10 Reasons to Move to Florida

Those seeking adventure, whether it be swimming in an underwater or underground cave, getting up close to wild and marine life, experiencing a water taxi, climbing a lighthouse, and attending a football game all in the same day, should consider these activities plenty of enough reason to move to Florida.

If you are more on the tame side and would rather spend the day relaxing on the beach in the sun or exploring the wilderness, you need to consider moving to Florida seriously.

However, with all these attractive qualities, the question remains- is moving to Florida a good idea? Or better yet, why do many people want to reside in the Sunshine State?

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Florida has great weather

Quite possibly the most popular of all the reasons to move to Florida relates to its friendly and warm weather. In addition to constant sunshine, you can also experience year-round temperatures averaging around 75 degrees. Residents can go to the beach any time of the year, wear comfortable clothes like T-shirts and shorts, swim in natural springs, and enjoy many outdoor activities. The harsh winter weather is never a concern in Florida.
People need to be aware that while moving to Florida is overall a lovely idea, there are frequent hurricanes, especially towards the end of the summer and into the fall months. The humidity levels are also very high. If the humidity and hurricanes aren’t enough to turn you away, you will have no problem with relocating to Florida

Florida has the most beautiful beaches

What makes Florida such a prime location is that it is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This offers true beach lovers an incredible opportunity to experience paradise. Between the east and west coast, each has its unique charm and appeal, but there is something about the beaches in Florida that continue to draw more and more people every day.
One of the best parts about living in Florida is that you are never more than 45 minutes away from a beach, no matter where you reside in the state. Key West’s famous Duval Street takes people from the Atlantic shore to the Gulf of Mexico in just a little over a mile.

Outdoor pursuits for people of all ages

Activities are plentiful in Florida for sure. Swimming, fishing, camping, wildlife spotting, and more are all available to Florida residents at any point during the year. Since the entire state has such mild weather, you can fully immerse yourself in any activity all year. You have the option to spend the day hiking, climbing, biking, bird-watching, or fishing off a pier. With such a diverse landscape that includes swamps, jungles, prairie, forests, and more, it will not only bring you joy but also inspire an authentic connection between you and nature.

Marine life and water activities

If you already don’t know, there aren’t a lot of places in the world where you can enjoy water adventures like in Florida. For example, you can ride waves on the Atlantic Ocean or go snorkeling and scuba diving to see all the incredible reefs and marine life along the coast. Aside from the saltwater, there are also approximately 4,308 square miles of lakes, rivers, and streams throughout the state.
Furthermore, more than eight natural freshwater springs are scattered throughout the peninsula. You can swim any time of the year since the water temperature averages around 75 degrees, while at the same time, you explore hidden underground caves in the water. Don’t forget about the easy access you have to Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, and Marineland Dolphin Adventure.

Entertainment options galore in Florida

You will never be bored in Florida either. Florida is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, and Tampa’s Busch Gardens. The state flourishes in amusement parks and other popular attractions. Rides, games, and adventure are plentiful for both children and adults.
Should you be more interested in science and technology than adventure, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is in Florida. There you can train in spaceflight simulators, view the shuttle Atlantis, visit the astronaut hall of fame and even watch a rocket launch into space.
Florida has so much to offer for people of all ages. The state’s varying landscape and rich culture present ample opportunity for you to feel like you are in a whole different world.

Cultural diversity

Florida’s rich and colorful culture combines influences and heritages from all over the world. Native American, Hispanic, and African American customs and traditions are celebrated throughout the state in food, architecture, and social practices. Cultural diversity has enabled a more tolerant and liberal community to ensure everyone feels welcomed and appreciated for their differences.

Food heaven awaits in Florida

In other regards, moving to Florida will give you a taste of the delectable cuisine options. Tropical fruits, fresh seafood, key lime pie, and Cuban sandwiches are just a few examples of Florida’s diverse cuisine culture.

