Get Discounts for Storage

For many people, saving on your storage costs is as simple as entering a quick code.

We looked through the top storage companies for their discounts so that you don’t have to.

As well as naming the discounts that each company offers, we will give you money-saving tips that you can use in combination with your sweet deals.

For quick reference, here are some of the most popular types of discounts available.

Now, let’s get into it.

Tips to Acquire Your Storage Discount

There are several discounts available for storing your belongings, but here are some tips to help you get the best ones available.

Check the requirements

Make sure you double-check the requirements for the storage discount you want to ensure you qualify. For example, don’t bank on a student discount long after your graduation or a military discount if you’ve never served. If you do qualify, bring your I.D. card or other forms of identification with you to secure the deal.

Start by asking

Some storage companies don’t tout their offered discounts on their website, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer any. It won’t hurt to ask a representative for a deal because you might walk away with a better bargain than you imagined!

Keep in mind that the associate you talk to on location or over the phone may not be able to grant discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask to talk to a manager.

Watch out for scams

In your search for the best storage discounts, be aware that scam artists exist in every industry. If you see a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always make sure you choose a reputable company to do business with.

Use your discounts to get discounts

Just like negotiating with moving companies, you can negotiate with storage companies. If a business offers you a discount, go and talk to other businesses with quotes in hand. It may sway them to give you the same deal (or a better one!) if it means you rent a storage unit from them.

Try an app

Many storage unit companies offer deals for a limited time, and it can be difficult keeping track of who offers which discount when. Thankfully, there are apps out there that will tell you about new offers as they become available. The app has coupons for just about anything!

Military Storage Discounts

If there’s anyone that needs storage discounts, its military personnel. You’re no stranger to frequent moves as an active military member, and you’ll need to keep items in storage, especially if you’re moving overseas.

However, you don’t always have to be on active duty to qualify. Veterans and retired personnel can also take advantage of military storage discounts!


CubeSmart     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

CubeSmart thanks you for your service to our country and is offering a 10% discount on top of any other promotions available for your storage unit. All you have to do is bring your military I.D. with you the day you move your belongings into storage.

This storage company isn’t afraid to show which discounts are available as their website menu includes a “Deals” section. Take a look and find another offer to pair with your military discount for the best storage savings!

Life Storage

Life Storage     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

You can find Life Storage units across the USA with a variety of sizes available to accommodate your belongings. They don’t advertise a set military storage discount, but they do offer them! Give them a call at (855) 928-1146 or use the contact form on their website to find out what discounts they have.

Storage Rentals of America

If you need a storage unit in the eastern part of the USA when you move to your next base, consider Storage Rentals of America. To say thank you for your sacrifices, they offer a 10% military discount on your storage unit. You can reserve your unit a week in advance free of charge and without providing credit card information.

Teacher and Student Storage Discounts

College students typically move home over the summer, but it’s too much effort for many to move all their belongings long distance. Instead, a storage unit will keep your bed, desk, and school supplies safe and close to your university.

Being a student is expensive, but several companies offer student storage discounts so you can save for more important expenses.

Also, some companies offer teacher discounts along with their student discounts. Teachers are unsung heroes and deserve a break, so reach out to companies and ask if they have a deal for you!


CubeSmart     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

If there’s a CubeSmart location close to your university, talk to them about their storage deals for students. They don’t have a set offer as prices vary from state to state, but your student discount is only a phone call away! Be sure to also check out the other deals on their website to see if you qualify.

Life Storage

Life Storage     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Life Storage is another storage company to consider if you need extra space for your belongings as a student. Just show them your student I.D., and you’ll score 10% off your unit! This deal also applies to teachers. Show your I.D. and mention that you saw the 10% offer online to secure your discount.


U-Haul Storage     3.0 out of 5.0 stars

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, U-Haul offered 30 days of free self-storage starting March 2020 to college students impacted by a change in schedule.

It’s offered for a limited time, but cases are still emerging in many parts of the USA. It won’t hurt to call your local U-Haul and ask if you can still use this offer. If you can’t, try asking if they offer other discounts to students!

Other Storage Discounts

You don’t have to be in the military or enrolled in a university to qualify for great storage discounts. Several companies have other offers that almost anyone can use!


CubeSmart     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Do you already use CubeSmart storage units? If you refer a friend, you can receive a referral discount of up to a month free! When your friend rents with CubeSmart, the company will discount your next month’s rent by half the price of your friend’s storage unit.

Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage     3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Many storage unit companies offer some variation of a “First Month Free” deal to new customers, but Extra Space makes it easy. When you search for units near you, the ones eligible for the discount will display the offer next to it. Once you confirm your reservation, you’ll get one month rent-free!


SpareFoot     4.0 out of 5.0 stars

If you’re a AAA member, you’ll receive a sweet storage discount when you shop with SpareFoot. Not only will you get your first month free, but you’ll also receive a $20 Amazon gift card when you move your belongings into the unit! You’ll be saving money and have a little extra to treat yourself.


U-Haul Storage     3.0 out of 5.0 stars

U-Haul is a popular choice as a moving company, and they’ll give you a discount if you choose to move and store with them. All you have to do is book a truck or trailer one way, and you’ll get your first month of storage free! Call or visit your local U-Haul to ensure they’re one of the many participating locations.