Can you share moving truck space?

moving truck loaded on the back

We get this question all the time:

“Can you share moving truck space to get a lower price?”

If you’re asking this, it’s likely you have a small move and want to save some money.

The truth is, long distance moving companies are already planning on loading multiple moves into the truck.

Any interstate mover not sharing truck space or “piggybacking” loads would either have very high prices or go out of business.

So the prices you see from most moving services almost always include any discounts for truck sharing.

There are still a number of ways to make smaller long-distance moves affordable.

  • Move Cost Calculator: Given that movers will likely already consolidate your move. How much will it cost? Get an instant idea of your move cost using our cost calculator.
  • Best Options for Small Moves: Here is a list of companies that specialize in small moves.
  • Best Moving Container Companies: You load, they drive. A great, more affordable option for people who don’t mind doing a little work without having to drive the truck.
  • Rentral Trucks like U-Haul: Generally the cheapest option but also requires the most work including driving.

There are a number of more affordable alternatives for interstate moves

First off, if you’re just shipping 30-40 boxes read our cheap box shipping guide.

If you’re moving boxes and furniture, moving containers are a cost effective alternative to full-service movers. You load, they drive. For a quick idea on pricing check out our post on PODS cost.

You can also compare moving containers to truck rental options. Although, if you have a small move this option is usually not worth the hassle once you factor in gas and hotel costs.

You should also check out our cheapest ways to move guide for additional ideas and ways to save.

Every move is different and there’s no obvious solution that is going to be the cheapest for your move.

The best way to make sure you save as much as possible on your move is to compare as many options as possible.

If you definitely want to hire a professional mover, try to find backhaul

“Backhaul” is the moving industry term for a return load and it’s a great way to save money.

Let me explain:

When a New York based moving company performs a move out to California, one of their biggest expenses is getting that empty trailer back to New York.

This is where backhaul or backloading comes into play.

Movers are often willing to offer significant discounts to fill up empty truck space on their return trips.

backhaul moving rates map

But how do you find backhaul situations?

This is the tricky part.

Many companies claiming to have backhaul rates are actually moving brokers who tend to offer low-ball estimates and work with very low quality moving companies.

We recommend avoiding these guys.

The other way to find backhaul is to simply call a lot of reputable moving companies.

Did I mention we have a list of our highest rated long distance moving companies

You can also be more flexible around your pick-up and delivery dates to increase the chances of another move coming your way.

The wider the dates and the more companies you contact, the better odds you have of finding a cheap backhaul moving rate.


How do I share my moving truck?

If you’re moving out of state and your move is quite small, chances are, the professional mover is already planning on sharing your truck space with another move.

That being said, the mover you pick wants your service. Ask them what you can do to lower your price. If you have flexibility on your dates this can help.

What is the cheapest way to move one way?

The upfront cost of a self-service truck rental is the lowest. However, when you factor in labor, hotels, gas, and drop-off charge for a long-distance move, it may be worth considering other options.

See the cheapest ways to move.

How much does it cost to hire a local mover?

Local moves of a one-bedroom home can cost from $295-$732. For a two-three bedroom home, the range is: $750-$3,203. For 4+ bedroom homes, local moves may cost from $1,230-$6,555.

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