Sports and activities in Florida

The Sunshine State is home to several professional sports teams, minor league, and college teams. It is a dream come true for the most avid sports fan. Some of the country’s top NBA, MLB, and NFL teams like the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Tampa Bay Rays, and Florida Panthers are all located in Florida.
Other first-class professional sports teams, like the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros, and Boston Red Sox come to Florida for a month or so each year for spring training. Also, the biggest and most important race of the year, the Daytona 500, is held in Florida at the Daytona International Speedway. Golf courses are abundant in Florida, and among all sports, athletes can play outdoor sports year-round.

The Florida housing market is booming

With such a booming house market in Florida, that means there are plenty of new homes available for purchase across the entire state. House prices have been increasing steadily in recent years. There are still ways to afford to live in single-family homes or condos. Finding your dream home can be done in one of the many gorgeous communities spread across the state.

You can live an affordable lifestyle in Florida

In contrast to what you may hear and believe, living in Florida is not expensive at all. The sales and property tax rates are very low, there is no state income tax, reasonable energy bills, and gas prices hover around the national average. With such an affordable cost of living and thriving economy regions, your financial situation is much more likely to improve after moving to Florida

Employment opportunities abound in Florida

As mentioned, Florida’s economy has thrived since the early 20th century. Thanks to tourism, construction, international trade, healthcare research, and recreational industries, rapid economic growth was only inevitable. Now, Florida sits among the best states for business in the country. The GDP is the fourth largest in the US, the unemployment rate is low, and the highly developed service sector provides for jobs and opportunities.

What are the benefits of moving to Florida?

Here are additional reasons to move to Florida:

  • No state income tax.
  • House costs are lower than most other parts of the country.
  • You can enjoy world-class beaches and outdoor entertainment.
  • There is no snow, and the weather remains warm consistently.
  • Florida residents receive discounts on acclaimed local attractions.
  • There is a multitude of communities dedicated to retirees and snowbirds.

These pros are an essential driving force behind the reasons to move to Florida.

Why you shouldn’t live in Florida?

There is also a drawback for every benefit of moving to Florida. Below are some disadvantages you may experience if you move to Florida:

  • Hurricanes and extreme heat and humidity can significantly impact you.
  • The state is, for the most part, very flat and lacks mountains and valleys.
  • There are more tourists and part-time residents than in any other state in the country.
  • You could end up paying higher insurance costs than other parts of the US.
  • Insects are larger in Florida, and there are a lot of snakes and alligators.

Florida isn’t for everyone, so take your time, research what you are getting yourself into, and that way, you can save yourself time and money before making a decision as big as moving to Florida.

What should I know before moving to Florida?

Florida is an extremely popular destination for anyone who wants to move to a warmer climate, no doubt. If you are seriously considering moving to Florida, you need to know that could impact your reasons to move to Florida.

  • There are a lot of senior citizens that reside in Florida.
  • There is more to wildlife than just alligators.
  • The party scene is big, but not everywhere.
  • South and North Florida are very different.
  • You are encouraged to brush up on hurricane safety.
  • In political terms, Florida is a swing state.
  • Tourists are a huge part of life in Florida.
  • It is worth going to Disney World or other attractions at least once if it isn’t a part of your overall budget.
  • The Daytona 500 takes place in Florida.
  • Florida has an exciting history.

Why is Florida a good place to live?

If you love warm temperatures, abundant sunshine, and plenty of outdoor activities, Florida is the destination for your next move. Florida has so much to offer people of all ages: good school systems, low taxes, major sports teams, plenty of entertainment, history, and world-class outdoor activities.

Now that you know what to expect from moving to Florida, you may have found the answer to your question from the beginning- is it worth it to move to Florida? If you have decided that Florida is the perfect place for you, it will be no surprise that you want to move there as soon as possible.
Time is of the essence. You can purge the items you won’t need, like winter clothes and snow gear. Don’t forget to find reputable Florida movers too. Once you are set on your decision, you can get ready for the adventure of your life. Who knows, moving to Florida could prove to be the best decision you have ever made. If you need help moving to Florida, give your local moving company a call. You can find all the help you will need in one stop.

There is no need to fret for others who are struggling with the decision to move to Florida. Take your time, evaluate your personal and financial situations and talk to a professional who can walk you through the process. Moving can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Don’t burn yourself out, but rather stay informed and proactive. You will make the decision that is right for you.

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