The Ultimate Guide to Storage Unit Discounts: 10 Types of Discounts

The costs of renting a storage unit can stack up quickly, so it’s always a good idea to check out the discounts that might be available. While deals do vary between storage facilities, storage unit companies typically offer at least one type of discount to customers.

Most storage unit facilities offer a military discount, and some give discounts to college students. If you aren’t in either of those categories, you may be wondering if there are any other storage discounts available that may apply to you.

Whether you have chosen to store your stuff with one of our best self-storage companies or another company you found on your own, we’ve collected this list of discounts you might be eligible to receive or may want to ask your storage provider about.

10 types of discounts

It can be a struggle to find a storage unit that fits your budget long-term. With the following self-storage unit discounts, you can find the perfect storage unit for your stuff and your wallet!

1. Military discount

A military discount is the most common type of discount, and it is offered by most self-storage facilities. While some facilities accept both past and current military members, many companies, like CubeSmart, require that the individual work as an active military member in order to receive their military discount.

At CubeSmart, active duty military members receive a 5% discount in addition to any other promotions available. Generally, military discounts start at 5%, but we have seen them as high as 15%.

Regardless of whether or not you are on active duty, if you have a military ID, it’s a good idea to ask about the military discount to ensure you are getting the best price for your storage.

If you’re also moving, check out our guide on the best military moving companies.

2. Student discount

College students frequently need to rent storage units because of the small size of dorms. As a result, many companies offer a student discount.

CubeSmart is one of the most popular storage unit companies that offers a student discount. The percentage of the discount does vary based on unit size and facility location, so you’ll want to call your preferred location before you book.

3. Senior citizen discount

Seniors who are using storage to downsize for a move into a retirement home should inquire about the availability of a senior citizen discount. While this discount is a little bit rare, some companies, like Storage Sense, do offer a 5% discount for customers 65 and up.

4. New customer discount

One of the most common discounts storage companies provide is for new customers. At some facilities, this new customer discount can be huge, even offering you storage for the first month free of charge.

Public Storage, a well-known and widely available company, gives new customers their first month’s rent for just $1. Extra Space Storage (which purchased Life Storage) also offers a new customer discount, though it varies by location. Customers report that the new customer deal is usually between 50%–100% off for the first month.

Keep in mind this discount only applies to new rentals and that the company reserves the right to refuse to honor the deal for returning customers.

5. Truck and storage combo deals

Many self-storage companies offer a discount to customers who need to rent a moving truck alongside a storage unit. The most recognizable of these is U-Haul, but the exact discount you will receive varies on location.

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At some locations, the cost of the truck rental is waived if you purchase storage for a specified amount of time. In other cases, customers received a 5% discount on the first few months if they also booked a moving truck at the same time.

6. Organizational discount

If you are a member of an organization like AAA or AARP, many storage unit companies will give you a discount. The exact discount varies between companies, and in some cases, you may need a promo code or to show your membership card onsite to receive your discount.

AARP members will need to check online on the AARP website for discounts before booking their move-in date. AAA members have the option of using the AAA climate-controlled storage units at a deep discount (if they live nearby), or they can ask any self-storage company they intend to use if there is an AAA discount available.

7. Referral discount

Referral discounts are usually offered to customers who refer a friend or family member to use their storage company for all their storage needs. The exact amount will vary from company to company, but it is often a flat-rate dollar amount off of your next month’s rent.

CubeSmart is the most popular storage unit company with referral discounts. They offer $30 off your next month’s rent for every friend and family member you refer to them.

8. Long-term storage discount

Some companies will give you a discount if you book and pay for several months of storage in advance. This is another discount that will vary based on facility and location.

Extra Space Storage is the company that offers this option most frequently, with price lock and discount deals in some locations for six-month and one-year rentals booked in advance.

9. Online payment discount

Many self-storage facilities will offer online payment discounts for those who schedule a recurring payment with a credit card online. Not only will doing so save you money, but it will also ensure you don’t miss a payment accidentally.

The exact discount will vary by company and location.

10. Company/group discount

Many storage unit facilities offer storage deals to companies that use their location for business storage. If you are booking a storage unit as part of your work, it’s worth asking your manager if there are any group discounts for your company available.

U-Haul often offers corporate discounts, but you’ll want to speak to your company before booking any of their storage solutions to ensure you are choosing one that meets the parameters of the company agreement.

Tips for finding storage unit discounts

As you can see, there are a wide variety of discounts available but it can be a challenge to know what companies offer which discounts.

Here are some tips to help you find the most storage discounts possible:

  • Check ahead online. Some discounts are posted by corporations online, and you’ll know what to ask for when you arrive in person to book your storage unit.
  • Always ask about discounts. Not all storage discounts are posted online, so always ask about discounts available, especially if you qualify for some based on your lifestyle (student, senior, military).
  • Bring proof of eligibility. If you do qualify for a discount, bring proof to your appointment. Most companies won’t let you use a discount on your word alone.
  • Try a different unit size. Some discounts are only available for certain storage unit sizes. Sizing up to a larger unit might end up saving you money in the long run if it’s on discount.
  • Watch for scams. There are scams in every industry. Only accept discounts from the storage unit company directly, and know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Try negotiating. While this won’t work at most larger brands, you can always try to negotiate the price of your storage unit before moving in.
  • Sign up for a discount app. If you don’t need storage right away, sign up for a discount app that will send you a notification when storage offers in your area are available.

FAQs about storage unit discounts

What time of year are storage units cheapest?

Storage units are the cheapest during winter when the supply exceeds the demand. Those looking for a good deal should try to book their unit between November and February.

How much should I pay for storage?

The amount you should pay for storage will vary widely depending on the storage unit size you require and whether or not you need a drive-up unit for vehicle storage. Currently, the average cost for storage in the United States is $190 per month, but this average includes storage units of all sizes and won’t be accurate for those booking the smallest and largest units.

How do you negotiate the price of a storage unit?

The best way to negotiate the price of the storage unit is by doing your research. Check multiple storage facilities in your area, making a record of the least expensive ones and discounts offered. Afterward, head to your desired storage facility and see if they will match the lowest price. You can also negotiate for things such as a cheap or free first month rent or a lower cost if you pay a certain number of months in advance.

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