month on the date you moved in. Most renters notice their rate is raised after one year of storage, but it can be raised sooner or later, depending on your unit location.

Moving out

When you no longer need your storage unit, you will need to visit your Extra Space Storage location in person to notify them of your move-out date. It is recommended to move out on the same date that you moved in to avoid paying for an extra month.

You will need to notify your unit at least 15 days prior to your move-out date, though we recommend notifying your local manager at least a month in advance to ensure you don’t incur any extra charges.

Extra Space Storage is perfect for people who need short-term secure storage

Extra Space Storage by far has some of the cheapest storage unit prices, at least for the first year. This is why we recommend them for those who only need storage for a short period of time.

Extra Space Storage is perfect for people who:

  • Have storage needs tied to a big move
  • Need storage for one year or less
  • Want to leave their items in a secure storage unit 
  • Want to book their storage unit entirely online

Overall, Extra Space Self Storage is one of our best storage companies for a reason. They offer a wide variety of self-storage options at the lowest initial prices, making them an excellent decision for those who need a storage solution for only a few months.

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How do you cancel Extra Space Storage units?

Extra Space Storage units can only be canceled in person by visiting the facility where the storage unit is located.

How can you book an Extra Space Storage unit?

Extra Space Storage units can be booked entirely online via their website. You can also go in person to any of their facilities during business hours or call a facility for more information.

Are Extra Space Storage units refundable?

All money paid to Extra Space Storage is nonrefundable, so you should only pay in advance for months you know you will need storage.

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